Monday, January 14, 2008


So you are looking for the right way to help you loose weight.. You need support but do not want to feel discouraged should you have a rough day... You have no idea where to turn......ALRIGHTY FOLKS quit "yer bitchin' " and get with the program. Scale Junkie has put together a wonderful and simple challenge.. ( and considering how my day went yesterday I am all about the the simple!) Blog about your journey get support and give support .. how cool is that.. So all you have to do is go HERE and read all about it.. sign up! How simple is that??

Confession time: I did not go to the gym yesterday.. long and rough day at work.. by 550pm I was sneezing my eyebrows off.. so I decided to head home.. I am going to aim for Wednesday as far as walking goes.. I am praying I am not getting a cold.. Hell I have enough meds in me by now.. sheesh..

Well another confession: Just logged my menu for today.. its a big eating day... 1,404 calories in all .. I have been trying to stay at 1200.. sometimes I do a big day like today.. just because I guess.. hmm oh well.. I am logging it .. so thats what matters and I am really eating healthy.. I am having left over pasta for lunch .. You gotta count that and that alone is 350 calories.. my pasta toss... sigh... I am not mad at myself.. after all I made it and i am eating it.. but it is what it is.. and the count for today is that number...

I watched Mississippi Burning for the umteenth time... that movie .. is amazing each time I see it.. I still am haunted by the behavior of these folks... . and these behaviors that still lurk all over the planet, be it racism, anti-semitism or whatever form of hate or prejudice that is roaming the corridors of our lives.. try as I might I just can not understand that mentality.

I was too young when the civil rights movement took place.. but I know the stories and live in Birmingham or as it used to be known back then ... BOMBINGHAM... I cringe when I hear that and to this day I have to explain that Birmingham is a different city... Yes we still battle prejudices .. as do most communities...but not to the degree it was back then. Hate is a vicious poison.. a waste.. it is ignorance at it's worst.. Most of us are far removed from it... but if you think about it I bet some of you have been victims of hate... yep... think of folks who called you names or made comments regarding your weight... think of the ignorance these people displayed when they called you fat ass , or barked at you... think back in high school when boys asked you for fake dates or to dances.. as a prank.. Think back to the viciousness.. the small minds.. now think about your thoughts.. and what you have thought about that Muslim, that Jew, that Christian, that Asian, that African American, that Handicapped person, that bum, that beggar, that white man, that rich man, that FAT GIRL, that FAT BOY, that thin girl, that snobby woman, that bitch, that bastard... Get the picture... ??? I think each of us.. is both victim and antagonist.. maybe not to any great extent.. but I think we have it in us.. I also believe that not only how we are raised provides an influence for us.. but what we think on our own.. does too.. Fundementally though, like Ann Frank .. I believe that basically people are good at heart.. and will strive to do or say the right thing. .. We as people , are quick to judge what we do not understand, be it that Skinny girl or that Fat boy... we as individuals can make a how we treat each other.. regardless of any preconcieved notions.. that is the hardest thing to teach our children.. that is hard to remember as adults... Tolerance is the balm for all of us. Seems though that hate .. hate of whatever.. is far easier to teach and much more viral.

Wish me well
Wish you well too!



Grumpy Chair said...

I like watching Idol after they are down to the 16 finalists - - I hate hate watching the auditions.

Hope you aren't getting sick.

Lora said...

Your calorie count for the day is nothing to be ashamed of. If we added up all the calories we USED to eat in a day - we would see where anything below 1800 is good! It's all about small life-style changes that we can live with! The weight may come off slower - but it will STAY off!

Hope your cold gets better!

Scale Junkie said...

Your post about Mississippi Burning really hit home. There is so much prejudice in this world and its sickening. My husband has a hard time understanding it because its a lot different in Europe. His family is made of of people from every race and every continent (except Antarctica of course)I think we are the lucky ones because we get to have so much diversity in our lives. What a boring place this world would be if we were all alike.

CindyPTN said...

Lora hit it on the head about calorie count. Don't beat yourself up about it. You're doing great!

I'm an American Idol fan too. Last year was the first time we actually watched it from beginning to end. Can you believe some of the people that try out?