Wednesday, January 16, 2008


ALLI the often quoted miracle weight loss drug is back in the news... check the article out... as we all know.. in theory a magic bullet is a great idea... but in truth.. we have to rely not alli but on ourselves to make a commitment to better health. I don't know about you, but the fact for me is that I will never be 100 pounds... I will never be perfect... I choose to be healthier and I choose to weigh less than I do now.. I can visualize myself at 132.. for me that will be my healthy weight and I know we say this is not about numbers.. that you just do the best you can.. but to me having that number out there... makes it more realistic... I know my body can go there.. its the getting there thats the hard part. But it is the getting there that is the most worthwhile part. In the course of getting there my healthier lifestyle habits become more concrete. In the course of getting there I learn to listen and feed my body not feed my emotions. In the course of getting there I learn what foods work for me.. and what foods really have no real reason to be in my life. In the course of getting there I learn that my body can enjoy exercising and just in fact it might make me feel better..
Out in the blogosphere there are tons of blogs dealing with weight loss. People with great vision, hope and wonderful ideas... People who want a place to vent and be free to express themselves.. People who have some wacky ideas... as well.. If you peruse the blogosphere like I do.. You can find everything from anorexic blogs to fat acceptance blogs... all voices out there being read and heard... I think there are unhealthy blogs out there.. down right scary ones.. I will not mention those and I do not link to those but it does send shivers through me when I read the extent people will go to to lose or not gain weight..When I read how people have such a distorted view of themselves.. For most of us.. blogging is theraputic.. getting support .. giving support sharing info and guidance and basically reaching out and being a good friend across the miles.. yet for some of us .. blogs are a scream.. not a cry for help.. It is a shame they do not have a BLOG 911 that you could report some of these posts too.. and those people could get help.... For the most part though most of what I read is wonderful and encouraging.. You just want to jump on those blogs and comment and wish that person well.

On that note I was perusing the web as usual.. and here are some rather interesting things I found.. for example .. did you know that OBESITY is now a lifestyle choice?
As you know I peruse Fat Acceptance blogs too.. here is a new one I discovered RED No. 3 it is where I found the link to Obesity being a lifestyle choice... interesting blog.. you know me I love to look at both sides... I think Fat Acceptance is fine.. for some people.. I found that being obese nearly killed me.. so obesity is not for me.. but on that same note how do I learn the whole issue of being overweight for 45 years if I do not look at ever single aspect... ???

Well its a blustery morning here in Alabama.. off to work I go..
wish me well
Wish you well too...


Lynn said...

Thanks for the link to the "Obesity Lifestyle" article. :)

Felicia said...

WOW great post. Thanks for the link to!

Hope you have had a wonderful day!!

Lora said...

You're right...there are a lot of bloggers out there coming from many directions. Hopefully those that need it will glean from those who have it!