Monday, January 28, 2008


Met with my Nutritionist at 545 pm.. and we walked on the track from 6 to 630 my target heart rate is 111 to 148 I got mine to around 114.. not really that high but it was consistent and I felt it .. PROUD OF ME I AM... okay ( yeah that sounded a bit yodaish I know lol)

The next goal to achieve is deciding what my fitness goals are for next week.. what do I want to do.. I think I will do another week of walking 2 times a week.. I do plan to do more but for now I just want to get in the swing and move..

We had dinner at this cool little mexi place called La Libertard .. the food is authentically amazing.. no hard tacos or regular stuff here its all fresh and wonderful... then we went to visit Dakota ( my friends lab pup) he has gotten huge. and he is a wild boy .. he snatched my glasses right off my face .. it was hysterical.. one minute I had them on and the next he had taken them off me .. we were laughing ... and he was totally full of himself... it was really cute.. funny how these wonderful four legged creatures are so much like children...

Today is going to be a long one .. our last patient comes in at 5.. not too crazy about that with impending high winds and thunderstorms coming later today.. I figure we will get out of here around 7ish depending on whether this guy has his paperwork done prior to him coming in and whether he needs to choose glasses or what not.. The weather is suppose to get rough late afternoon early evening which mean i am going to be driving home in the dark during bad weather and yes You may call me CHICKEN.. but I hate that.. not to mention the fact I do not see the best at night.. lucky for me all I have to do is drive across the highway and I am on a two lane road straight all the way home.. so hopefully it will not be too too bad.. Hey be sure and check out my ISRAEL BLOG I have put links to all the place we are going to visit and some of the places we are staying..

Wish me well

Wish you well too..


Felicia said...

You should be proud of yourself!! That was awesome!! Great job on the walking!!

Have a SUPER day!

Anonymous said...

Good going!!!!!

Proud of you to, I am.

Grumpy Chair said...

I think you are smart to start of twice a week for exercise and work up from there. So many people try to workout 5 times a week then bam! they burn out or feel guilty because they can't keep up with the pace.

What kind of stuff is your nutritionist recommending? Just curious.

Hanlie said...

Well done! It's good to set goals!
Hope you get home safely...