Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A WORK IN PROGRESS .. that is what I am ...

A few posts ago I mentioned that in 2008 you would see me talk a lot about clean eating.. the first thing I did was Google Clean eating... naturally there are several books out there regarding Clean Eating... In my realistic world.. Clean eating is about making the commitment to to choose simple whole foods over processed foods as often as possible.

  1. The first thing I did was pick a recommitment date.. January 8th 2008.
  2. Then I started crafting a menu I will start with either regular oatmeal or weight control, ( for convience sake it will probably be weight control oatmeal, though not entirely clean its a filling and good breakfast. For lunch I am choosing a completely clean protien.. 1 Hard boiled egg. That really needs no explanation. I will cut up some veggies, pack some fresh fruit and yogurt . I will still probably pack my Fiber one bar and yes .. that is about the most processed I will go for lunch that day.
  3. Lastly I will keep a food log.

I am also going to start going back to THE CLUB twice a week and do the things I enjoy : walking on the track, swimming, riding the bike and some light weight training. Eventually I will go work out 4 to 5 times a week.

I am not ready to be one of those folks who eats entirely clean... that is not realistic for me. I enjoy a frozen hot meal for lunch a couple times a week. So I will have those still. I will refocus on portion control, logging my food and drinking more water. These goals of mine are very simple indeed and thats what makes them achievable. To me lofty goals.. i.e. I am going to run a marathon my April .. or I am going to stop eating red meat.. ( hey red meat can't hurt you.. its the green fuzzy meat you have to worry about) and only eat raw food... totally not my scene..

The important thing was to set realistic goals for me in the beginning and that is what I feel I have done.

As for my title today ... I am a work in progress... always.. and so are you...

Wish me well

Wish you well too.

Here are some good links.... (Thanks Scale Junkie for your great tutoring how to create links :-) )




Lora said...

Have you ever heard of Dr. Oz? (I talk about him a lot on my blog.) He's written 3 aewsome books - "You - On a Diet", "You - the Owners manual" and "You - Staying Young."

He is all about healthy eating (which I guess you could equate with "clean" eating). There is some really powerful info in there about how our bodies work and how food affects them.

Good for you to resolve to treat your body good this year!

Happy New Year!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I've been trying (since I began the fat fight in earnest in August) to purposely eat something raw at every meal, preferably more than ONE thing. So, breakfast is easy, cause I can have fruit and, if I make eggs, slice tomatoes or peppers on the side. Lunch can be a salad. Dinner, again some fruit for dessert, often more than one (I'm a fruit freak).

I suppose that's as whole as one gets--raw fruits and veggies. :) (I'm not about to get raw milk or eat raw eggs, though. Urp.)

Good luck with the clean eating. And with your 2008 goals.

The Princess

Lady T said...

Amen, girl...amen.

i have yet to craft an outlined plan of action, but i many things have been going on. i am in a whirlwind. more like a wind tunnel, lol.


Anonymous said...

Great plan Honi!! It is great to try and eat "clean" whenever you can, but I agree it is hard to give it up all together. A girl has to have her Lean Cuisine every now and then.

Grumpy Chair said...

I agree with making drastic lifestyle changes and not being able to follow-through. A little here and there.

Thanks for the link to the grocerymarket guru. You always find the best sites.

Happy new year.

Lynn said...

I'm trying to eat more "whole" foods too, as opposed to the processed ones that are sooo full of chemicals. I find the more natural a diet I follow the better I feel.

Chubby Chick said...

I LOVE your goals for 2008! And I know that you can accomplish every one of them! :)

Scale Junkie said...

I think it sounds like a great plan. I"m trying to eat more whole foods, less processed the better and when available we buy organic. My body likes me a lot better when I eat this way.

Thanks for the LINKS!!! hehe I had to get over here to see if you were practicing!