Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Just refering to the week.. I wish I was half way there.. in .. HEY !!!!!!!!in 10 pounds I will be half way there.. WOW .. I never realized that.. I never even thought about it .. I guess.. I get so caught up in the day to day .. sometimes I forget to look a little ahead..

I was asked by Grumpy Chair what did my nutritionist say on Monday night... well eating wise I am doing well.. its the exercise I am difficult with.. let me have a round of pain and I give up.. I have a hard time pushing through the pain sometimes.. and depending on which PT I go to .. one will say do not push through the pain and others will say plow right through.. So its always been a conondrum what to do.. She wants me to get in all my veggies.. so thats one of my goals for next week too.. all though I do do well with that.. in all my eating is good.. I need to get back to logging the food again.. I vacilate with it.. one minute I am gung ho and the next I am not into it at all... So those are areas I can improve on... Mostly it is about balancing what you eat.. getting in your veggies, fruits and protiens and carbs.. your fats too and yes even a little sweet something here and there... so food wise its about THE BALANCE check out this plate model I found .. it is a good starting point for visualize healthy portions and meals...

This morning we have been at the hospital for Steve's colonoscopy.. no worries as far as we know.. just the 5 year check up.. boy last night for him was no fun.. I felt so badly.. I wish it were me.. I dislike seeing him being uncomfortable... but these tests are important all the more so since Steve is a cancer survivor...

I guess thats how it is when you love someone .. you do not want them to suffer .. ever... but if people did not suffer then it would not be life... how could we appreciate the good things with out the pain things... ???

You know.. speaking of loving someone and with that mushy hearty holiday coming up.. Love is a good topic to talk about..

I think back through out my life .. things that were said to me... I think how long I waited for Steve.. ... I know only one thing about marriage... that you simply must treat others with loving kindness... you can not berate them or make them feel less .. as spouse or a partner .. you are to build them up.. and catch them when they feel weak.. to me .. its about being there through all the muddy dirty.. achey uncomfortable stuff.. when the good stuff happens .. its like that twinkly dust that makes things sparkle .. only better... I think bad always makes us appreciate good.. I try really hard to be a good partner.. Almost every night before I go to bed.. I pray that God watches over Steve.. keeps him safe and well. I say those words . I love you.. often... for should they ever be the last words he hears from me.. then they will be the sweetest. Maybe I sound just full of fluff.. but I think a lot of people miss a lot in their relationships because they are looking in the wrong direction... so many people i know.. look for things to build them up... buy buy buy.. it is nice when you have the money to do that.. but I know those who do not have that kind of money and to pacify each other they spend it like it were water in a tidal wave.. Maybe it is because I have waited so long... I look at other things.. I remind myself every day . how precious this moment is.. and even when I am irritated .. I know that that will pass and we will make up.. we are both good at apologizing... I think thats a good foundation in any relationship.. what I also know to be a fact is that we really like each other... we enjoy each others company.. Maybe its the twinkle still of a new marriage .. but all I know is that this is how I feel about loving another... Kindness, generosity of spirit, laughter.. strength and the willingness to be able to forgive.. thats what makes a relationship to me... Funny I am not that good to myself.. though I have gotten much better.... but with those I love ... I find it so easy to do...

So today.. it is a simple wish for each of you..

Make sure that spouse or partner of yours .. know just how much you love them.. you do not need a holiday involving chocolate to express the most beautiful of human emotions... Love... For love is the real chocolate...

Wish me well..

Wish you well too




A Lighter Life... said...

What a lovely surprise for you to suddenly realise that you are almost halfway there! I know how significant this is, as I only have 2 more Ibs to go until I am at the halfway point ;-)

It's a great achievement!

Also, I am glad to hear that the nutritionist is happy with your eating plan - that's got to be a good thing!

As for the exercise, I can certainly relate to that too, though in fairness, my problem is laziness, and not genuine pain. Try not to be too hard on yourself, Honi. You are doing the best that you can possibly do. And at least you are halfway there what with eating the best foods that you can. In terms of exercise, just do what you can, when you feel like it...

Changing the subject, I can imagine how unpleasant Steve's colonscopy must have been for the two of you, though it is important to keep up with these thorough check-up's given his past history. At least he has you to share his thoughts and feelings with and to comfort him thorough the unpleasant stuff.

You waited a long time for Steve, but hey, it was worth the wait, huh? The two of you sound so happy together and long may that continue!

Look after yourself lovely....

LL x

cadbury_vw said...

i hear you on how hard it can be to stick to healthy eating. everything that can be made quickly and is filling seems to be not healthy


you are so right about remembering to say i love you, and remembering to think about the good things and not focus on all the other stuff

the relationship instead of material objects

Hanlie said...

Absolutely! Valentine's Day doesn't even register with us... We love each other every day and we say it. We are affectionate and caring, we don't fight and we respect each other. I don't need a commercialized circus to do that!

May we have many long and precious years with your loved ones!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post honi, as always! I understand exactly what you're saying, and I too try to be a good partner every day, and focus on the really important stuff in life. Sometimes I wish I'd known everything I know now, when I was 18. LOL. Would have saved me some time! But then again I probably had to go through whatever I went through to get to this point in life and to learn all those lessons that have been given to me on the way.
Congrats on being almost half way there! That's fantastic!!

Dona said...

What a beautiful sentiment about love and what is really important. You’ve really got your head screwed on straight young lady (as my dear friend likes to say)! We all need to be reminded of what is really important from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Pain, oh the pain.

Exercising is not something you can rush. If your body is not efficient at removing lactic acid, then your muscles will ach with pain very quickly.

To push or not to push? That depends. At some point, you will find that the pain is tolerable, and if you continue, the pain goes away. It is often referred to as a “runner’s second wind”. The initial build up of lactic acid causes pain, and then the body kicks into high gear to remove it. Your body has to be able to remove it as quickly as your muscles produce it. The more you exercise, the better your body becomes at removing lactic acid. It takes time.

Exercise lightly, but often, and go as long as you can. Give your body time to get more efficient at delivering oxygen to muscles, and removing lactic acid.


40 by 40 said...

I am so glad Diana@ Healthy You Challenge featured your recipe today because it got me over to your blog. What a fun filled, colorful exciting blog. I will have to spend some time looking around!Your recipe sounds delish too.. even just the zucchini looked good! Exiting that you will be 1/2 way there in 10 too. (I have more than 40 to lose..but this is my short term goal) Congrats on the losses so far. I hope your hubby is recoving from the test and that all is well. Your words on love are so true. I too am fortunate to have found an amazing person..and I need to be a better partner sometimes. Thanks for the reminder. :) Have a great day!