Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 is your One Stop Shop

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What are we thinking about?
Ahhhh it is a new year... almost... the old we can pack up and throw away.. tomorrow births a new day. A new beginning.. fresh starts... changes..

I often wonder why for some of us we feel it necessary to wait until a new year or a new week or a new day or a new month to start again. Why towards the end of the year do we just say okay fine I will sit right back down in this dusty old self and wait to start? Is this a bad thing?

The answer to both of those questions at least to me is NO.. We sit and wait until that new day because for some reason.. new equals success. I think we all believe that if we take a fresh approach we will have a better chance at sucess.

Here are some things I noticed during my health hiatus. I noticed that I when I started climbing into that old yet comfortable dusty skin.. I find it kinda yucky and lumpy feeling.. I feel the swell of the boredness of just being what I was... and how easy it fits wrapping the past around me or at least trying too with whispers of heartburn and tight jeans.. and formy pudgy cheeks with empty fat cells waiting to suck it all back in again.. I found it still there... I guess what is old to us.. never really goes away that if we are not careful it can climb back through us weaving its old ways around us .. almost as if we are unaware until an old enemy waves hello... Acid Reflux.. smiles.. Indegistion gurgles in our guts... saying.. "hi remember me" aww now go ahead eat another bite.. I won't tell... ( but I sure as hell will remind you tonight when you lay in bed) as it wanders past us..yes.. the old is always there..

But tonight once again.. we will tuck the old away.. and head towards the sunshine of the new . I hope each of you picked your start date.. or your recommitment to self date.. Mine is January 8th. Eating clean. Eating for Honi. Exercising.. yes. you read that 10 letter word correctly EXERCISING .. I might not be a kickboxing queen anytime soon.. but I will walk on the track, ride the bike, use the big ball, and get in the therapy pool. I will move. Lastly I will also incorporate more water into my life as well.
Well folks..
until next year!
Wish me well
Wish you well too!!
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All the VERY best to you and yours, Honi...


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