Tuesday, January 22, 2008

IT AIN'T A DIET ( sorry for my abuse of the english language)

I know this for myself.. ~ IT Ain't a DIET

If I eat healthy meals of my own choosing ~ IT Ain't a DIET

If I monitor my food intake by logging my food most of the time ~ IT Ain't a DIET

Too many of us out here are using that word..

There are many ways to look at that word D I E T

A diet is something we all partipate in.. whatever you eat is the diet you are on ..

In other words.. some of us Eat over 2000 calories a day.. that is that person's diet what is incorporated in those calories

Some of us eat 1200 calories a day .. that is that person's diet what is incorporated in those calories.

A DIET can represent a short period of time that one alters their eating habits then reverts back to other ways of eating.. TO me that is the typical use for the word DIET.

DIET is not a pretty word.. it does not flow out of your mouth like MAGNOLIA.. ( say Magnolia with a southern accent) ( see how pretty that is ) now say DIET (with any accent.. IT IS NOT PRETTY) DIET is not a delicate sweet runs around chasing us naked and it is pretty damn ugly naked.. screaming here I am come on and do me and it is in loud living color and it might even try and tempt you seductively offering you unlimited promises.. ..

For many of us.. we have heard.. HEY YOU NEED TO GO ON A DIET! we have said HEY I NEED TO GO ON A DIET.. and we have even said FUCK THE DIET... We hear NO MORE DIETS, DIETS DO NOT WORK!!!!! ( that is true)

Many of us have heard.. Hey you must be on a diet.. look at your skinny butt!!! ( okay maybe not quiet like that but you get the picture) and some of us might have heard.. HEY YOU need to stop that DIET you are getting too thin... ( HMMF never heard that one)

And to ourselves we have said.. I just can not go on another DIET... it is killing me.. and in fact those people are right.. think about it.. You stress about .. you worry about it.. you aggravate yourselves about that D I E T .. so you can fit in that dress or bathing suit.. and then when the time comes and you do not fit in said dress or bathing suit.. you feel crushed.. all because of that word D I E T.. or what you did not manage to do D I E T....

Now I can only speak for myself. and it might sound fluffy and silly...


It is just about CHANGE.. the next time someone asks you if you are on a diet SAY NO.. and if they look at you funny say.. I AM JUST CH CH CH CHANGING okay you don't have to sing it.. just say I am CHANGING... because just like like what we live... LIFE it is a constant of change.. and in order to be healthy one must simply change.. not change the world.. not be perfect but be on that quest of changing and adapting..

I though I was going to go full force Jan 8th when I recommited to better health.. but the fact is .. that here on January 23.. I am still well.. learning to change.. January 28th I see my nutritionist.. I am looking forward to that day.. so remember this... IT AIN"T A DIET... its just changing... constantly....

Wish me well

Wish you well too..


Anonymous said...

I second that opinion. Well said.


Hanlie said...

That word has caused so much confusion! Good luck! You can do it! Me too!

Felicia said...

YA WHAT YOU SAID! I am a HUGE believer in that if one just changes their mind they can change their day. I don't diet. I haven't dieted since October 06 and I plan on never dieting ever again. I eat to live now and not live to eat and I will stick to that "plan" for the rest of my life. I have no "no no" foods there for I have nothing that gets me in trouble and in turn I have no wagon to fall off of.

I love what you wrote. You sing that song loud cuz its a goodie!

Have a SUPER day!

Anonymous said...

Well said Honi! You're right. Diets do not work. What we're doing is a permanent lifestyle change and it has many more aspects than just the food we put in our mouth.

Lora said...

Right on! Diets are considered temporary. Changes are supposed to be permanent. You're attitude will bring success!

Scale Junkie said...

Diet screams restriction, I say its a lifestyle change.

Change - good
diet - baaaaaaaaaaaad!!!



You are right, it does sound better with a southern accent!!

Mary said...

You are so right. Good luck!

Grumpy Chair said...

I always say, better late than never, but starting just a few things at a time is probably the smart way to go, avoiding burnout.

I would have loved to have started fresh on the 1st but it took me a while to get back to exercising and my food still isn't quite there, but it will be.