Wednesday, April 30, 2008


A display of cakes Steve uses for sampling that is downstairs and this particular display was put out the night before last to defrost it was there yesterday morning when I left for I snapped a shot on my way out.. Today on my way out.. the donuts and cupcakes where out too.. Steve and one of his assistants were loading up the truck for a meeting this morning at a local supermarket home office.. Steve said to me the other night that I really have it difficult because of all of his sweets in the house .. The way I see it.. is , is that this is his business.. its downstairs .. in freezers and occassionally on counters.. I dont see it unless I go downstairs.. our living space for the most part is upstairs.. so it really is not that difficult.. it does get a little uncomfortable when he brings samples in the house and into our kitchen that he might have tasted or that his office folks might have tasted.. so .. thats the only time it might get hard especially if it involves chocolate..
This is a bit harder than I imagined.. and not as easy as the Mayo program... but I think in time this will go away.. thats my hope.. I end up feeling draggy yucky or a little green feeling like my blood sugar is low or something.. not sure what it is.. but if i eat fruit or eat at all it goes away..
I tried this in the sugar free Dark Chocolate version.. BAD AFTER TASTE and dumped it all in the garbage ( i knew I was in trouble when I read the ingredients more carefully Maltitol, .. not a friend of mine..) I thought they were sweetened with Splenda and that was all.

So then I tried the WW Amaretto Cheesecake low fat yogurt.. You should have been sitting here with me.. I know my face said things my mouth could not.. IT WAS HORRIBLE.. might have had something to do with the chocolate aftertaste from the pudding I had just tried.... dunno but I will tell you it made me shake all over and not in a pretty way sort of shake .. IT WENT IN TO THE GARBAGE TOO.. so right now I am having WW Boston Cream Pie 1 point yogurt.. its fairly good a tad too sweet but livable.. .. I am still cringing over this:
I like my cheesecake and Amaretto can be tasty.. but not here.. yikes!!!
OHH for a treat .. Steve and I had the Chocolate brownie icecream cups (WW) 2 points.. and dolloped with a tiny bit of ready whip we had a filling and good dessert last night even my husband thought it was tasty... We will get more of them.. We have the Latte bars ( don't know what they taste like yet) but they are 1 point a piece and we have the Skinny cow mint 2 point icecream sandwiches.. we are going to get the 1 point pops by Skinny Cow soon to try.. I know its wasteful to throw stuff out.. but if I dont like it goes in the garbage or my husband will eat it.. LOL he eats anything.. even if he does not love it.. me.. not so good at that..I made a choice not to eat anything ANYTHING unless I really like it and want to spend the points on it..
Last night for dinner we had salad with Asian style ginger dressing and chopped chicken on it, gagutz , fruit.. and even had points left over for dessert too.. We took Cookie and Baz for a walk as well.. So here I am at day 3, hanging in.. Onwards.. and Downwards we go..
HUGE HG NEWS!!! Lisa Lillien (aka Hungry Girl) will be on The Today Show tomorrow (Thursday, 5/1/08) chatting with the gang about the HG cookbook! Don't forget to tune in or set your TiVo! And click HERE for book tour dates!
Wish me well
Wish you well too

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


HERE IS A LITTLE HISTORY ON DIETS ( of course it is pro WW) So last night we went for a walk.. we took the doggies too.. Steve likes going over to an area connected to our subdivision where garden homes are being built... So we take the dogs over there.. its pretty stoney and rocky and pebbly.. I was doing great.. we had the dogs off leash.. they were happy chasing birds.. birds were chasing them.. all was well.. I was walking along and I stopped.. and lo and behold.. I started falling... in a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader doing the splits sort of way.. NOT!!!!! one leg bent behind me , one leg out in front of me and I caught myself with my right hand.. and damned if it was not all in slow motion too.. I had time to think.. Fuck I am falling... this won't be pretty , maybe Steve won't see me and I can pop right back up... NO SUCH LUCK.. Cookie ran over to me and actually put herself against me and helped me up.. the other two dogs just looked at me .. like cool mom fell .. Steve made sure I was okay and except for a few scratches and wounded pride I was okay... A little bit later he started chuckling.. and said.. boy after 8 years of motorcycle riding.. you have learned to fall gracefully.. that was slow motion sweety .. very graceful.. yeah I had to laugh too.. it was kinda funny... and thank God I was not hurt... So Fat Folk don't bounce.. and thats okay.. because I could have weighed 250, 200, 180, 150 or 120 and still have slipped.. I did not fall because I am fat.. I fell.. because my feet went in two different directions... sigh...and it was nice to finally realize that.
I started noticing this yesterday about 130pm.. I don't feel great.. maybe I was taking in more sugar or something.. but since yesterday afternoon I have felt a bit.. well.. YUCKY but not horrible..just .. well.. bleh .. does that make sense? Last time I went through this was when I did Nutri System.. I had a couple days of feeling poorly... hmm any advice ..
WELLL.. my lovely little informative website Brandaid sent me an email today informing me that my beloved Fiber one Bars are actually not as good for me as I would like to imagine.
Here is what it said
Case in point: General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bars - Oats & Chocolate(1 bar, 140 calories, 4g of total fat, 1.5g sat. fat, 90mg sodium, 9g of fiber, 2g protein)INGREDIENTS: Chicory Root Extract, Chocolate Chips with Confectioners Shellac (Chocolate Chips [Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Dextrose, Milk Fat, Soy Lecithin], Ethanol, Shellac, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Rolled Oats, Crisp Rice (Rice Flour, Sugar, Malt, Salt), Barley Flakes, High Maltose Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar Canola Oil, Honey, Glycerin, Maltodextrin, Palm Kernel Oil, Tricalcium Phosphate, Soy Lecithin, Salt, Nonfat Milk, Peanut Oil, Cocoa Processed with Alkali, Natural Flavor, Baking Soda, Color Added, Almond Flour, Peanut Flour, Sunflower Meal, Wheat Flour, Mixed Tocopherols Added To Maintain Freshness

Since the original Fiber One cereal is a good friend of the savvy shopper, it's tempting to assume that the new Fiber One Chewy Bars would also be invited to the BrandAid awards ceremony. But, since friends don't let friends buy junk, we are steering you away from this corrupt cousin.
Decoding the Fine Print :We get no joy from spreading the bad word about this bar. All the goodness of Fiber One cereal wrapped up in a tasty, convenient ready-to-go breakfast bar. It sure sounded like a dream come true.We started with the front label. Right off the bat, we think the name (Fiber One Chewy bars) is very misleading. Especially if you're already a fan of the original Fiber One cereal. Here's why: The front label states in big bold print - 35% of your daily fiber. When we checked out the ingredients list, we didn't find any whole wheat or bran to account for all the fiber in this 3-bite bar. Turns out, all the fiber comes from added sources like chicory root extract and maltodextrin. While they're still good sources, they do lack some of the powerhouse nutrients that come naturally packaged in whole wheat and bran - the kind of fiber you get from the Fiber One cereal. Plus, these added fibers are notorious for causing bloating and tummy rumblings - eek! Next, we found some frightening junk ingredients like ethanol (what the heck?); hydrogenated coconut oil (a.k.a. trans fat - the worst of the worst!); high maltose corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. Can you say yuck? And then come the filler additives like tricalcium phosphate and soy lecithin. Seriously, are these unpronounceable ingredients really necessary to mold together a breakfast bar? Final Analysis: These Fiber One chewy bars are pretty tasty and a good source of added fiber, but are they worth the side effects of bloating and an upset tummy? Couple that visual with a handful of junk ingredients and added fillers, and this product is no friend of ours or yours. Instead, it's officially a Healthy Food Imposter!

They pretty much knocked down my Fiber one Honey Clusters cereal too.. while I realize neither of these are ideal choices I thought they were better choices.. bottom line.. I can have these but... maybe I should look for other choices.. lower in sugars, lower in chemicals but just as satisfying.. for now.. I finish what I bought..
Though I hate to say it.. I know I should work on eating clean.. but right now.. I am working on just getting in charge of myself.. and if I choose the foods that have those chemical issues.. well.. though it may not be a wise choice its the choice I make for the moment.. I guess we can not worry about every thing .. every aspect in the beginning...

I should be getting my HUNGRY GIRL COOK BOOK IN THE MAIL any day I am so excited about that and plan on reviewing and sharing this book with you.. it might be a purchase you want to make..

Wish me well

Wish you well too

Monday, April 28, 2008


Sunday we did a lot of prep work.. Steve.. boy I tell you .. he is the most wonderful support system.. not to mention husband in the world..

Look what he made for us..

This is after 2 hours of cooking.. it does cook down a bit.. but it is SOOOOOOOO GOOD! Sprinkle a little freshly grated romano cheese on this.. and its SOOO YUMMY...
Not only did he make that Sunday morning .. but he also did this for Saturday night..or rather us..
Meanwhile while the veggies were simmering I was cutting up carrots for the week.*** Weekends unless we are biking it..( thats motorcycling) will be our food prep time for the week. It seems to work so much better for me that way..
Preping is very important.. for now.. and really if you think about it for any healthy program.. one must prepare.. If you do not have choices and options available then you set yourself up for easy excuses.. I was too tired.. I did not want to cook... etc... but this way.. when you prep.. its done and it just has to be put together. Menu planning can be a huge pain in the tush.. it is time consuming and you end up feeling like all your thoughts revolve around food.. So lets strip it to the bottom line.. to become obese.. wouldn't you say one is a bit food obsessed anyhow? I mean folks that do not think about food usually do not have a weight issue. Folks that use food as fuel and thats it.. well.. perhaps they have other issues.. in fact most probably they do. However for those of us.. who have been weight loss warriors all or the better parts of our lives.. We are food obsessed.. I am going to stand up proud and say that.. there is nothing wrong with it.. what is wrong is when your focus is glued to unhealthy choices.. when the swiss roll looks better than the angel food cake with strawberries.. when the Ben and Jerrys Pint looks better than a single serving of a lower calorie option.. When Fried chicken looks better than broiled or grilled chicken... When Wendy's overrules Subway or a similiar place.. For people that choose to live in the real world these are real decisions... knowing your weaknesses and your strengths are great tools for success. If you know you are a sweet eater.. have choices for yourselve..( IF you look at most successful weight loss programs .. not just WW they allow for all of these venues....) everything from fruits to even single serve portions of treats.. Plan those in the program... If you are a meat eater.. figure out a way to include it with out over including it.. For example. Steve and I plan to divide the weeks menu up.. 1 night Fish.. it can be sushi, it can be talapia , orange roughy, shrimp.. whatever.. ( NOT FRIED THOUGH) One night is meat night.. Steak or lamb.. Steve likes pork.. I am not a big fan unless its BBQd.. 2 nights its chicken.. 1 night is left overs or pot luck...1 night its veggies or pasta and one night is open for going out to dinner. It is really lovely to have a partner is this.. though Steve won't be following WW he will be in a sense because I am .. and since we both do the cooking.. well.. he benefits a bit by losing weight too.. We also decided on Sunday mornings that we would alternate gym nights with walking the dogs.. So tommorow night I will go the the gym.. (Steve might come too) either to swim or walk on the track.. ANYTHING TO GET STARTED and in the HABIT then the following night is a dog walking for now thats 2 nights dog walking and 2 nights gym.. eventually we will boost it up..
Thats it for a Monday
Time to go to WW and log my stuff.
Wish me well
Wish you well too

Sunday, April 27, 2008



I got a hair cut.. looks the same just cleaner..
We went to a WW store front and I got these 2 things.

We went to the grocery and loaded up on goodies.. and my sweet husband stopped at another store while I was getting my hair cut and found weight watchers english muffins and bagels on sale for a dollar each.. so he bought those and I like this oatmeal and gotta have my Fiber one bars..

OUR fridge is full

We are fruitful

These are some of the oranges from the citrus guy.. remember looks can be deceiving.. while they might not be the prettiest of fruit.. just cut them open and boy are they heavenly...
The farmers market was a bust so we went to the grocery and got some fresh corn, brocoli, zuchini, tomatos, salad, I bought some deli turkey slices shaved 5 slices 50 calories or 1 point, bought some light cheese for my sandwiches and light string cheese so i can make my famous tomato salad. I plan to alternate a frozen meal for a sandwich during the week.. so thats 3 sandwichs and 2 frozen meals during the week days for lunch at work.. plus fruit, dairy and a snack and veggie. I get 23 points a day plus 35 flex goal is to save the flex points for the weekend in case we want to go out..I plan on using between 5 and 6 points per meal so that will leave me some extra points for treats/ extra fruit or veggies if i so desire. On sandwich days the 6 points will include bread, protein, veggie, fruit and if i can diary..on frozen food days the 6 points will include meal and hopefully a salad if i can make that work .. I love that little points calculator and used it Saturday to help purchase items... we have everything from desserts to meals to snacks covered.. Sometime today we will cut up the carrots and celery and keep them in a bin in the fridge for snacking and lunches.. Steve is an awesome support and I love him for that..
Today we are also making Gagutz ( an Italian veggie mix served hot, zuchs, yellow squash, sweet onion, fresh tomatos , diced tomatos, and a little tomato sauce.. You basically stew it) It is wonderful over Pasta, or by itself with a sprinkle of Romano cheese.. Will have pictures of that too either here or on tommorows post..
Here is an experimental dessert that was Steve's idea.. He had some samples of Angel cakes left.. so here is what I did ..

We are already trying to figure out how I can have a little falafel at the big Party at the Jewish Community Center next Sunday celebrating Israels 60th bday.. I got part of the menu already.. so I might use some of my flex points for that.. I want to see if I can figure out how many points are in falafal too.. Susie if you know let me know.. Oh and Susie I just had my last piece of Matzah with light cream cheese and strawberry jelly.. lol I laughed when I was eating it.. because I thought of you.. Thank God the Matzah is gone.. whew!! the Matzah itself is not bad .. its just what you do to it that might not be favorable... for example you can melt cheese on it.. you can make pizza with it.. you can put peanut butter and jelly on it.. you can put cream cheese on it.. you can eat it with chopped liver, you can eat it with matzah ball soup ( thats the best out of the whole lot) you can make matzah brie ( fried matzah) you can make matzah toffee, you can make matzah toffee with melted chocolate.. You can even make Matzah lasagna.. you can be really creative with that stuff when you have to be ..
Looking forward to Monday...
Starting the day with Oatmeal
Lunch will be a WW bagel with sliced turkey and a little mustard
a Jello 60 calorie pudding or a light yogurt ( not sure yet)
carrots and celery with light dressing
and dinner I am not sure about yet..
Well ,,,plan on lots of food photos and recipes in the near futureEvery Friday I will post my stats.. and I might figure a way to link you to my WW log.. not sure yet.. You can bet you will read a lot about WW and me.. SO .. OFF WE GO ...
Here is to a rocking Monday
Wish me well
wish you well too

Friday, April 25, 2008


The rules are simple: Hit the shuffle on your iPod then answer each question by hitting next. I ALLOW CHEATING WHEN U HIT THE NEXT BUTTON IF IT TOTALLY DOES NOT MAKE SENSE HIT THE NEXT BUTTON AGAIN..LOL
Q: What does next year have in store for you?

A: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy lol ( I have a confession the first song actually was Don't Fear the Reaper but that was just tooooo weird .. Steve later said to interperete it has you have nothing to worry about rather than something to worry about GOOD POINT)
Q: What does your love life look like next year?
Q: What do you say when life gets hard?
Q: Song that reminds you of good times?
A: DRIEDEL ( thats funny)
Q: What do you think when you get up in the morning?
Q: What song will you dance to at your wedding (or silver wedding anniversary?)
Q: Song that reminds you of your first kiss?
Q: Your favourite saying?
Q: Favourite place?
Q: Most missed memory?
A: FOR MY WEDDING ( thats freaky lol)
Q: What song describes your best friend?
Q: What song describes your ex?
Q: Where would you go on an important date?
Q: Drug of choice?
Q: What song describes yourself?
Q: What is the thing you like doing most?
Q: The song that best describes the President?
Q: Where will you be in 10 years?

Q: Your love life right now?
Q: What is your state of mind like at the moment?
Q: How will you die?
Wish me well
Wish you well too!!


SO yesterday the citrus guy stopped by the office.. it was just me.. here so I was not sure who the guy was .. but he was holding oranges so I thought must be the citrus guy.. I listened to his shpell and when he said he was from Vero Beach I thought I okay I like this guy.. going to by some fruit from him.. ( Vero Beach was right by my boarding school ) I tasted one of the Honey tangelos and oranges OH MY GOD why dont they sell these in the grocery!!!!!! .. they are wonderful.. I talked him into selling me a half of box of mixed tangelos and oranges and he gave me a couple of was 30.00 and its a LOT of fruit for 2 people.. .. I could not do the whole box that would be way too much.. I am telling you this stuff is good.. will have to take some pictures and post those..Since i was at the office alone I would not go out to the truck with them.. so they bought the truck to me which told me he was on the level... so at least I was not kidnaped by being tempted by oranges lol.. just a kid trying to make some money.. I saw he had a lot of checks with him.. local folks so I wrote him a check too.. for half a box.. and right now I am eyeballing some might fine fruit.. perfect timing with starting weight watchers and all I thought.. We are going to the Farmers Market tomorrow too so that is good.. will get some veggies since we are pretty stocked in fruit for now..

Here is your healthy tip from BESTLIFE.COM :

Eat Your Vegetables!

Having trouble hitting your daily veggie goal (at least 4 servings)? You can use snacks to up your intake. Try these tasty ideas:

•Dip baby carrots, grape tomatoes or celery in plain yogurt. For extra flavor, season yogurt with dill or mix with salsa
•Spread hummus on chopped raw veggies and pair it with string cheese.
•Have a cup of vegetable soup (like Progress 50-percent-less sodium garden vegetable) with a dollop of plain yogurt on top.
•Have some salsa on top of a WASA crispbread.

NUTS NUTS NUTS if you like ALMONDS and have decent self control:

check this out.. now plain almonds are the best.. but nothing like a little zing in there too.. just watch your portions ALMOND INFO , HISTORY OF THE ALMOND,

I have tried both the Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon and brown sugar.. both are great.. just a handful is both satisfying and filling... if you have big hands you might want to amend that to 24 almonds here are the nutritionals on the Vanilla Bean flavored ..

its the same for the cinnamon ones.. the Sea Salt and plain for some reason have 10 more calories not sure why..

A cool place to peruse on a Saturday morning in Birmingham, Alabama ~

Have a fruitful and relaxing weekend!

Wish me well

Wish you well too


Thursday, April 24, 2008


For me, the great debate is about over. Since this is an election year I am holding my own internal elections.. The title of this campaign is : Where does Honi go from Here? Does she stay on the path she is on.. where change just is not happening but the status quo is the same. Does she release control and not do anything.. last check there that was a extremely bad strategic move or lastly does she totally go with a different party... So far she has explored several options and is leaning towards Weight Watchers.. in fact more than leaning.. she plans to join that party Somewhere between Friday and Monday with the Official super delegate vote being decided by Monday the 28th of April 2008. IS this a good choice for this candidate? She knows just by recent events ( a patient yesterday over heard me discussing my next move and pardoned herself for listening... but strongly recommended Weight Watchers and gave me all types of information and things to do that just seemed like... well Kismet.. because the words Weight Watchers had not even been mentioned at all by me.. she just knew.. She even told me about a WW store front to go buy some tools with and told me what to buy and that is was far less expensive to buy those products ( flex points calculator) at the actual store front than order it online.. she pulled her FP calculator out to show me what it looks like ...she was right too.. it looks like a a very handy tool.. better than the slider cards of old... I found a FP calculator for between 28.95 and 59.95 online if I go to the actual store front it will only cost me 10.00 ... I prefer the 10.00 ...

So it looks like the great debate is soon to be internally ending.. PLEASE IF YOU ARE IN THE WEIGHT WATCHERS PARTY OR HAVE DONE SO WITH IN THE LAST YEAR OR SO.. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR INPUT... far Everything I have read and heard about this Flex points and Core program seems really good. I like choices but with a guide... so the new ( TO ME ) programs sound interesting.. This candidate now realizes she does much better following a program to lose weight .. because she has the maintainence thing down to a science.. with out following anything... time to finish what she started. She being me of course..
For a sunny Thursday sending good thoughts your way....
Well wish me well
Wish you well too..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


WHEN I started this adventure January 22, 2007 this was totally about myself.. in the course of the year I got married.. lost 30 pounds.. and so far have held my own.. but now.. I need to get back to finishing up what I started... For the past few days I have been perusing the internet.. and I keep coming back to Weight Watchers online.. I love my Mayo Clinic program.. I love seeing the nutritionist.. but I am wondering if now.. would be a good time to switch things up.. I have been reading about the Flex and Core plans and want to do a combo of that. Its pretty similiar to what I am doing now.. Everything would be online and I would also purchase one of those points calculators as well.. I would be tracking and logging food and exercise in my weight watchers online journals.. the cost is 65. and some change for 3 months then 16.95 every additional month I am on the program. it is very affordable.. So you might say to me .. Honi why not go to the meetings.. I found the meetings boring and not helpful.. and I found myself either feeling good or poorly depending on what the scale would say.. and I do not like group weigh ins.. my weight is my business.. and if I choose to share it with others.. like you guys.. well thats my choice.. but to have to weigh in a group.. and others know wether I lost or gained.. well.. not my way to go.. aside from that the meeting is a lecture .. and the conversations are not usually anything I need. I get my support from you guys and my family and friends..Besides all I have to do is call my cousin who was a former WW leader and has kept all her weight off for years..if I really want some advice and help... .. but while out on my wanderings on the net I cam across some ads and ideas .. that .. are not.. shall we say cohesive to making smart choices and getting healthy... take a peek
: DIET GENIE found this one on Anne Collins ( she has a great website too )

and some plain just crazy diets and ideas:
Found this in IVILLIAGE :
Diets through the ages
I had to laugh at some of them...
here are some of the highlights
please click on the link above to browse the whole thing:
500 B.C: Fruit and vegetable diet
The Ancient Greek Mathematician Pythagoras and his followers practised one of the first recorded diets, known as vegetarianism. Although Ancient Greeks did have a penchant for the athletic look, Pythagoras’ abstinence from the heartier foods in life had little to do with becoming a perfect size ten. Vegetarianism was, in fact, the only way to ensure you were not eating your grandmother or another relative, whose soul could have transmigrated to your neighbour’s pig (remember, reincarnation was a popular belief in the Ancient world). The great mathematician was so passionate about his diet that he is said to have met his death defending a bean field.
45 B.C: Vomitorium vulgaris
Romans in the time of Caesar had special rooms in which to expel their feasts, but this was for the sake of gluttony rather than wanting to be thin. They would purge between courses to make room for every dish on offer.
1 AD-2000 AD: The Jesus Diet
One of the oldest diets in history – if you believe the Jesus diet website ( The proponents of this eating regime claim that almost all diseases and pains can be healed by prayer and fasting. You are only allowed to eat raw food (excluding meat) and, even then, dine only twice a day at the most. These two meals have to be restricted to one or two pounds (there seems to be no biblical justification for this restriction, however). To top it off, fasting completely for at least one day a week is recommended. The rationale being that if you have the energy to feel anything at all (including pain) after eating like this, then you must truly be touched by the Lord.
1910’s: The Mega-Bite Diet
San Francisco art dealer, Horace Fletcher, earned his title, ‘The Great Masticator’ – a reference to animals that ‘chew the cud’ – through his publication of a best-selling diet book. In it, he recommended chewing each mouthful at least 32 times until it became a thin, liquid paste, and that any food that couldn’t be broken down to a gruel consistency had to be spat out. Fletcher claimed to lose 65 of his 217 pounds through his remarkable method.
1980s – 2000s: The breatharian diet (also known as the air and sunlight diet)
The Bretharian Institute of America ( explains their philosophy in this statement: ‘When humans reach the purest sense of harmony with the surrounding world as well as a complete understanding of each individual’s role as a function of God to create the universe, they will have reached a vibrational frequency on this material plane, where they no longer require food, water or sleep’. Spin-offs of this interesting programme are still in practice today. Ellen Greve, an Australian who practices this particular brand of madness, has 5,000 disciples and charges more than £1000 per ticket for her seminars, where she attempts to liberate people from the ‘drudgery of food and drink’. More sinister, one Australian couple who led a similar group that advocated living on air alone were convicted of manslaughter when one of their disciples died of dehydration.
Well that wraps it up for a Wednesday...
what ever you are doing as long as it is working for you and promoting good health.. then that is your ticket!
Wish me well
Wish you well too.
UPDATE: Remember the weird guy at PUBLIX that I told you about last week.. turns out he works for the builder of the shopping complex.. so he is suppose to be there.. when I talked to the one of the store customer service reps.. he said to me.. yeah that guy creeps me out too. He gave me the number of the builder if I wanted to say something.. I dont want to cause someone their job.. but it is so weird.. this guy looks like the UNABOMBER.. he had the hooded jacket on today.. and I am telling you its HOT here.. or at least hot enough where you do not need a jacket.. and once again he was watching everyone in the lot including me.. I looked him in the face today... and with that hood on .. and sunglasses he really did remind me of the UNABOMBER .. remember that guy? not sure if I am going to call the builder or not....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


FOOD FIT is a great link I recieve their newsletter and always find useful information check it out...
A picture of Cookie and Lucky on the bed.. yes Lucky has discovered the bed.. I thought this was cute how they were laying together Cookie had her paws on Lucky... this was this morning ...

I have been perusing a lot of blogs lately asking questions from what has made you fat, to what has fat prevented you from doing...
There are things that fat has prevented me from doing... going on long hikes.. walking up rocky areas for fear of losing my balance.. wearing a bikini... although I know of a lot of large woman who do not care and will wear whatever they want.. I for one am not that free .. just can not allow myself that freedom I do not think its attractive... so I started thinking and if I compiled a list .. here is what I would have.
Fat or fate kept me from being married at a younger age and having a family..
( thats a loaded statement.. should I blame fat for not getting married at a young age.. or fate? either way.. what I have now is right for me.. but it was not exactly how I had things planned when I was younger)
Fat or fear kept me hiding... I think a lot of the time growing up .. I liked hiding behind the fat because it was like wall that no one could penatrate.. sure I was made fun of.. but if I ate the pain went away.. its a twisted logic but one I used for many years..
Fat or fate often makes people think I am NOT as bright as I really am.. I think with fat, people assume someone is not that quick on the draw.. maybe slovenly or slow... I know from my own experience I once had a lawyer say about me as he was writing a letter of reccomendation that I was a bit slow.. ( U BET I NEVER USED THAT LETTER) * he did not say those words but thats how they came across. He refered to my going to a special boarding school in florida because of my learning issues.. (Vanguard School, Lake Wales Fla changed my life.. I went from being a failing student to an A honor roll student and graduated as one of the valadictorians of my class .. yes it was only a class of 14.. but I did surpass a lot of expectations and preconcived notions about me. I highly reccomend Vanguard for children and teens with learning differences.. ) I might not be bright when it comes to numbers that do not involve a scale.. but trust me.. I am far brighter than he was ever aware of.. and no .. he is no longer my lawyer.
Fat kept my mother and myself fighting.. My first diet was at 10 years old.. why they did that to me? I have no idea.. yes I needed to lose 20 pounds but perhaps encouraging me to go for walks or ride my bike or enjoy healthy snacks.. with a desert here and there.. not taking everything away and limiting me.. hmm Fat made me angry.. angry at myself because I was different from the other kids and simply did not have the key for the door to fit in. So fat became my hideaway.. Sure you could say hey why didnt u just watch what you ate.. or why is Fat still an issue you are an adult.. you know what to do.. why do you still do battle ? well.. well... I wish I had the answer .. but Fat.. well its been with me for a long time.. Eating and I.. well.. its a familiar story to us all.. When I am good.. I am fantastic.. when I am bad.. well.. the results lie in my fat. FAT TAUGHT ME WELL HOW TO HATE MYSELF..fat taught me patience with myself too.. and even in some form LOVE..
Fat kept me excluded from certain groups. Fat kept me away from a lot of stylish clothes and shoes. Fat nearly broke my body.. Fat told me I was negative. Fat weighs me down physically but allows me to soar in my mind and heart..
FAT IS NOT MY FATE . Soon I will SOAR physically by exercising more and feeling stronger.. I am not a Fat basher.. I am simply stating what Fat is to me.
Fat has made me a stronger person not a weaker one.. I have had to look the demon in the face.. the demon being the kids who taunted me for being fat and not attractive. Fat has made me compassionate and understanding. Fat has made me aware of differences and tolerant of others short commings. Fat has taught me patience. I KNOW THAT I AM FAR MORE THAN THE SUM OF MY POUNDS...
So what has Fat taught you.. tell me.. both the good and the bad..
What role has fat played in your life?

Monday, April 21, 2008


Sitting here and pensively staring at my pc screen.... is it really going to help if I sit here and moan and complain .. am I really venting or just projecting how I feel out to you so that you can tell me .. its okay .. or so that you can give me the virtual kick in the pants.. or that maybe some of you even agree. well.. I dont think that sitting here griping about everything is going to change anything... not any irritation I feel or annoyances with people's behavior, as pathetic as it is.
We did have a nice weekend but it was filled with an extra dose of unnecessary. The race was fun. but too hot for me in that direct sunlight...
Passover was bittersweet. Bittersweet on several notes. My aunt's sister passed away suddenly ( no she is not my aunt too ) ( its a southern thing.. her husband, is my dads first cousin and everyone in my family is aunt or uncle even though they are not siblings but cousins of my parents) .. ( hope that makes sense) (hence why I did not say my aunt passed away because she is not my aunt) anyhow that was sad, my aunt had been dealing with 2 other recent deaths in her family too.. As we were sitting at the table Saturday night , all participating in the rituals of the Passover seder, I found my self gazing around the room, at each face at the table and I wondered.. who among this group might not be sitting here next year .. on the way home Steve mentioned the same thing to me, he had done the same thing.. studied all the faces at the table Saturday night and wondered too.. how will next year be. It was hard the first couple of family get togethers to not have my dad present. My Dad was the kind of guy everyone seemed to take to right away.. His funeral was evidence of that when over 600 people attended. My dad used to tell me, you know I am not as active as I once was in the community when I die.. no one will be at my funeral I bet...but that day well as I said.. the people that came.. over flowed the chapel into the hallway and out on the sidewalks.. that probably was the only time I could say my dad was wrong about something lol.. So I often find myself thinking of him at those family events.. in fact , I guess you could say he is always in my thoughts in one form or the other.
I was one of these kids that I was always disappointing my mother .. .. not thin enough.. not smart enough.. dont care for jewelry that much.. not a shopper.. always difficult in the grammar school years.. nothing seemed to ever run smoothly.. but with my dad.. LORD .. letting him down was the most traumatic thing in the world for me.. I always wanted to make him proud and I think I did in many ways.. the one thing he wanted for me more than anything was for me to be healthy and thin.. not bone thin but acceptable thin.. Thin were life might be easier and I would not get picked on..( when I was a kid) Thin where I would attract young men instead of being the buddy. I am sure I disspointed him in those areas.. but in others I was winner. I found the husband with out being thin. (it just happened that my husband and my dad were good friends too.. they had a lot in common so that is always one of my most treasured blessings .. that they knew each other for a little over one year before my dad's death. ).
I found myself with out being thin. The only reason I want to be smaller is just to hopefully add years to my life and be healthier and feel better.. and the bonus is is that I look better. My dad .. as much as he wanted me to be healthier and thinner.. well.. lets just say .. he never skipped a new restarurant or a new goodie on the market.. and he alway shared with me :-) I get my love of food from Dad.
Mom and I , we are better.. It is still hard sometimes.. I still feel that sense that I should have been more .... done more.. but this is the me that I am.. and if she loves me.. which I believe she does.. then she accepts who I am..
We are all battling something.. be it ourselves or the hidden dissapointments we think our parents are holding over us.. or perhaps they are real dissapointments.. We all wonder if there is more.. than what is right now.. but in the long run.. and I thought about this this weekend too.. We.. we as in each of us individually have to be satisfied with who we are as we make our improvements or just accept ourselves as we are.. We.. each of us.. has to let go of whomever's oponions of us.. and just for once be satsified with the now. We can always improve and make ourselves even more better.. but all we have is now.. be it the time at work, the time with family and friends.. the time with a spouse.. or a pet.. all we have is now..
and now I must get back to work...

OHHH I ALMOST FORGOT .. I went on a walk last night with my friend from out of town.. she asked if I wanted to go and I said yes... we walked up the neighborhood and even walked the big hill and back.. and guess what.. for the first time in my life SOME WALKED FOR ME.. in other words someone walked my pace.. normally I have to take two steps for everyone's one step and I end up tiring out quicker than everyone .. but last night because she walked my pace I was able to do the Hill and everything.. that was really a good feeling. at first I did not walk to walk the hill so we went the other way and when we came back I said .. lets do the hill.. .. it was so funny when we reached the top we did the Rocky song LOL.. the rest of the walk was all down hill back home.. so I am glad I did that. My friend has lost over 60 pounds on LA Weight Loss. She looks fabulous.. I know when I first saw her I felt really bad.. REALLY BAD.. because here she was at her goal and I am no where near mine.. but its all okay.. People do things at different rates of time.. so my time is coming.. !
Wish me well
wish you well too

Friday, April 18, 2008


Spring comes and so does Passover.. and the SUPER BIKE CLASSIC from Friday through Sunday BARBERS MOTORSPORTS PARK

SO lets go with Passover ~ here are some recipes that are more on the healthy side...
I feel fairly confident with this holiday.. we go to my aunt's Saturday night.. and I will pick what I really want and enjoy that.. leaving off the other stuff.. we usually end up having the actual dinner so late .. that I often do not eat hardly anything because I dont like eating late... so I am okay with that.

It is also race weekend.. we have guests coming in town too.. for the races.. I am not too worried about that either.. eating won't be that hard ..
I went to Publix to try and pick up some Matzah .. apparently the Publix close to where I work has decided that having at least a end cap with Passover products is no longer necessary. I understand Demographics.. but they even have at least a couple Jewish employees and to have only what is in the Kosher section which is tiny is really horrible.. they used to have a nice Passover display.. but things change I guess... I talked to the store manager this morning and expressed my dissapointment. There are jewish people in this area.. and with the price of gas, to have to drive 15 miles or so to get to another Publix, which carries a HUGE display of Passover products because the Jewish community there is large, is really not right. All I am asking for is an END CAP display... nothing major.. and for heavens sake HAVE MATZAH.. they did not even have that. You see here is what gets me .. 2 or so years ago.. I was getting my Passover products.. I came through the line.. and much to my chagrin.. was confronted by a bag boy who apparently was raised by rather bigoted people. He looked at the boxes of Matzah and started sounding it out .. then he asked me what is that for, when I told him.. he said oh are you a JEW.. You dont look like a Jew.. you know.. u dont have the nose.. I was so perplexed I just stared at him.. when I should have smacked him upside the head with a box of Matzah. I went to my car and was so distraught that I went back in and talked with the store manager.. it irked me too how the cashier a guy about my age just stood there laughing.. instead of correcting the situation.. it really bothered me.. so needless to day .. going to today and not finding anything once again had me thinking of that situation. In this case a store not taking care of its customers.. I shop there sometimes 3 times a week and I let that be known.. I left a message for the regional manager and am going to email Publix as well.
Recipes for Passo








Thursday, April 17, 2008

A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF ..and some, FREEBIES!!! and a REALLY OLD MEME but still worth a chuckle or two..

HAVE you ever seen that commercial for the Money Store .. or is that only in Alabama ? I hate that .. take some person in need.. make them think that they can get money (basically pawn something) no hassle... suck 'em in and put the poor sucker even more in debt... yikes I can not stand that crap..
I really do not like seeing people being taken advantage of.
Oh and I told my husband about the PUBLIX incident yesterday and he said I should have reported the guy.. even if he was doing his job .. he had no right to be browsing in people's cars..
Well normally I like doing links and a lot of them on Friday ..but there is so much good stuff out there right now.. I just have to do it now..
Look what I found.. tell me if you think this program is a good idea.. it is Interesting to me.. its a little bitey by price.. but.. hey if it works maybe thats not such a bad thing.. its called WEIGHT BY DATE
Here is another program I had seen a long time ago.. what do you think about this.. its not as expensive as the software above.. looks good to me... ANNE COLLINS This is really where it all is at.. its a fabulous website.. EATING WELL
Filled up my car today .. it cost me over 17.00 ( My car was not even half empty) I wanted to have a full tank for the weekend... not only is the cost of gas horrible... ( 3.28 a gallon here.. and that low) but here is a prime example of how our groceries are rising too. Lets not forget how new healthy eating guidlines for schools are affected by higher costs.. this is from a local newspaper I have a feeling its a similiar issue nationwide. FAST ROAD TO FAT CITY
1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car)
2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie)
3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal)
4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (Last 3 letters pet's name and first two letters of my other pet's name if you have more than one or use whatever names you like but be creative)
ZIECOLU (last 3 letters of Bazzie's name, first 2 letters of Cookie's name and first 2 letters of Lucky's name)
SUPERHERO NAME: (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink)
6. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)
7. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city or state that starts with the same letter)
8. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower)
9. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”)
10. HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree)
11. YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + “Tour”) THE COOKING COOL BUT SUNNY TOUR
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST.. CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR YOUR SILLY NAME ( fun site especially if you have kids)
Before I wrap today's post up.. here is the FREEBIE LINK check it out.. click on the links.. sign up.. and in a few weeks freebies of all sorts are at your door sans bills!!!.. yay.. I love stuff like that.. will ADD more of those links as I find them ..
Wish me well
Wish you well too

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

AM I PARANOID OR SAFE and other mind wanderings..

SO I stopped at Publix to pick up some stuff .. As I was leaving I notice a man in a hooded jacket walking around my car.. and around my car.. he has one of those gripper trash picker upper things in his hand and a handled dust bin.. so on the surface it all looks kosher.. but he was looking inside my car.. not just picking up trash and I noticed he would look around the parking lot a lot too.. He finally got far enough away from my car that I felt comfortable walking to my car ( oh and for the record it was not cool enough outside for a hooded jacket) I saw a lady getting into an SUV .. and the guy was watching her.. so I stayed put until I saw other people walk into the lot..from the store.. Okay so am I paranoid.. You can tell me?? what do you think? I had recently recieved an email about a local woman who left her purse on the floor board of her car while she was at a grocery store.. she and her husband come back to the car and the purse was gone.. two guys had broken into the car. apparently they wait and watch to see if a woman is carrying a purse or not then they go check the car to see if the purse is there.. so that was buzzing in my mind a bit.. I had my bag with me.. It just seemed odd to me.. I dunno..
Recipes : Veggie Pasta
Cauliflower Mash this sounds really good I have had one similiar and loved it.
PISTACHIOS are good for you..
FOUND ON BIG FAT BLOG found this aritcle link on BFB and it really makes me sad how we demonize fat people..and being fat.
SOMETIMES YA JUST GOTTA SAY HUH??? I was perusing ITS A FAT LIFE BLOG she has some great posts, anyhow she had this link and I clicked on it and found these .. poor translations to english .. ya gotta just laugh..
I weighed today 188.2 So for a little over a year I have stayed in that same zone.. which is good.. the trip to Israel brought me back down.. No more 190s..
For right I think I am going to have one goal.. 178 .. how hard can that be to lose 10 pounds.. I am going to break my long term goal down into ten pound incriments that way it won't seem so hard.. maybe... sigh...
Well thats it for a Wednesday.. in Sunny Alabama
Wish me well
wish you well too

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


SOME HOW I THOUGHT THAT GOING TO ISRAEL WOULD REMOTIVATE ME WITH ALL THE WALKING.. AND WHILE I DID LOSE SEVEN POUNDS APPARENTLY I AM ON A WHIRLWIND ENGAGEMENT TO GAIN IT ALL BACK AND THEN SOME !!! You may now all throw things at me and yell and scream at me.. Okay but not too loud.. I don't like being yelled at especially when I know what I need to do.. I do know.. really.. and eating a 3/4ths a box of Cinnamon wheat thins is not going to make me feel better.. no matter what my internal message center is saying... I know that whole foods .. and fresh fruits.. and eating slowly and enjoying my food.. and not relying on food to be the drug that numbs me to anxiety... I have to be that drug.. this I know.. I have to find this all in me before it is too late..
So I have invented the ABCs of Getting it RIGHT.. Join me if you will.. create your own list if you want.. let me know if you do:
A is for APPLE .. Crunchy fiberlicious ( yes that is a word.. maybe not in any dictionary but it works for me)
B is for BREAD.. there are a multitude of healthy whole grain breads out there for light sandwichs and toast.. or making your own whole grain bread with flax seed is a good idea too.. we did that and this morning we had some wonderful toast..
C is for VITAMIN C! get my vitamin C in in Fruits and Veggies
D is for DESTINY It is my Destiny to be Healthy and in good physical condition, any other way is not Destiny but a choice.
E is for EATING Eating healthy promotes a stronger body .. no doubt about it.
F is FAITH.. Faith is believing I can when I simply feel it is not worth it and want to give up.. Faith is what I need to keep trying and trying again until I get it right.
G is for GREAT , I feel Great when I eat right and Exercise..
H is for HEALTHY, HAPPY and HEART To make my Heart Happy I have to consitently work on being Healthy.
I is for INTEREST. It takes Interest and research to find what works for myself in order to be successful at being Healthy.
J is for JOURNEY I did not wake up this morning and discover I was fat... I have been this way for a long time. This will be a different JOURNEY to getting healthy.
K is for KEEPING a journal or log to help keep me straight
L is for LOVE I have to commit to loving myself enough to make myself healthy for the long term. Fad diets are for the short term.. admiting to myself that I need long term results is a good way to Love myself
M is for MOVEMENT .. Get out and MOVE now... it helps increase metobolism and me a sense of good general health.
N is for NONSENSE , granted I may lose weight on some of these fad diets like Nutrisystem.. and that is a FAD I did it.. I know.. EATING chocolate and pizza and burgers does not teach me how to eat healthy for the long run. IT gives me a sense of false security in thinking I can eat whatever I want when that is not the reality..
O is for being OPEN to change. Sometimes things do not go as we plan so we must constantly remain open for change .
P is for POPCORN a good and easy alternative for snacking.. microwaved air popped is good and Orville smart pop KETTLE CORN is good as well
Q is for QUEST.. this is a QUEST not a QUICK STOP we are in it for the long haul.
R is for RELIEF I feel relief when my bones do not ache and my body is healthier.
T is for TIME right now I still have time to make changes but with my family history of heart disease I need to use this time wisely and I know this.
U is for .. well U ( YES I KNOW THAT IS NOT A WORD but this is my alphabet and its a word today) all of you out there that support and encourage me to be the very best that I can.. I love each of you for that and I hope I give the same back.
V is for VARIES as in weight varies .. sometimes I might be up and sometimes I might be down.. but if I eat right and exercise more .. more often than not I will be going down . Down in this case is a very good thing.
W is for that infamous word WEIGHT.. this word should not define you and me but sometimes it seems to.
X is for X RAY .. I want my Xrays to show strong and healthy bones .. not injured bones do to being overweight.
Y is for Young.. when I am healthier I feel younger..
Z is for ZERO as in ZERO stress on my joints... I can not wait for that day.

ABC's of me

A is for age: 45 *** sometimes I have to really think about that I forget my once I told someone I was 37 .. I have no idea why I said that.. what on earth was so special about that age lol...
B is for booze of choice: Hmm don't drink but used to like Hurricanes, Long Island Ice Teas and Daquiris..
C is for career: Office manager THOUGH I WOULD RATHER BE A WRITER
D is for your dog’s name: In order of Seniority .. Bazzie, Cookie and Lucky
E is for essential items you use/love everyday: Computer and Cell phone
F is for favorite song(s) at the moment: Oh Goodness I love all music so no favorites right now really..
G is for favorite games: Collapse and any of the Luxors and word games.
H is for hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
I is for instruments you play: only sing but attempted piano for 2 weeks in second grade, flute in 5th grade , base clarinet in 7th grade and guitar in 8th grade.. stuck with the voice lessons though.
J is for jam or jelly you like: Strawberry Jam
K is for kids: only 4 leggers
L is for last kiss: this morning
M is for most admired trait: So I have been told, friendliness, kindness, integrity, loyalty and honesty.
N is for name of your crush: ohh it has always been Harrison Ford.. since I was in High school.
O is for overnight hospital stays: lets see, breast reduction, back surgery, auto accident 3 times I think. Had a rhinoplasty ( nose job) ( rhinoplasty sounds like I had a rhino removed from my face lol)
P is for phobias: BUGS... BUGS and oh yeah BUGS!!
Q is for quotes you like: hmm can not think of any off hand.
R is for biggest regret: not getting healthier at a younger age.. not having at least one child
S is for sweets of your choice: If its chocolate I am there.. but I prefer Ice cream.
T is for time you wake up:6:00 a.m.
U is for underwear: yes
V is for vegetables you love: Carrots, Mushrooms, green onions, peas, corn, zuchini, green beans and a lot more!
W is for worst habit: used to be nail biting
X is for x-rays you’ve had: pretty much all my bones
Y is for the yummy food you make: a lot of pasta dishes, salads, mandel bread, Omelets, and scrambled eggs mixed with veggies, Mac and cheese
.Z is for zodiac sign: SCORPIO

Monday, April 14, 2008


It is blustery out for a April day.... it is supppose to be spring... HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLO!!! weather gods wake up... you boo bood here.. FIX IT.... well after a hard rain on Friday.. we decided to go to the Lebanese Food Festival Friday night.. rain , mud and all.. Ohhh it was GOOD I had the Veggie platter, spinach pie, green beans and jiccama slaw.. VERY GOOD.. and tasty.. we were missing that middle eastern food and this was a good second... Saturday morning we got up and took the pups for a walk.. (SEE I TOLD YA WE WERE GONNA DO IT AND WE DID !!!! YAY)

Yesterday .. we went to Auburn and picked Lucky up.. so far she is intigrating once again well into the pack.. She is testing both Cookie and Bazzie and is convinced that all FOOD and TOYS are hers.. She is rather different.. you see for the past 3 months or so she has been living with a cat... and well.. I think she is a little confused.. some of her mannerisms are cat like.. She stalks and pounces and swats at things and grabs things like a cat does.. LOL Cookie and Bazzie have a lot of work to do.. and we her humans have a LOT of training to do.. Her first new commands will be learning her name and to SIT and COME on command.. just the basic things our dogs do.. We do something that most folks frown on.. We keep our dogs off a leash when they are in our yard.. our back yard is fenced in so that is fine.. but we like to let them in the front yard too.. Cookie and Bazzie know the rules and abide by them most of the time.. NO chasing people or animals off our property EVER.. and they seldom do.. Lucky has not mastered that yet.. she is a car chaser .. I am afraid.. so I dont know if she ever will be off the leash... I do not like the fact that she does not listen when her name is called.. could be a breed thing.. she is part Lab and part Chow.. so we shall see how she does.

Finally coming to terms with food. Seems I enjoyed eating whatever I wanted when I was doing all that walking.. and switching back to monitoring my food habits is well. boring.. but needed. I still am not doing the logging like I should but I will. Right now I am just trying to get myself motivated.. I was really glad we went for that walk.. and I am starting to get back in the Groove FINALLY so I am hoping I can start going back to the gym... I get finished with work .. and lately it seems I am lucky if I can stay awake to drive home... I really want to go back there.. but I am so tired of being tired too. Will keep you posted on how all that goes.. .. Sometimes you know.. I wish I did not have to work.. If I did not work.. I would wake up.. go to the gym come home .. clean house.. take the dogs for a walk.. and do volunteer work all in that order.. oh and take care of my husband too.. as it is.. I work over 40 hours a week.. come home.. to a cooked meal.. ( my husband is a great cook) and am lucky if I can find the bed.. on a good night I start on laundry and he helps.. he runs his business out of the house... boy I wish I could do something like that.... I love my job.. but .. I dunno maybe one day .. I will have more free time.. seems I try and squeeze my life into the nooks and crannies of free time.. but who am I to complain look at these folks who have kids and work like I do.. boy.. they have no time to themselves.. I could have been like that .. had we been able to have.. .. truth is I like our lives as they are.. we travel for the most part when we want to travel.. We ride the motorcycle .. pretty much when we want.. we do pretty much what we want so I have no right to complain.. oh well...



HUNGRY GIRL ( I am going to get this)
FEINGOLD * Interesting reading**
Thats it for a Monday
Wish me well
wish you well too

Friday, April 11, 2008


Ahh the weekend is slowly making her rainy approach here. UHMMM I guess I can retract that.. hours later it still has not stormed as promised... Ohh and the Israel blog is up and running..
My good friend Scale Junkie asked me if I was ready to put the pedal to the metal so to speak. In other words get my assets in gear and start on the road back to good health. The trip to Israel was a great exercise motivator.. hard at first but by the end of the the trip.. much easier so that should trigger the bell.. DING DING>.. my eating is finally getting quieter again.. better choices.. I decided the nilla wafers would be fun on occassion... We actually had airpopped microwave popcorn last night we used a microwave airpopper.. and if you used some spray butter and some salt it was not tooo I am backing off the little snack packs so that is good.. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ we interupt this blog because the author is about to have a massive fit because:
HERE IS A SOUND I ABSOLUTELY HATE!!! that ridiculous bass sound coming from a ridiculous car.. from some dumbass kid who thinks he is a badass.. well.. F U MR. BADASS.. I am sitting in my F### ing office and I can hear your F#####ing music or lack there of and it makes me mad as HELL turn that shit off before I come out with an ax and break your stupid speakers and destroy your ridiculous car.. ASSHAT! obviously I am not that mad or I would have said ALERT!!!!! OFFENSIVE MATERIAL AHEAD!!!!!
FUCK YOU! spelled out.. oops .. which reminds me.. there was a hysterical tee shirt.. in Israel I saw.. It looks like hebrew letters on the shirt but if you read the shirt from the bottom up.. it says GO FUCK YOURSELF LOL.. I thought that was pretty funny.. I had seen those when I was a teen and had forgotten about them.. lol.. I need one of those now!
Okay back to the blog... So I am working towards getting to the petal to the metal spot.. we are getting up early tomorrow barring any storms and taking the dogs for a walk.. thats the exercise goal for tomorrow .. I plan on doing a lot of walking too.. Oh and here is a new thing I have started .. several times a day when I am at work I stand now.. and do my computer work.. I know that sounds goofy but it has to be better than sitting... I read this article about this guy that wants to see treadmill work stations in every office as opposed to cubicles.. that would be interesting.. here is another article about it.. Going to keep this post short and sweet today..
Will be back to full tilt blogging on Monday ..
Have a rockin weekend and if ya get a chance be sure and check out the Israel blog link above.
Wish me well
Wish you well too..