Saturday, January 31, 2009


I know I usually post photos when I am doing posting about a recipe that I am creating.. however I actually forgot to take the pictures this time..

So please use your fantastic visualization skills ...
Honi's Baked Eggplant Cheesy Thing..

Fat free milk..

Last Sunday and Monday I created my own sauce.. a very simple one.. I used fresh basil, roma tomatos chunked up, and a small can of tomato paste and a medium can of tomato sauce.. I simmered the sauce for several hours.. on the first batch and did a repeat the next night...
So this sauce was my base..

I took an eggplant cut off the ends, peeled it and sliced it in fairly thin slices .. then I put those slices in bowl of salted water.. I let the eggplant sit for 15-20 minutes Meanwhile I put the convection oven on on Convection Roast and set it at 350.. I took the eggplant out of the water rinsed it off and patted it dry with a paper towel..
Then I put 5-6 fresh egg whites in a bowl and mixed lightly with fat free milk.. and I put the bread crumbs in another bowl..

I use a big cookie sheet Pammed it.. and then put a piece of parchement paper on it and sprayed again.. ( NOTHING WAS GONNA STICK TONIGHT) ..
I took each invidual slice of eggplant , dredged it through the egg whites .. then dredged it through the bread crumbs until a nice coating formed.. ( BE FORWARNED THE BREAD CRUMBS WILL GET CLUMPY SO HAVE EXTRA ON HAND IF NEEDED)
I placed each slice of coated egg plant on the cookie sheet and then I sprayed the tops of each slice with PAM...
I placed this in the oven for about 25 minutes ( checking often for browning )then I flipped the eggplant over and sprayed the other side and placed back in oven for another 15 to 25 minutes or so..

Then I got a small pyrex sprayed it with Pam.. layered the eggplant with the homemade sauce and sprinkled the cheeses on it as well ( SPRINKLE CHEESE LIGHTLY) Bake until eggplant softens and cheeses are melty...and sauce is heated through.. this is a HEALTHY RECIPE and based on the Master selections of recipes I was pulling this from should run you no more than 350 calories .. remember keep serving sizes reasonable and serve with a nice salad.. I used a great yogurt based blue cheese dressing for our salads as well..
For dessert I took sliced strawberries and fresh blueberries and placed them around a little glass bowl with some Light Redi whip for dipping... it was a really devine dinner and Steve said its a KEEPER...
Wish I had some photos but will do photos next time..
Tommorow night we are trying a recipe from the Eating well Comfort food cookbook.. and Creamy hamburger Cassarole.. hope it will be good..
Hope everyone is having a good weekend..
Until next time...

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Day two is going well also .. I had lunch from Food Studio B.. I had fresh fruit and fresh chicken salad with dried crannberries, dices apples and honey pecan bits.. and italian parsley.. the dressing was a yogurt based dressing and it was delightful.. I enjoyed my lunch very much .. I plan on starting Monday getting my lunches from them. The nice thing is he sat with me and we discussed my likes and dislikes and what my goals are .. When I want him too he will make extra meals.. dinners or breakfasts.. whatever I want.. its all portion controlled and yummy .. well yummy so far.. My lunch today totaled to 325 calories and I was full most of the day .. I snacked on an apple and 4 clemetines today and a Yoplait light and creamy yogurt .. tonight I am going to try and make a light version of eggplant parm .. using the sauce I made on Monday night with fresh roma tomatos and fresh basil .. uhmm yumm.. hopefully it will be nice and tasty too.. I love eggplant and just need to learn how to do lots with it.. Ohhh also the guy at Food Studio will make me snacks as well.. humas and fresh veggies, or a trial mix .. all portion and calorie controlled.. He also reccomends places to eat that are "safe" and have optimal good choices.. I really like this guy.. he showed me that some of the people he deals with are eating to get fit and have certain diets they are on for training purposes.. He talked about the 1200 calorie program he has for his wife.. and how she is enjoying the healthier way of eating.. too.. we talked about his son and the trials of dealing with a little one who is exposed to many unhealthy choices out there.. and what he does to encourage him to make smart choices. but get to eat some of the childhood goodies too.. This morning was very enlightening and fun.. a great experience and i look forward to working with him as I try and shed this outter body that has been causing my inner body so much harm.. We also talked about food as fuel... garbage in .. garbage out.... looking forward to this all.. will take pictures as I make dinner tonight Hope it will be good ..
Until Next time..

With Super Bowl Sunday coming up.. here are some great recipes :


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today is actually my start day..
SO far so good.. although I had to be a quicker thinker this morning.. I tried to find Food Studio B and I forgot that I would be on the opposite side of the highway to get there from where I come from. so I had to cross oncoming traffic to get to where the store is. Lucky for me .. someone stopped and let me cross.. well.. low and behold turns out I was right in front of the damn place but did not see it.. because they do not have a big sign .. its very low key because most of their business is not retail .. ( I would guess that means they do a lot of catering ) so they do not have big sign because of the expense.. they are right next door to DIPPIN Dots.. I was right there and it made me so mad I did not see it.. so I am going to tomorrow morning.. however this time I am thinking if I go up the hill and can do a U turn at a light it might be easier than trying to cross at rush hour and when the traffic is dangerous and heavy.. then all I have to worry about is leaving the place and getting into the correct lane so I can get to where I need to be to get to my office.. I would be going there 2 times a week I think.. the lunches are 8.75 each.. and I would be using them 5 times a week.. truthfully, I Probably spend more on buying crap food each day than what I would spend eating healthy there.. I have thought about them doing all my meals 5 days a week.. thats 25.00 a day.. but I am going to start with a good lunch .. the calorie count is between 300 and 475 and they also as the guy I spoke to said have a TON of salads they can do as well.. so what I want to do is keep my lunch at no more than 350.. that way that gives me roughly 300 calories for breakfast and 300 for dinner.. with some extra to spare.. my goal is 1200 calories no more than 1300 a day.. my long term weight loss goal is around 132 .. my short term is 189.. this morning I weighed and I am 199.00 the lowest I have been in the last 2 years was 180 ... In 2007 I started at 211.50 and I swore I would never see those numbers again.. and that still is my plan.. By the grace of God goes me..
SO here we go baby..
Until next time...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


SO here we are at day 1,
Breakfast is done..
I am still breathing.. and I actually feel pretty good..
I am drinking my water..
Will be starting to swim next week and do something other activities..
anyone got a free Wii fit they want to give me... ??? Liking the Wii Fit idea a lot...
but need the pool more..... just asking.... never hurts to ask..
Until Next time..


It feels good.... a fresh new start.. looking forward to starting tommorow..
Check this out.. FOOD STUDIO B MIGHT BE ORDERING FROM here as it is near my office..
Well I am keeping this extreemly short today .. got a lot going on .. and things are much better.. and getting organized I sure hope!
until next time..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Right Now

Sometimes I wish I had total free range here.. but I don't ..
Right now in my heart part of me has fear... (EMAIL ME AND I CAN EXPLAIN PRIVATELY)
Right now.. part of me has trust..
Right now part of me worries did I make the wrong decision..
Right now knows that soon things for my physical self will be changing..
Right now.. I want some chocolate..
Right now. I Know that chocolate won't make this feeling go away..
Right Now .. I still want Chocolate..
Right now.. I had a handful of Chocolate mini bites chex cereal to curb the chocolate craving..
Right now.. I am worried about my broken tooth and is the packing still in it..
Right now I know on Tuesday I am getting the tooth restored..
Right now I worry about Mom's house selling..
Right now I worry did I do the right thing by lowering the price.
Right now I feel weighted down between dealing with Mom's house and life in general..
Renting is not an option .. Selling is a must but not a desperate must.. the house is payed for and
Right now I know that..
Right now I wish my sisters understood that I am doing the best I can sell the house and I have a super agent..
Right now..I am planning what to put on moms Foot stone.. going to do that in February..
Right now I am looking forward to Saturday.. nails, facial.. and maybe a hair trim if I do not chicken out which I probably will ..
Right now I am wishing I had made a different choice
Right now I know I have to be satisfied with my decision
Right now I know it will create less tension
Right now I dont give a damn about the tension..
Right now my heart is 75% worried about the others .. not the one..
Right now I am thinking about the fun we had perusing 1 of our new cook books picking out recipes to make together..
Right now .. I am tired of worrying..
Right now.. while in the worry I am thankful too..
Right now.. is simply Right now...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A new president is a good thing ... When I listen too all the media .. especially here in the south.. my gag reflex gets very strong.. People.. what are you after? back off.. and watch for a bit.. I think commenting on Michelle's clothes is so pathetic... who are you to judge.. lest you be judged.
I think she is a smart and sharp first lady as far as her husband goes President Obama.. hmm has a nice ring to it.. His words paint a picture to a stiff future.. to a rebirth... filled with effort and hard work.. similiar to our journeys of good health... We put ourselves in these apathetic places.. and it is up to us to remove ourselves .. I hold no one responsible for my weight other than myself..

Is what we create .. what we make it to be.. the future is good.. even if there is failure .. let failure be a stepping stone to your next success.. learn from it.. remember it .. breath in.. breath out and move on..

You are not perfect.. you fall down, you make mistakes and you do the wrong thing.. over and over again.. yet at the same time.. you create new life .. be it another life, or recreating your own life.. You have hope.. hope that you can achieve anything you want.. and with that hope you have will.. a will to achieve what you want and can achieve.. so .. Do not fear yourself.. your weakeness makes you human.. With faith in yourself.. you can achieve.

Words are words.. words we type .. words fall out of onto the blank pages of our blogs.. out of our mouths.. from our thoughts.. Words can yield the consequence of success.. and make us feel exhilarated and excited.. or tear us down and make us feel less than what we are really worth.. Turn off those old tapes in your heads.. those old words and use new words.. like faith, good health, good choices.. I am getting stronger, I am getting healthy.. Okay .. I slipped a little today.. a minute ago.. brush off.. and pick up and move on... You are not the sum of those negative thoughts you keep holding on.. nor are you the sum of your pounds... You are a unique indvidual.. fragile, strong.. a fighter.. you can do this .. because you a warrior for yourself..
BREATH IN.. BREATH OUT .. and MOVE ON.. ( as the great Jimmy Buffett says)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Have not tried this out yet but looks pretty good..
Sichuan-Style Chicken with Peanuts ..
Coconut and Lime Chicken
SWEET and Sour Tofu
I love new recipes.. I love to try different things...
Here we are getting closer to the 28th and I am getting really psyched about it starting and logging my food.. I will probably check in once a month with my nutritionist and share with you guys how it goes.. and boy do I simply want it to just go..
Until next time...

Friday, January 16, 2009









THE BOOKS HAVE ARRIVED ~ THE EATING WELL DIET AND THE EATING WELL COMFORT FOODS MADE HEALTHY STILL WAITING ON THE EATING WELL COOKING FOR 2 COOKBOOK the last cookbook will be used during the week.. since we both work.. and this should be fairly easy to use.. and the first cookbook will be for weekends.. .Steve is going out of town soon so during that time I am going to Clean out the pantry.. clean out the fridge.. get rid of any left over holiday candy and junk laying around.. and stock up.. on the healthier things.. As things start going I will be sharing recipes I try and enjoy.. I am debating about developing a per week menu on Sundays.. doing the shoping on Sundays for said menu.. I don't know if that is being a bit anal.. or being wise and money saving.. or just making things more complicated.. Last night I got home late and we had fresh oatmeal with chopped apples.. for dinner.. and I had the left overs for breakfast this morning.. I have also been thinking about that when I make these meals having enough for lunch the next least during the week.. that way its more cost effective.. and over all healthier..
Well enough rambling...


Thursday, January 15, 2009


It sure is freezing down south.. and only going to get colder.. Brrrr.. we should at least have some snow with this .. I mean at least that would be fun.. well I really can not complain its a glorious day out aside from it being windy and cold..
Eating wise , I am still reining things in and getting better every day..
I am still waiting on my program to come in the Eating Well V-trim program.. and 2 cookbooks associated with Eating Well.
I also signed up for their news letter.. HAVE A LOOKSEE at the website. Here is the current issue of Eating Well Magazine that I get..
Hope everyone is having a good Thursday..
Until Next time..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Boy its getting cold here.. running over to Mom's house to cover up the spickets and open the sink cabinet to let the heat get in.. Hopefully this will keep things warm enough .. Its so hard running 2 households.. and I will be happy ( sad) when her house sells.. I am so glad I did not grow up in that house.. in away it makes it easier .. you know.. >>
The 28th is getting closer and I am getting more motivated.. so this is good..
A step at a time...
Still waiting on the books so I will let you know what I think when I get them..
Glad the weekend is getting closer..
Until next time....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Okay so thats not actually the facts m'am... I well.. you see.. it .. well.. I .. uhmmm well???? I am .. (scratches head) .. okay so this is what happened.. I went to the donut store.. ( its not like a regular donut store its like a Hell I dont even know the name of it) .. I went to pick up donuts for my boss for her kids.. they had a special ... 2 for one to clear out the shelves before 1 pm.. when they close..and I who never eats donuts.. because they are not a particular favorite of mine.. saw a halo appear over something that I am not to sure what it was but it was pull aparty... and cinnamony... and doughy.. and sweet.. and well.. and there was a light.. you see.. and I and the .. heavens opened up right there and then and I heard a voice say buy it .. you'll like it... and uhm.. well.. who am I .. to say no to a heavenly voice.. and sigh.. well.. I did not eat the whole thing.. can that count??? for something.. HONI WALKS UP LOUDLY and smacks HONI in the head.. you asshat!!!!!! WHAT on earth made you think it it was okay to eat that.. I hope you are having reflux from hell .. not to mention donut gummy mouth right now.. what brain cells fell out of your ears to let you ingest that.. where .. how.. what did you do that for ... You may never do that ever again.. sheeesh.. I know you have not set your start date.. but at least you were getting ready to go somewhere.. all these tools you are buying.. all this preparing.. SNAP OUT OF IT SISTER.. all the preparing in the world is not going to work unless you take action... I know .. you keep hearing January 28th in your head as your start day.. Why must you have a start date that is so ambiguous .. why not now???.. I know !!!I know.. you have a thing about dates.. and stuff.. heck I would not be surprised if you start talking biorythms because of that thing you downloaded on your cell pho.. HEY! don't hit me.. I can tell them.. they are your friends.. they know you are a few french fries short of a Happy Meal... (ehem. sorry for the food anology) .. Look. sweetie.. Honi.. No more donuts.. stick to the plan.. I know you like buying lunch for you and your boss on tuesdays at Fresh Market.. and you can continue doing that .. buy the SUSHI and the other healthy stuff.. stick with things you bring from home.. SKIP THE DONUT STORE>> LOSE THE DIRECTION>>> Donuts.. wont fix anything no matter how tasty.. Donuts rob you.. there is nothing good you can say about a Donut.. ( in a tiny voice... it has eggs in it? )
Now that that is out of the way you may continue with your normal evening... Be careful when you run your errands... and I do think a light dinner might be nice.. FEATHERS comes to mind!.. okay okay a little oatmeal never hurt anyone.. since it will be around 8 pm before you eat dinner.. thats okay.. I know its freezzzing out.. okay.. have your oatmeal.. and BEHAVE!!!
Until Next time..


WOW I can post to blogger freom my phone yay.. thats nifty to know..not any other features with this app than simple text..neat never the less....... hmm the editing feature kinda sucks.. but its okay for a fast post..
Until next time..


hi folk testing an app from my G1 to see if i can post to blogger hope u all are having a great day!

Monday, January 12, 2009


IF I think I know everything surely you think you know everything .. but one thing I really know is that saying NO to Diet Pills is a must.. so put that little "magic" (HOCUS POCUS) "pill" (POISON) down... throw it out.. get your money back .. because Sister , or Brother.. you are going to have work to lose weight.. I know .. it was easy gaining it.. but the real deal is .. is that in order to lose weight one must take in less calories and expend more calories.. otherwise known as EXERCISE.. its a simple solution.. one that takes EFFORT, TIME, PLANNING and FAITH.. If you have those things then you can do it.. and those things are no magic pill.. just common sense.. Look at Oprah .. do really think she would still be fighting the good fight if one little pill could wipe it all away.. ???? She knows that in order to be succesful you have to develop a plan and stick with it.. and it that plan does not work make another.. and so on.. You never give up... You might get dissapointed but you simply never give up...
THis will never be easy.. this however will be the most rewarding thing you ever do for yourself.. and there is no "HOCUS POCUS" involved..

Friday, January 9, 2009


First when I redid my blog I did it with the intention of not only discussing issues regarding health , weight loss and general well being.. I did it because I wanted to feel comfortable discussing things I do not toss out on the web.. so today I titled this post thoughts because.. well I am going to share them.. and I hope to encourage everyone to think a little deeper about things in our world.. rather than taking bits and pieces from what you might hear..

I can not help but be greatly bothered by the events taking place in Israel. Having gone there, having spoken with people who have battled for this land.. who have bled for this land who have lost loved ones for this land.. I could not imagine what it would be like living in a part of the world where all my neighbors hate me including those who live with in the same border that I do .. I could not imagine what it is like worrying is this the day that a rocket will destroy everything dear to me..but I can have empathy.. especially after visiting this wonderful slice of the world..
As simple as I can say this:
The news exploits very graphically the loses sustained by those that live in Gaza.. The news quietly mentions what Israel has sustained for over 8 years.. day after day ,night after night, hour after hour.. rocket after rocket aimed at killing civillians.. thats the fact.. Has Israel gone overboard..? absolutely NOT... I do not call the loss of life colateral damage.. I call it calculated and planned by Hamas, they put rocket launchers where they supposely worship, they put them in schools.. they put them in crowded neighborhoods.. they destroyed the infrastructure that Israel had in Gaza when Israel gave them that land .. they weave into the general public to make sure that if any retaliation happens that there will be loss of life for the civilians.. they do not care about those people.. those people are no more to Hamas than bricks to a building.. and as far as that population goes.. well they chose Hamas believing that they would help them.. HA.. when all they have done is kill them.. ..this is what they chose Hamas.. so seeing their injuries, seeing their suffering while making me sad.. I have remind myself.. these people put themselves in that situation another bad choice. one thing these people.. who no one is willing to absorb into their country.. ( JORDAN KILLED SOME of THEM AND REFUSED TO TAKE THEM IN) these people are good at making very bad choices as to who they choose to run their government.. Nothing like choosing terrorists and hate .. Hamas and surrounding countries have only one goal.. and that is to destroy Israel.. thats it.. and whatever the cost of life on their part.. so be it.. they do not care to protect anyone but themselves. On the other side you have Israel fighting as usual to survive.. and with much warning, they did the only thing they could do .. try to stop these attacks.. On a more personal note.. One of Steve's cousin's is now participating in the ground incursion. he is the same young man I wrote about in April who had lost a good friend in Lebanon.. he is the same young man who fought there as well.. and suffered injuries .. He is the same young man who bravely fights for his people..
I think it is wrong for the world to stand in judgement.. and I think it is sad state of affairs when you hear about all the antisemitism pouring out around the world..all for hate.. all for nothing.. but hate.. . It really makes me shudder to think that these groups in Florida can support Hamas, and scream death to the Jews .. you should all die in ovens.. and they call themselves a peace loving group.. This saturday a group here in Birmingham will be having a "peaceful demonstration" they call themselves the peace project yet when Israel is attacked they never say a word.. Peace project .. another Hate project cloaked if you ask me.. and yes I am going to probably go down to the park and see what these "peace lovers" are promoting.. something tells me me it will not be peace..
Until next time..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


There she is again.. the same face that has met my gaze for 46 years.. nothing about her has really changed.. she still has the same hopes and dreams.. though altered somewhat.
This YEAR we did not jump on the NEW YEAR band wagon of GUSTO FILLED weight loss gurus. I did not Clean sweep my pantry and do 100 situps.. I did not do even one situp.
This year , so far I have been observing.. I walked into Walmart this morning.. and guess what.. ??? I did not lose weight.. I did not feel the wealth of health they are promoting in their advertising on TV. I really do not think I can get healthy with Walmart ..
This year I did not stand in line at a Weight Watchers meeting lamenting my holiday over eating.. and critisizing myself.. This year I am eating the same as I did a couple weeks ago.. which though not a particularly good thing.. is actually not a bad thing.. because this time. well there is not going to be a THIS TIME
There are things that must be addressed before other things change. So I am standing here looking at the mirror at you.. and wondering what about you will change this year.. what about you can change this year after 46 years of doing the same thing..
Why has food always felt so safe to you until the last few years when you have actually suffered because of food.. ? IT is a tough question.. but why have you always turned to food.???. I know why... because food has never once said to you.. You are not good enough.. food has never once said to you.. who pushed you off the ugly bus? food has never once said to you , you will not succeed.. no.. food has been your cheer leader, your "blankie" your buddy.. in the worst of times .. in the best of times... food has whispered in your ear.. I am here if you need me.. and for some reason you have always used this for your excuse.. even when food started hurting you.. reflux.. stomach pain.. etc.. what did you do??? but turn back to food for comfort.. it is high time you realize that food.. is simply food.. it has no great power.. no great magic..unless you consider the ability to make your ass three times the size of Texas.. magic.. well.. what are you doing? ... I do think that it is okay to enjoy food.. and be passionate about cooking.. but food.. is simply food.. to be eaten and enjoyed.. not to be a blanket.. not hide emotion.. and food.. because it has no magic powers.. will not fix things... Ironically the same can be said about all the ads that are being rushed out at you right now.. All the pills.. all the quick fixes.. are simply foder for advertising.. nothing really comes from pills.. .. what works in the long run.. is will power.. what works in the long run is learning to let go of what hurts.. and realizing that food simply is food.. its not a fix.. its not a healer.. it is simply accessable.. SO next time.. you are angry.. or you are sad.. or you happy.. be those feelings..and if those feelings are over powering.. here is a thought.. GO OUT THERE AN MOVE.. exercise.. walk... find a friend to talk too... swim... write it down... SCREAM .. do what you must.. but do not turn to food..
Now.. as you decide if you are really ready.. educate yourself.. by reading and finding something you truely know you can commit too.. through it all.. good bad.. indifferent... something you are ready to do... I will be sharing more about the books I have been reading, Volumetrics and the Eating Well program .. I really like the Eating well program..and their website as I have said before.. will let you know more as I know more.. waiting for a couple more books to arrive.... so for now the main thing I can say to me is : do not think you know it all.. or have tried it all.. because obviously if you did .. you would not be looking at yourself in the mirror right now... wondering why you are still obese. Have faith in yourself.. no matter what..
Until next time..



May you get a clean bill of health from your dentist, your ophthalmologist, your psychiatrist, your cardiologist, your urologist, your proctologist, your gynecologist, your podiatrist, your plumber, and the IRS.

May your hair, your teeth, your face-lift, your love handles, and your stocks never fall, and may your blood pressure, your triglycerides, your cholesterol, your white blood count, your weight, and your property assessments never increase.

May you be sensitive to the needs of others and may you create within yourself a balance of your own needs.

May you laugh at yourself and realize if you were supposed to touch your toes while exercising, the Lord would have placed them further up, and may you realize the reason so many people take up jogging is to hear heavy breathing again. May what you see in the mirror delight you and what others see in you delight them.
May someone love you enough to accept and forgive your faults and be blind to your blemishes, and tell the whole world about your virtues. May you live in a world at peace, with an awareness of the beauty of every sunset, every flower, every child's smile, and every wonderful astonishing beat of your own heart. If by laughter, I can cause you to wipe one tear from your cheek, that is my only reward. Above all, may you continue to smile, may your life be filled with laughter, and may you never forget the words found in the Book of Proverbs, "A gloomy spirit rots the bones; but a merry heart is like good medicine!


Monday, January 5, 2009


I am so glad Monday is over.. yay.. hopefully Tuesday won't be an extension of Monday... hence why I need my weekends badly... I spent over 40 minutes working with a man on the phone to figure out his insurance.. I pretty much knew what it was.. but he had no idea what I was talking about.. so he had the insurance company call me and lo and behold I was right and after all that work the farthead never called me back to make his frigging appointment after all that work I went through.. It was a total hellday today.. nonstop.. from one thing to the other and on top of that rain rain and more rain and then even more rain.. I drove home slowly.. in sideways rain on two lane highway.. on coming traffic was blinding me.. when there was no traffic I could go better than 40 miles an hour but with oncoming traffic I had to slow down.. at least the mile long line behind me.. ( YES I WAS THE ASSHAT DRIVER TONIGHT) seemed to be dealing with similiar issues.. er.. uhmm.. perhaps they just thought it might be better to stay away from the silver matrix weaving and bobbing her way down the road.. sigh..... Had some toast and Matzah ball soup for dinner.. and am all wrapped up in my snuggly robe ... taping away at the keyboard... I want to share with you recent purchases... some I have received already and some not.. ohh here are the blankets I made for 2 of my nieces so far.. I am going to come up with a better hobby.. I liked doing this but .. I want to do something else.. less bulky.. more portable.. I need a portable hobby.. and I am just not ready to do the knitting thing yet.. not sure about the counting aspect of knitting I am not good with that kinda stuff..

here are the two books I bought..
I have started the picture perfect book and am waiting to recieve the volumetrics book...
also I am getting 3 of Eatingwell Cookbooks and diet information Tools.. and common sense.. never hurt... and I need all the tools I can find...

Until next time

Saturday, January 3, 2009

LISTS for 2009


The world with all its twists and turns is basically good.. I need to remember that..

I love gazing up at the winter sky before sunset and watching a flock of geese pass by.. in a perfect V..

I love the first flicker of star light in a winter clear sky..

The sound of my husband's laughter makes me smile..

A perfectly cooked dinner after a hard day at work ...

A hot shower first thing in the morning and pulling a warm towel off the heated towel rack..

A look from my pups that simply says .. how was your day mom .. wannna play frisbee?

A really good movie

Fresh flannel sheets and a cozy new blanket

Finishing up my blankets I am making for Hannah and Ari.

Trying to develop a new hobby that does not involve food..


I wish I knew how to knit

I wish I was more talented

I wish I was a better cook

I wish I weighed 132

I wish I could paint fabulously

I was a I knew how to decorate wonderfully

I wish I was an artist instead of an artist wanna be

I wish I could play Piano

I wish I sang better

I wish I had better math skills

I wish I had a child

I wish I had a really cool sports car

I wish my parents were still alive

I wish I was independently wealthy

I wish I could travel and not work

I wish I could spend more time with my husband

I have limitless wishes it seems.


New years eve dinner that was suppose to be delicous.. sucked.. too salty .. and this was my favorite Italian place. NO MORE YUCK~~

If you must drive on the road when I go to work please go the damn speed limit, I know you think you are safe driver but the reality is you suck, and driving 35 miles an hour in a 50 mile an hour zone is not going to win you any stars... all it does is aggrevate the driver behind you and he has to pick a safe place to pass you .. and don't think you are being cute when you suddenly decide to speed up when said driver is passing you.. you sir are an asshat from hell..

Refering to above .. also if you are in front of me during the whole 13 mile ride to the highway.. for God sakes get out of my fucking way once you make your turn .. it is not cute when you decide to switch into the lane sans indicator that I am in to pass your asshat self... that is called cutting me off and it makes me angry so please feel no insult when I gun my engine and ROAR past your annoying little car.. sheesh~!! if my horn did not sound like a duck quacking I would lay on that piece of rubber and honk your ass back to your mommas womb!

It is not funny mr or ms fireworks setteroffer when you set your fireworks off between 12 and 1 pm NON STOP on new years EVE.. granted I know you want to celebrate but you could have done it earlier in the evening not to mention the fact that you drove my poor doggie nuts.. she was shivering horribly all because you like to set off explosive shit.. Now I like fireworks but not in my front yard for over an hour after Midnight.. and then you decide to do a replay the next evening.. (granted it was earlier) but PLEASE think of your neighbors you idiot!

Mr shopper person in line with me .. back the Hell off.. I do not want you to peer into my wallet nor do I want you to watch me key in my pin number when I make a purchase.. back into your own universe mr nosey NED!

To any patient anywhere going to see any provider.. know your INSURANCE.. we at the front desk (especially those of us in a very small office .. i.e. 1 doctor 1 office person) Please realize that though I may seem wonderful and perfect.. I work with a zillion different insurance companies ( okay maybe not a zillion but you get the picture) and there is no way in hell that I can know who your insurance carrier is or what discount plan you might have.. or what vision insurance you might have so staring blankly at me because I did not know who your insurance carrier is , is totally a waste of time especially if I was suppose to pull an insurance authorization prior to your visit.. SO being angry at me is.. pointless. Expect to pay out of pocket if you do not know your info.. this applies to everyone with insurance know your business prior to your doctor's office visit.. it really saves a world of aggravation..

Friday, January 2, 2009


IT'S A NEW YEAR ... TIME FOR A NEW YOU! blah diddy blah blah blah.. yeah we are overwhelmed with ads screaming LOSE WEIGHT! BE A BETTER YOU.... GET FIT.. LOSE WEIGHT WITH WALMART..ehmm. what? LOSE WEIGHT WITH WALMART? lose weight with wallyworld, wall hell.. wallfart.. what ever your derivative.. Have you seen those repugnant ads on tv yet? buy your produce at walmart, eat smart with walmart.. etc.. c'mon.. walmart wants you skinny? walmart is trying to join the obesity band wagon if you ask me...
Here is what I have learned in 46 years..
It is not going to happen over night.. even though it seemed to have happened over night~
Life is a series of constants.. we constantly never know what life is going to hand us~
try as we might we are not perfect.. we were never intended to be perfect for that would destroy our individuality.
Eating healthy, is a choice... as is everything.
Being healthy is a combination of choice, action and genetic make up.
Constantly telling myself I am worhless and I do not deserve something is powerful... however, telling myself that I am worth everything and deserve the best that I can give myself.. by being good to myself is even more powerful.
There is no end, there is no finite. there is no promise, there is only will, effort, action, desire, and the rest of my life~
Nothing in life is a given.. when you put the effort out there, and the action is born.. and the results mount.. then this is what is a given.. effort will eventually yield results.

There is wonderful information out there and a wonderful website is not only is this a fabulous wealth of info but their magazine is great and I subscribe to it.
Changing our lifestyle.. moving our world a bit does not have to be straining and hard.. but it must be accepted that this is forever.. forever being the length of our lifetime. There is no go back to how we ate before .. that is if we want to be sucessful. IT is such an easy but difficult concept.. but one that can be done..
Find what works for you.. and above all do not listen to "them" find out what works for your body.. be it WW, SOUTHBEACH or just adapting to a healthier eating style.. It is true what they say .. all things in moderation..
Americans have screwy ideas about portion sizes and what should be viewed as a main course.. I have heard and seen this over and over again.. Truthfully, meat, should not be a main course but treated as a side dish.. Your veggies should be considered your largest portion.. your meat serving should only be about the size of a deck of cards.. Yeah.. shocking I know.. but the truth is .. well.. we are all still learning our truths..
I am finding what works for me.. and I will share that with you.. in hopes it might help you find your way... as I find mine..
Until Next time!