Monday, January 28, 2008


How is it that the two days between FRIDAY and MONDAY seem to fly by.. and the rest of the week can drag .. ??? Well it is a lovely Monday and Monday makes me think of another M word.. that would be Macaroni.. as in Macaroni and cheeese just got this recipe from Spark People .. let me know what ya think...
If you have not signed up you need to check out Hungry Girl.. also check out these bagels I found on HG ..

To make a change or to stay the same..
Seems its far easier to stay the same and not make changes in life... seems it would give a sense of control to be stagnent and holding your own.. but perhaps you would just be butted about in the course of time.. I mean with out change there is no flexibility. With out change there is no newness.. with out opening a new door.. the surroundings never get to move.. never get to be fresh.. Some folks say that staying the the same is easy and familiar.. and that change is well... paralyzing because you don't have control.. and with out control you have nothing.. well I disagree with that.. With out change you can never grow. With out change.. you will never realize your full potential. I do not care what age you are there is always room for change and growth.. when we grow from the inside out and when we allow ourselves this chance to change then we are better people because we begin to see that just like every one else our potential is limitless. I refer mostly to good health and weight loss here.. As long as we keep on a current of change then we are successful.. it is when we stop that changing process and stay stagnent that we risk adopting old ways again. I look in the mirror and this is not who I want to be .. I am a good person.. so I like that part of me.. but I see so much potential in the physical side of me. I will never ever be over 5 feet tall. I will never be a model.. or a runner or a skier.. HOWEVER... with my short legs.. i can walk.. I can swim.. I can move my way towards a healthier self. I will always be 4 ft 11 inches tall but I do not have be 183.4 pounds for the rest of my life.. I can change..
Tonight I go to the gym and meet with my nutritionist..
Tonight I will walk on the track for 30 minutes..
Wish me well
Wish you well too...


Scale Junkie said...

I loved this post. There are some things we can't change but there are many things in our control. Good luck with the nutritionist and enjoy that walk!!

Felicia said...

Hi ya!!

Just swinging by to wish you a WONDERFUL week!!


Anonymous said...

Yes you can. In fact, you ARE.
Have a great week Honi!

A Lighter Life... said...

Great post *as usual*, Honi...

Most true!

Also, I hope that you get on well with your gym session tonight and that you acheive your aim :-)

Have a great week my friend :-D


LL x

Lora said...

Great attitude! Let us know how your meeting with our nutritonist goes!