Thursday, August 28, 2008


1970s jingle
A is for Apple, J is for Jacks. Cinnamon toasty Apple Jacks! You need a complete breakfast, that's a fact. Start it off with Apple Jacks. Apple Jacks! Apple Jacks! Ten vitamins and minerals-that's what it packs. Apple-tasty, crunchy, too! Kellogg's Apple Jacks!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I tried the Fiber one toaster pastries (found them at walmart) ( can not even find them on the fiber one website otherwise I would have linked it) .. yes the cinnamon one is tasty.. but its the same caloric value as one Poptart only with fiber.. so this is a NO! for me but a better choice for your kids for a quick start for breakfast than just a regular Poptart..
I tried Golden Flake baked potato crisps.. for 110 calories a serving .. this one and the ruffles baked chips for 120 calories are nice compliments for a sandwich or a snack.. thats ONE SERVING FOLKS.. not the bag.. this is a YES!
Watermelon can still rock your world.. you can still find some good ones.. eat it.. its good for you!!!
Wheat thins came out with a new fiber rich cracker in veggie or multi grain flavor.. i think 5 grams fiber in a serving.. GOOD CRACKER.. check it out.. can not find it on Nabiscos website..
We have also been expermenting with various cheeses.. like gouda goat cheese , parano and a few others.. 1 oz is around 110 calories .. and sliced in small chunks with grapes or apple slices and a few of those yummy new Wheat thins.. makes a great snack.
We also became a fan of Luigis Italian ices.. most of them are under 80 calories a serving.. and yummy..
ahhh and here is a total gadget thought.. I am waiting for the brand new phones coming out by Tmobile before I get my ugrade.. they are called android phones and are comparable to IPHONES.. .. gonna be there checking those things out you can bet..yeah me likes my gadgets and am looking forward to this new phone.. or at the very least one of the newer models being put out there this fall by Tmobile android or not.. but boy this sounds neat.. from what I gather Tmobile is working on this phone that will run google apps.. everything from gps to all other types of applications.. not really sure what .. as I have been trying to deciepher it all as I read.. here is another link HTC DREAM .. well as I said I like those gadgets..
Wish me well
wish you well too for a Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


On the forefront of my life.. I am starting to feel good about going to St. Vincents One Nineteen Health and Wellness and taking the Healthy Weight For EveryBody program again. If you click on the links listed peruse around the site a bit its a great facility.
I am also thinking so many things... regarding my mom.
We got the OR report.. and its very sparse and just not complete.. I feel they were caught by surprise and were not prepared for how serious mom's surgery was. I think this caught the doctor by surprise.. These guys they do about 5 or 6 of these surgeries a day.. and the one question that haunts me is why were they not better prepared.. mom was a second replacement.. this was her second time.. should they not have thought ahead about the possibility of complications like she had.
At the end of the report.. the surgeon put he was the only one doing the procedure.... I think he was just covering his assets .. if you will.. I mean .. I would think that other doctors were there.. I just wonder if someone screwed up.. well obviously they did.. because they had no clue.. and did no tests prior to her surgery that would indeed prepare them for any of these types of complications.. I have lost a great deal of faith in this hospital and could never in good thought recommend this surgeon I do not care how many articles there are on him.. or how great he is suppose to be.. He left a family ill prepared for the outcome of this surgery .. he should have never said there was a better than 85% chance of full recovery.. He should have gone in more depth about possible complications that can arise with a second replacement.. maybe I am wrong to feel this way .. I don't know.. SO you ask me are we going to pursue this.. and the answer is.... I don't know.. but it sits heavy in my heart.. I want answers.. the right answers.. nothing will bring back my mother.. but if someone screwed up.. or if they were ill prepared for this.. I want to know.. but I doubt if we ever will know.. doctors protect doctors.. but I can tell you this.. my mom wanted to live.. sure she missed my father horribly .. but thinking that she is happy now because she is with dad.. well I find no comfort there now.. its just a bunch of knotted up words to me that means nothing until I know more.. so that is were I am with that.. and thats why I have been sort of quiet around here.. I have been peeping in on everyones blogs.. .. though.. its usually how I find my smiles through out the day.. and I thank you guys for your sweet emails and comments.. it really means so much to me..
well thats it for a tuesday..
Wish me well
Wish you well too

Saturday, August 23, 2008


So today I cancelled my weight watchers online subscription.. in an effort to be honest with myself... I have not followed the program nor logged anything since before my mom's death..I gave up... I quit.. so whats the point in paying WW 16..95 a month if I am not using the program... it sucks to be honest but .. I have to be... WW is a FABULOUS PROGRAM.. if you work the program.... so it is time to find something else before the weight piles back on.. which is something I DO NOT WANT TO HAPPEN ever again. So the first step.. Honesty was accomplished today... now I have to find a plan... Steve and I went to the gym this morning.. we swam and got in the jacuzzi and then showered and came home for a breakfast of one egg over easy and a toasted whole wheat bagel.. so that is good. We noticed at the gym that the HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS for EVERYONE is about to start again so I am thinking about joining it.. I lost 30 pounds in 2007 doing it.. so perhaps .. I can do it again.. I have not been on a scale in the last 3 weeks.. I am hoping my weight is not horrible.. I go to the doctor for a physical the first friday in Sept.... so i want to have a plan lined up before then.. I think I am leaning towards the Healthy Weight for Everyone program again.. this is the program..
Well we are off to run some errands..
Wish me well
Wish you well too

Thursday, August 21, 2008


TWO events happen with in the next few days.. Last night.. we addressed the thank you cards for all the contributions and food trays from mom's funeral. We had around 200 cards to address .. So many people remembered Mom.... ... On Sunday I meet with the agent who is going to sell Mom and Dad's house. She is a family friend so that makes it easier.. but well still difficult at best.. Next weekend my sisters come in to do the great divide.. It is a neccessary yet sad task too. I ache for the day these tasks are over.. who ever said it takes 9 months to come into the world and about 9 months to leave it was not joking.. we are in for the long haul and just hoping that the house sells with ease.. Luckily it is located in a in demand area so that is good I guess.. There is a certain blah that has settled over me and I really do not like it and hope that overtime it desolves.. It is hard to find things to smile about.. or really show much interest in anything.. I am chugging along.. though. bit by bit..
Otherwise its a Thursday
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This past weekend we attended my cousin's bar mitzvah celebration....Bless my cousins heart .. does she know how to throw a party or what.. of course this is her business so we should not have expected less.. The Bar Mitzvah was for her oldest son.. and she really went all out for this event... it was so lovely..and in 3 years we are doing it all again.. lol for her youngest son... anyhow..We arrive at the hotel to be greeted by a box filled with all sorts of gourmet cookies, and goodies.. and fuji water.. this was our hospitality box, it had a beautifully done itineary of the weekend as well as directions too.. we go up to our room.. freshen up a bit and go up to the hospitality room. Her parents hosted this area.. and let me tell you it did not lack for any food what so ever.. from cakes, to shneckin, to mandel bread.. to cakes.. to chips to dips.. to sandwiches , alcohol, sodas.. and assorted sweets.. it was a haven for the hungry ... then we went back to our room.. and rested a bit and onwards to Shabbat dinner ( sabbath dinner) at the hotel too.. IT was a nice dinner.. we walked in and were presented with Mint Julips.. that was interesting considering I dont drink.. it was tasty but then i opted for my usual diet coke...I was doing great.. when I walked in the room.. and the wonderful well intentioned family and friends came up to me to offer condolences regarding my mom.. that was hard.. and it was hard to look at the table where my parents might have been sitting had they been alive.. it was so hard to see all the family there but them missing.. in the laughter.. that was really hard... but thinking about how my dad always enjoyed these gatherings so did my mom.. though after dad was gone it was hard for her.. she still loved seeing everyone... ..and seeing the food and the company it was indeed wonderful... we eventually would end up back in the hospitality room.. and then off to bed ... Saturday morning we went to temple for the Bar Mitzvah and they had another huge spread for lunch.. lox and cream cheese, bagels, sweet noodle kugel.. salad.. desserts and drinks... the service was wonderful followed by that wonderful lunch... we had a great time that afternoon too.. my cousin who is a hair stylist .. flat ironed my hair and it actually looked fantastic... we had a great time Saturday night at the party too.. there was a cocktail hour with a guy playing the steel drums.. and plenty of appetizers and drinks... dinner was.. from my cousin's company... starting with gazpacheo shot glasses then followed by an appetizer of salmon that had a fried green tomato on it topped with a small scoop of spicey potato salad.. the dinner was a combo dinner of a steak and piece of chicken that had a berry glaze presented over lemon risotto .. fresh bread was at each table.. and they had a fantasy dessert bar.. it was amazing.. they had lollipops that were small rice krispy treats dipped in dark chocolate, marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate, there was serving spoons filled with creme brule' and chocolate mousse cakes and an ice cream bar as well.. it was wild.. they also had a coffee bar where you could add everything from cinnamon to chunks of dark chocolate to your coffee topped off by real whipped cream.. we had coffee but did not partake in the dessert bar.. it was just too rich for us.. but we sure did admire it.. you could stand 2 feet away from the dessert bar and just smell all the sugar and chocolate lol.. I was really saving myself for Sunday because I LOVE JEWISH BRUNCH FOOD... and my cousin did not dissapoint at all.. she had wonderful bagels , with blocks of cream cheese, lox, white fish, scones, fresh fruit.. a station that served scrambled eggs with toppings .. everything from sauteed spinach to fresh onions or tomatos.. there were sauces and cheese grits.. ( I passed on the eggs and cheese grits) but were I did indulge was the real wonderful bagels and cream cheese and.. hold on to your seat.. because this was the highlight of this food extravaganza in my book... they had a station that had white chocolate bread pudding french toast.. you had your choice of berries, warm syrups, chocolate chips.. or whipped cream to top it with.. they served it by the plate or in a martini glass... I opted for the glass figuring it would keep it much more portion controled.. and it did.. I used the warm maple syrup on my portion and it was DEVINE.. I also indulged in a dark chocolate mousse cookie.. hmm that was how i capped off brunch... and then we go back to reality and kept the rest of our day simple food wise.. we did make homemade pizza for dinner when we got back to town though..
My pups were so happy when I picked them up yesterday afternoon from the vet that Bazzie pooped walking up the steps to the house LOL.. it was funny but.. stinky lol..... well regardless it was wonderful to celebrate something happy for a change instead of sad.. very wonderful...
Wish me well
Wish you well too

Monday, August 18, 2008


Its slow for a monday...
but I do have some advice to share with you.. Standing on 12ft soapbox because I need to shout!!!!!!

Obviously I am a little pissy right now.. because .. we had an 830 patient who not only decided to be a no show but never called... this is NOT right! Nor is it right to think.. we know all about YOUR insurance, we have limited info regarding the insurance we carry... You should know your benefits.. or at the very least the types of insurance you carry.. or wether or not you have a vision rider or not... you should know wether or not your insurance covers vision too..It is not my responsibility to know all about your insurance. Yelling at me .. won't make me know more than I know... It is not my job to research your insurance benefits , My job is to seek authorizations and make sure your insurance is valid. I have no idea why your insurance does not cover everything they say they will.. perhaps thats why they always say THIS is not a guarantee of coverage..sheesh.. I do not know everything.. sometimes I wish I did though!
I am not a mathmatician so say what you mean and mean what you say... I say stick with a fucking formula that is simple and easy for all people to understand that does not require an encyclopedia of math to know what they hell you are talking about... If you tell a patient you care going to pay fucking 55.00 for a exam pay it damnit! dont divide it 12 ways to hell and beyond and expect me to be able to decipher what you are TALKING ABOUT.. I DO NOT KNOW nor do I CARE keep it SIMPLE PULLLLLEEEEEZEEEE!!! You make my life a living HELL at work! and I passionately hate you and feel sorry for all of your employees.. except the ones that are not located in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.. yes thats right... HIRE FROM FUCKING WITH IN.. I am so tired of talking to "JOE" in Kazakistain who knows jack shit about what I need and I can not understand what he is saying .. while he fucking reads to me out of a fucking book that does not have the answers to my questions in the first place.. SHEEESH!!!! HIRE AMERICANS we need the JOBS!!!!! .. I often say Insurance companies are secretly the Taliban.. I am starting to believe it now.. MAKE YOURSELVES USER FRIENDLY FOR BOTH THE PROVIDER AND PATIENT!!! by keeping it fucking simple.. DAMNIT!!!!!!!
Thats my rant for today ..
In other news had a really great weekend which I will be writing about tomorrow..
hope the weekend was kind to you too..
Wish me well
Wish you well too

Thursday, August 14, 2008

If I were King of the Forest, Not queen, not duke, not prince

HMMM do you think the cowardly lion was gay?
Sooo if I really were king of the forrest.. I would make everything free and you would not need a Social security card.. or any of that bullshit.
So last night I get the little blue card in the mail that says my pap smear is fine.. only there was a note at the bottom saying i was in menapause.. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO the doctor said the tests said i was not in menapause.. so after much jerking around the nurse calls and apologizes it was a misprint.. A MISPRINT.. granted I know menapause is not the end of the world.. but hey.. what if this was cancer or something.. OOOPS IT WAS A MISPRINT DOES NOT WORK... in my world.. that really chaffed me.. to say the least.. and if u are in menapause dont they give you a pamphlet or something.. u know .. welcome to the wonderful world of menapause or something.. sheeshhhh.. for me in a way its a big deal the transistion time .. i will have to go off my current pills and be put on a new hormone .. so its a bit of an issue for me.. HOWEVER for now I am fine.. nothing changes.. sigh...
Today ~I went to the SS office.. naturally it can not go perfectly smooth.. the first line I went too.. she gets my info and her pc locks up.. so I have to go to another window.. we finally get it going there.. they think its nuts that my middle name has to be changed and they think the DMV person was wrong to tell me that.. but we do it anyway to just fix now my card will read.. first name, maiden name.. married name sigh.. next i change my passport and then i am done I pray to heavens to betsy .. i probably need to change my BCBS card too.. this makes me CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZY.. anyhow..
SO I go get gas in my car and the pump never stops.. GAS comes spewing out the gas tank.. I narrowly miss getting dowsed with gas.. it was everywhere all over my car.. all over the tire.. etc.. i was scared to start the car.. the lady at the gas place cleaned my car off.. I was more worried about all the gas on the ground but she was not concerned.. that was really nice of her to wipe my car down .. it was a mess I would say i bought about 10.00 EXTRA if not more of gas for that adventure.. stupid pump.. I can still smell that gas smell on me too.. .. COULD I PLEASE HAVE SOME EASY!!!!!!!! nothing seems easy or goes smoothly .. I need some smoothly or easy PLLLLLLLLLLLEAAAAAAAASEEEEE!!!!
Okay moving on...
I talk a lot about Prevention magazine .. my daddy turned me on to it years ago.. its not just for old folks.. its for everyone and they really try and sell that now... you might want to do this.. think I am... Prevention Online user panel
Well that wraps it up for a Thursday..
Wish me well wish you well too
Honi's prayer for today~ Dear God, please give me some easy....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


IT IS HOT OUT and you want to be COOL!
Here are some scrumcious cool summer treats~

I find it so much easier to drink water in the summer than any other time of year... its as if I crave it because of the heat.. and as we all know I hate .. heat.. ..
JC posted this cool little meme
So here is mine .. uhm show me yours? well you know what I mean
So here is what you do.. Google.. your name + needs.. so I googled
Honi Needs then when that is done list the first 10 things google says You (your name) Needs...
Simple and actually pretty darn funny..
so here is my list:
1) it was actually from my blog LOL.. from the top 8 things Honi needs to be reminded of in 2008 lol
Remind Honi about the CALORIE COUNCIL.. lol thats a site to get info on foods etc.. hahaha
2) The second one was also from my blog... ( laughing my tush off) (hey now there is a diet.. oops sorry my add is kicking in.. back on topic) any how number 2 was MY ATTITUDE needs a serious adjustment ya think???
3) Honi needs other financial support.. UHMMM gotta dollar lol..
4) Honi wants and gets everything she needs? uhm not really
5) Honi needs profit.. ( UHMM YEAH GIVE ME SOME PROFIT PLEASE!!!)
6) Honi does a good job and at a good price.. hmm thank you.. I try...
7) Honi now should do something else...(like what?? any ideas out there?? )
8) Honi is amazed to see her illiterate father engrossed in a book.. WTF.. my daddy was smarter than anything)
9)Honi needs to know... KNOW WHAT?
10) Honi needs an explanation.. damn straight I do!
Now come on and play and let me know when ya got your list up..
Wish me well
Wish you well too

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


SOOO there is actually a Cookie Blog and it does not involve my precious Cookie.. hmmphff..
SLIM CHANCE AWARDS to think of all the folks that bought into this nonsense.. .. when will folks go to the dollar store and buy a clue if they do not have one yet..
Weight loss is progressive.. eating healthy is progressive.. everything takes time.. learning how to live a healthier lifestyle is progressive.. it takes time. Long term weight loss in not achieved with out proper nutrition and exercise.. its really a very easy concept... its a shame so many of us are waiting for those.. uhhhmm err.. magic ear staples.. YEAH there really is such a thing .. with very bogus claims..
Picture me.. EYES POPPING OUT OF HEAD.. HAIR STICKING STRAIGHT OUT, BLOOD PRESSURE THROUGH THE ROOF!! .. ENTER with caution.. and a blinder for offensive language...
We all know how irritated I was yesterday what with the Title mess and all.. I am just dreading Thursday .. for sure as the sun rises Mr. Asshat at the SS office is going to say some moronic thing like.. well we can not change your name to first name, maiden name married name because you do not have a legal document with that name.. FUCK You Mr FUCKTARD ( that was totally for Amy) if I had something with the correct name on it my life would not be this hellish hell that you created for me in the first place by telling me to drop my maiden name and use my middle name .. AAARRRRGHHHH.. so there I will be in front of you in 2 days and I can just smell that you are going to say something like that to me... WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ? CREATE SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT EXIST all because you had to screw me over in November or December or whenever the hell I had the new card made.. and I better damn well get that card before November ends because I have to get my DL renewed with the RIGHT NAME ON IT .. the one on my SS CARD >> HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOO .. They won't put the right format on the DL until you put the right format on the SS card but it does not end there then I have to get my Passport redone aFUCKINGgain.. all because of this original stupid mistake all ids need to match.. that coming from the officials at the AL. DMV.. so I am going to make all ids match.. .. okay.. blood pressure is going down.. eyes are popping back in head.. hair is curling back up ..walking away..
Wish me well
Wish you well too... sigh...

Monday, August 11, 2008


Sigh... another Monday...
My Monday was rather painish is the tushish... involving a car title.. rude government workers.. paper work.. arguing.. finding out my id is messed.. up.. seems in the great state of Alabama ones SS card and DL must have the same name...and since I am newly married that same name must include my maiden name.. ASSHAT at the SS office said to drop my maiden name.. and keep my middle name.. WRONG O MARY LOU.. in the Great State of AL. one must have their maiden name on their drivers License.. shseesh.. so now on thurs I have to redo my SS card so in Nov I can renew my drivers License with the correct NAME.. then I am going to redo my Passport and all my ID will have the same name YAY!!!!!!!! .. sigh..
Eating has been okay.. still not getting in enough exercise.. not getting on the scale either for now.. I just simply do not want too.. stubborn old me.. I will eventually...
I just want all this paperwork to be done..
Otherwise.. neck deep in paperwork..
Wish me well
wish you well too

Friday, August 8, 2008


FOOD LOGS are really a great key and guide in your weight loss adventure... helping to keep you on track and a very useful tool as well. You can use it to refer back , gather recipes, meal plan and as way to help keep you on track. A recent article in the American Journal of preventive medicine said that food journals , writing down what you eat seems to help people attain weight loss and loss more weight than their counterparts who do not log their food intake.. Makes sense to me.. I know it works..
SIMPLEWEIGHT as an article about this very thing .. check out this site .. though there is a cost to it.. looks kind of interesting..
wishing you all a great weekend..

Thursday, August 7, 2008


drag ...drag... drag.. drag..( DRAGGING SOAP BOX) ploping down soap box and standing on it now...
SO .. here is the deal.. mom is gone.. she wanted us to give her car to my brother in law in GA.. sounds simple.. My BIL called the GA. DMV.. they said all he needed was a letter of testimentory and a death certificate and the original car title.. Last Saturday he comes to pick up paper work and the car.. YESTERDAY my sister calls me and informs me that she has to mail the title back to me.. I have to go the the AL DMV get the title switched to my name as one of the executors of the estate and then I can sign the back and send it back to my BIL.. as if thats all I have to do with my time~~~~.. so I call the AL DMV . they could not believe that the GA DMV would require that the car be put in my name.. first.. HOW STUPID IS THAT and if that was the case in the first place why in the name of really good chocolate did they SIMPLY NOT SAY THAT IN THE FUCKING FIRST PLACE.. ( see budda girl I used the F word again) shesh SO next week sometime I have to schlep my tush to the Al DMV pray I do not have to stand in a long line and hope I will have brought the necessary papers ( THAT THEY TOLD ME TO BRING) in order to have the damn thing switched to my name.. ..
DUDE IN THE BLOATED BIG WHITE TRUCK DON"T HONK AT ME IF YOU GET IN MY BLIND SPOT you need to watch where u are driving anyhow.. so there.. LOL . okay that one was my fault.. but I did not see that oversized moron anyhow..
and people do not need to be driving those stupid things anyhow.. GET A more economical vehicle maybe I would have seen you then.. ( yeah now there is an ass backwards excuse if there ever was one) ..
Dude in the red car... riding up my ass will not make me drive faster.. in fact it just might make me go slower.. Asshat..
TO all the twits who do the marketing for any diet product.. BE REAL BE CONSISTENT and quit your lieing ways... NO ONE WILL LOSE WEIGHT IN TWO MINUTES.. NO one will lose real weight drinking your tea.. and quit pushing your pills while you are at it...
ASSHAT AT THE DMV IN GA.. please take some happy pills and DO NOT EVER HANG UP IN MY FACE AGAIN you little gnat... goodbye is the way you end a professional conversation.... Your attitude needs a serious adjustment and if you bring it over here .. I'd like to smack it off your sassy face. hmmpf..I spent my buck calling you long distance so I could make sure my BIL and sister had the correct paperwork to satisfy your too big for your britches self! ( okay I could use a few other choice words.. but I am trying to use manners) "In Ga. we have ways we do things..." (that is what that loser said to me) . PUUUUUULEEEEEZZZE !!! go to the Dollar Tree and buy a FUCKING CLUE!!!.. you do not need to talk to me like I am an idiot.. and being polite might have been nice.. and I was listening to you.. as u said I was not several times... I just did not think what you were saying made sense so I questioned you.. a better response to me might have been .. let me get my supervisor on the phone and see if he/she might be able to explain it in more detail.. HANGING UP ON Me.. yeah. Really makes you boss HOG!
stepping down.. sighing.. drag drag drag drag ( dragging soap box away) going back to paper work hell...
Wish me well
Wish you well too
On Saturday I am going here .. via motorcycle.. shsshsh don't tell anyone.. and I am gonna get me a bite or two of some peach cobbler and some rotiseree chicken.. not necessarily in that order.. and get some yummy peaches and other produce.. YUMMY.. but shsshsh its a secret...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Lose weight by this drinking tea
Lose 2 dress sizes
Quick weight loss
Cabbage soup diet
Hope everyone is having a air conditioned Wednesday .. BOY I need WINTER!!!
Wish me well
Wish you well too!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TUESDAY and you thought Thursday was Rant day... moron says he is too fat to be executed with a lethal injection... two options here folks.. kill him the way he killed those 2 women.. though I doubt seriously anyone would want that grotesque task.. or SHOOT THE BASTARD as many times as it takes... hell I will shoot the bastard... why is this in the news.. why does he get to be heard... ? shesh..
Not much going on today .. fairly quiet which is good..
so keeping it on the short side..
Wish me well
wish you well too

Monday, August 4, 2008


So .. its 3 am on a Sunday morning, No one is sleeping in your house.. what do you do? most folks .. wellllll.. they go back to sleep... NOT IN MY HOUSE.. we get up.. discuss riding the bike.. opt out on that.. Take the SUV and go to Waffle House at 4 am.. this is not a good decision.. (RAISIN TOAST, eggs and then sharing an order of hashbrowns)... however this was a better decision we walked Mtn Top Flea Market almost two full times up and down the big Hill.. so that was good.. we were finished by 8 am and came home and napped for a while... thennnnn we made another one of those decisions.. We went to Falafel Sunday at the local Chabad house .. visited with friends.. and had some yummy falafel.. we had fish for dinner so that was a decent choice...
Saturday we got up early and went to the club and swam for 30 minutes.. I attempted to do laps and was cut short because of the chest pain.. ( costocondritis) so I water jogged instead) then I got in the Jacuzzi for 5 minutes showered and went on about the day.. we had a fairly active weekend with some good and not so good choices.. How ever what we found more than anything epsecially with the swimming was how amazing we felt afterwards.. how good our bodies felt when we got out of the pool .. and how much better our day was .. the eating could have been tighter but the exercise was grand..
So here we are at a Monday.. I have a full work day ..
We might try and get a swim in during the week.. as we both have heavy schedules this week too..
I think we are discovering that exercise can be a much needed friend.. and healer..
Wish me well
Wish you well too

PS ~I added scanned old family photos to our flickr site in the side bar.. and I am still adding stuff to Mom and Dad's memorial blog too if you want to visit .. This Life .

Saturday, August 2, 2008


There is pain and then there is PAIN.. how did I come to this conclusion.. my Cookie decided to jump in bed with us this morning... as usual only she jumped on my right leg.. and let me tell you.. she landed right on the calf .. it hurt.. and she knew it hurt.. I felt bad because my doggie felt bad lol.. but damn that hurt.. its better now... Yesterday I had a mammagram.. though whole facility has changed.. at Kirklin over the last year.. they now have a breast health clinic.. they also have redone the dressing rooms so you go from dressing room to mammagram area and dont have to sit outside your dressing room with other ladies in hospital gowns... now u go in a nice dressing room.. they have good music piped in.. you lock the door you came in.. get naked from the waist up.. put your gown on.. then the tech comes at gets you.. I had two techs.. they were hysterical.. which was really nice and helped make this not so fun experience better.. there was the boob organizer and the picture taker.. they use a nice digital machine which is less painful than the old way.. and for those of us that have extra boobage.. they have extender paddles which means they take a bigger image... which means 4 shmooshes on each boob as opposed to 8-12 the old way.. so it is much faster and since its digital no waiting to see if they are going to have to take extra pictures.. now they call you if they need to do more.. so hopefully I will be in the clear... I also found out I am not in menapause.. just peremenapause as I should be. Had some problems when she did the PAP (sort of scarey) if you want to know email me.. because I want to know if anyone had this happen before..
Which brings me to the next topic I got a new GYN.. she was adorable.. she looked like she was 12.. but she knew her stuff... I liked her because she was thorough and told you everything as she did it... VERY approachable and sweet.. but not interested in the whole body approach only interested in her areas.. so telling her about the Costocondritis.. was not important to her.. which I guess is fine since my primary handles that.. in fact I went down to my primary and he saw me for a few minutes.. this new dr. gave me a new cream for the heat rash issues I have been having .. and I was a little concerned about it.. but my primary said it was fine and that if that did not help he would give me something better.. the GYN was worried about that the skin was breaking down and become weak because the rash was penatrating the the first layer of skin.. I get heat rash all over.. arms.. boobs.. back.. legs.. so in the summer its not really good for me to sweat a lot.. hence why I am going to go swimming today.. hmm I wonder if thats going to sting.. well anyhow.. I am in good shape.. I like the new doctor... I just dont like that I am old enough to be her mother .. LOL..
My brother in law comes today to pick up moms car... so I am going to be working in the house some this morning after I swim... going to be emptying file cabinets.. its hard to do stuff but its the right thing to do.. the good news is .. is that at the end of August everyone is coming in town to help empty all the cabinets and drawers... divide up whats trash, whats to be donated and who takes what .. that has not already been taken... then they will come back again to get the bigger stuff.... so thats my weekend...
Wish me well
Wish well too..

Friday, August 1, 2008


NOT That I am a fan of VP CHENEY, however not 5 minutes ago he passed my office.. he is in town for a fundraiser .. and they blocked off all the roads in the vicinity.. it was something... there was a helicopter, at least 15 motorcycle cops, cops in trucks, cops in unmarked vehicles, army people in white trucks, an ambulance, vans, secret service.. We waved.. no body waved back.. we think we saw Cheney in a Limo but not sure.. the windows were kinda dark.. but I did see the profile of a big bald head.. so maybe that was him.. I dunno kinda reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock...Frankly I liked the motorcycle cops the best.. wish i could have snapped a photo.. it was really some excitement for this area.. usually its lazy and quiet here.. with the hum of traffic moving up and down the road.. and occassionally the obnoxious sound of someone's overplayed bass on their stereo.. Boom Ba da BOOM BOOM.. you know what I mean... I and a patient stood outside watching the activity.. as they sped cheney to the fundraiser.... interesting for a Friday.. well I am about to leave the office and head to the doc.. time for the yearly check up and mamogram.. yuck..
Wish me well
Wish you well too.


It has been rough.. as every one knows.. its been painful and hard.. and rocky .. and tearful.. and sad.. being thrust into orphanhood at any age.. hurts.. yet most folks do not look at it that way.. after all I am a 45 year old adult.. so what if my folks are gone.. suck it up and move on.. that seems to be a common attitude .. but when it happens to you.. that is the farthest thing from your heart.. what you know is.. is that a part of you is gone forever.. that your parents.. have left the planet.. but remain in your heart.. that their time is over.. and your time is still here.. that that link.. that anchor no matter how difficult or shakey or strong.. is gone.. so you feel sad... and it seems to me its a sadness that never goes away.. maybe it quiets over time.. but death.. lingers.. not as if we want it to.. it is just there .. sort of following you.. My mom was lucky in a way... all of us were around her.. she had hugs and kisses and good wishes waiting on her.. and then the candle went out.. she was gone.. we should all be so lucky to be surrounded by love.. upon our exit.. but I have survived another week.. and I suppose I will keep surviving.. breathing a breath at a time.. trying to find me .. and trying to get me healthier as mom wished..
I found an interesting article on fruits and veggies eat more of them.. does a body good.!
Have a sweet weekend!
anyways wish me well..
Wish you well too