Monday, January 21, 2008


I did the I LOVE ME LIST in my last post and it made me think why I have waited so long if I am in control? what is it, what am I doing? .. Is it just easier to eat with no self control? Is it just easier eating with no consequence.. and the reality is there is always consequence with eating.. if I eat healthy I feel good.. if I eat unhealthy I feel bad... HELLLLLLO! (knocking on my head right now) is there anyone in there? My eating has not been horrible but it is not perfect.. Yesterday we went to my mom's to watch football.. ( let me correct that , they watched football I worked on moms PC trying to fix it.. i was so frustrated with that stupid machine.. I over indulged on crackers, bread, I had some choc covered raisens and a sliver of my moms coffee cake.. In the morning I had toast and an egg and one piece of turkey sausage and some sliced apples. then I had a snack mid afternoon with that new fiber one cereal then I did not eat again until dinner.. i should have had a square lunch but .. oh well..what is done is done and it was not too horrible and I did have a nice serving of steamed veggies with my chicken sandwhich at dinner which was good.. I guess things even out in the long run.. I think I need some creative change in how I am logging my food.. So I decided to write down everything here.. :
I had my oatmeal for breakfast this morning and am snacking on a fiber one bar right now that new carmel one.. Oh that new fiber one carmel cereal is GREAT I mix it with my flax cereal so its not too sweet and I use it for a snack lunch is a turkey pastrami (2 slickes 80 cal.) and light cheese sandwich on light bread with a little light Miracle Whip ( I know I am a sinner but I really do not like mayo) Latka potato chips 1 cup of light yoplait creamy yogurt, an apple my mid morning snack is the fiber one bar, and my afternoon snack is carrots with the laughing cow cheese.. .. One thing I am going to do as log my food.. if it is here you can click then name of what ever I have written and be taken to that foods site so u can see what I ate.. if its prodcue it will not have a link with it.. Otherwise I will try and link things as I write them... That way if there is a product you might want to try you can find the website with one click ... also I keep getting burned out on logging my food at Calorie I have no idea why .. I just am.. so I am going to devise something on my own blog..such as I have done above thus far.. Ohh I forgot to put dinner in.. we are having homemade lentil soup with homemade whole wheat bread.. its yummy on a cold night.. .. well I am going to go and get creative.. ( thanks Diana) I will let you know how I have decided to change up the logs a bit...
Wish me well
Wish you well too


Lidian said...

Oh I love those Fiber One bars - and that Fiber One caramel cereal sounds so good! I like to mix something like that with my bran flakes but here in Canada we don;t get the Fiber One bars (I had them in the US last summer). They are perfect for a treat - sometimes I just have to have something sweet, so I make do with the high-fiber bars we can get.

Lora said...

Your dinner sounds yummy - soup & homemade bread! it's so cold here right now - that would be a welcome meal!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know how tough the self control thing is. I thought I had it licked before the holidays, now I'm having to start all over... and it seems no matter how much I'm working on it now, the weight just isn't coming off.

I've been picking up some fiber bars (I know you have to watch the calories on those things!) for days I'm at the gym and likely to skip a meal.

Kudos to you for doing the I LOVE ME list... I'm heading right over to my blog and doing it too!

Grumpy Chair said...

You have inspired me to get the bread machine out and make some homemade whole wheat bread tomorrow.

Do you like Kashi's products?

Your "I Love Me" list was most excellent.

Hanlie said...

The "I Love Me" list made us all look deeper into ourselves, and I believe it was a very valuable exercise.

The lentil soup sounds delicious! This coming winter I'm going to be the Soup Queen of the Southern Hemisphere!

Scale Junkie said...

I just thought about Monica logs her food into fitday and then has the link to it in her side bar

In the LINKS section of her side bar it says My Fitday, that might work for you too instead of a whole other blog? Just a thought