Friday, November 30, 2007


LETS TALK FOOD.. I admit and confess whole heartedly I like to eat.. no.. I love to eat.. I love a good meal surrounded by family and friends.. I love to cook a good meal and folks to enjoy it.. I guess its my way of nurturing.. what I have learned though is that.. although the chocolate laden goodies are fun to make.. and the cookies are fun too.. and the gooey cheesey rich foods are fun too.. well I have learned that COOKING HEALTHY can be even more fun.. it required the ability to not get frustrated easily and to be VERY CREATIVE while be attentive to ingredients and serving size..

Today lets focus on EAT WELL.. and EATING FUN... when you have some time check out this website its a fabulous place just like many others out there.. here u can get coupons.. sign up for it.. for great recipes and informative info... remember what that what you are doing is not DIETING.. you are making a commitment to yourself to be healthier every day... You do not have to starve or feel deprived of anything.. you just have to be cognizant what you are doing..
I dedicate this post to those of you that are having to deal with the holiday rush.. and any pressure that goes with it .. Please do not give up on the most valuable person to you... YOURSELF.. please believe that ultimately you can reach your long desired goals.. I promise.. I really really do promise.. I don't care if you weigh 500 pounds you can do this by being sensible.. and smart... You really know that eating a baked potato with spray butter and a little light cheese and maybe even some salsa in it.. is far better than boring old salty french fries.. BUT if you must have those fries.. bake some.. or if you must have what you consider the real thing.. Have a small serving... eat it slowly... but just maybe this time.. though try something different.. develop a good substitute that is more satisfying.. Look at me... I have battled this since I was born.. I have dieted since I was 10... and all it turned me into was a 45 year old obese woman.. WHOOO HOOO.. yeah I am thrilled about those results.. but... the fact is.. I can change that.. and so can you.. I will weigh 132.. thats my true goal... I will do it... and what ever your goal is.. you can do it.. Just believe in it.. and think about what you are doing... always remember that the First and second and so forth slice.. will always taste the same.. so why not just have one... if you have to play games with yourself.. then cut the one slice ( a reasonable portion) into 4 pieces... SEE TA DA YOU have four slices of whatever.. or perhaps just that one REASONABLE.. ( NOT MEDIUM, NOT HUGE, NOT HALF THE WHATEVER... ) can simply satisfy you... just please think.. and please do not give up... BE good to yourself by believing you can control what you do.. and you do not have to suffer for it..
I am not a headbanger thats going to sit here and say.. HEY FAT ASS ... STOP EATING.. OR DON'T EAT THAT.. All I am saying is think about what you are eating.. ask yourself is their a substitute .. ask yourself.. if you can handle one slice and thats it.. ask yourself.. if you are important enough to change.?????. yes .. I know the answer to that last question my friend you are important enough to STOP.. LOOK .. and LISTEN to yourself.. you CAN DO IT...

Okay stepping off my tiny little soap box...
have a great weekend..
We are going on a great PUPPY hunt tommorow morning..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

THINGS THAT MAKE ME GO HUH???? and some other useless information...



The Social Security office visit went well today.. it took me a bit to find it.. but since I went to a satalite location.. well.. I and some man were the only folks there aside form the workers there.. I asked the security card if this office ever gets busy .. he said sometimes.. so I know where I will go when I have SS business.. I have to go back there next week to get my official offical receipt for registration for a name change on my SS card.. now how bizzare is that.. I could not get the official official one today.. I have to get it next week then I can go for a name change on my drivers license.. and all other documents etc... shhesh.. this is complicated..but so far so smooth..

I did not realize that might have not been the smartest way to do it.. until I was a the bank and the bank guy said.. that his wife dropped her middle name and used her maiden name for her middle name.. that way both names are recognizable.. ./.. shheeeeeeeesh.. oh well.. I always have to do it differently so now all my new documents.. well.. will be NEW documents.. who the hell knew.. they need to give brides and new brides a hand book for all this shit....

Eating .. well is eating.. and I am not sure what that means exactly? my food intake is good.. I am not hungry... getting ready to enjoy a piping hot bowl of Steve's chili in a few minutes.. so no complaints there... I just want to see the next 50 leave my body soon... I know I know Patience.. it is a virtue... I know be patient with myself... but sometimes... well.. sometimes I feel as if I am running out of time... and patience.. ****** SOMETHING I JUST THIS SECOND LEARNED>>> string cheese does not melt very well in chili.. even if is a colby cheddar string cheese... sighhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Thats it for a Sunny Thursday in Alabama

Wish me well
Wish you well too..


Another award.. that is so sweet.. my happy meter is tipping the scale right now.. You guys are so sweet...
This comes from Lindsey.. she so wonderful she has a fabulous blog..

Going to pass this on to some others too:

SO I am going to pass it on to everyone of you.. all of you in my sidebar and all of you who read me and comment on me and inspire me to be the best me I can..

Wishing you all the best.. grab your award!!


I was just given this award... this so nice.. Laura .. wow... this came from ~Laura's Losin' It~ .. you can visit her by clicking on her link in my sidebar... gosh .. now I will bestow this award.. to 5 others.. as per the instructions:
Those people I’ve given this award to are encouraged to post it on their own blogs; list three things they believe are necessary for good, powerful writing; and then pass the award on to the five blogs they want to honor, who in turn pass it on to five others, etc., etc. Let’s send a roar through the blogosphere! The image at the top right can be copied and pasted onto other blogs. Also, a small size of the award for sidebars can be found over at the writing circle site.

First my list:

1. Always tell it like it is... this is the one place to be honest and open and express would be suprised at how many people can actuallly relate to you...

2 . Throw in a little humor laughter warms the soul and helps conquer frown lines...

3. Read others Blogs.. see what they are saying.. see if you can relate .. great ideas also come from other's inspiration and always give credit to that inspiration as well..

Laura I snaged the directions from your blog.. THANKS :-)

I love all my blog buddies..please remember that...

Here are my 5 awards in no particular order:

Budda Girl's World ~ I love this woman .. she is so funny .. and is one of those that simply says it like it is.. and I adore that...

Grumpy Chair~ I not only love her blog but love her comments.. she is always there for me with an encouraging word too

My Little Corner of Life ~ I love reading her stories of her day to day life and the issues that sail in and sail out.. and how she handles things.. she is real.. and sweet.. and a joy to read

Scale Junkie ~ I simply can not say enough about one of my newest blog friends.. Her blog is EXCELLENT.. her posts are always inspiring .. and she too tells it like it is.. and I love that.. she simply ROCKS

Escape from Obesity~ a woman loaded with inspiration as she makes the changes in her life.. her posts are wonderful.. and thought provoking too.. she too Rocks

and since I always go against the grain and have a very difficult time following rules..

I am throwing in.. 3 other blogs.. :-)

Southbork ~ if knitting is your thing and you happen to adore animals this is the place to visit.. I have known her FOREVER .. and I love her quirkly posts and stories about her kitties and knitting.. I am actually learning about knitting through this blog...

Southern Circle of Hell~ this woman needs to quit her job and be a full time comic.. she is outragous and bold.. and beautiful and funny .. and a true southern spirit.. I love her..

and my friends at Incredible Shrinking Ladies ~ a blog loaded with inspiration and ideas.. great jobs girls.. and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. though I do not post as often as I should...

Thats it.. and its very sweet in a non calorie count sort of way!!!


Today many will be gathering at a local funeral chapel to say goodbye to wonderful woman, I called her aunt though she and her husband were close friends of my family... She was one of those icons that always seemed to be there.. with a warm smile, a gracious word and quick compliment. She celebrated at our wedding nearly 2 weeks ago.. and we found several pictures that had been taken of her and part of her family that we have since sent to the family. She looked beautiful for her 76 years.. This past Sunday one week after our wedding she had massive stroke and died later in the evening. I always try to find grace in death.. when we lose someone suddenly.. in her case.. she was battling lung cancer for the second time... so this faster death to me seemed kinder if you will.. than any suffering from cancer. I still can not believe that I will not hear her voice.. Since August I have lost 4 beautiful women in my life.. My real aunt, and 3 family friends , 2 I addressed as Aunt.. older woman.. that left their mark on this planet by either their wonderful personalities or contributing to their communities in very strong ways.

Steve calls these years the dying years.. each year as we get older we will lose more and more of those icons in our lives.. seems all we can do is bid them farewell as we are left with the mourning of the light of their lives. as a thread from the tapestry of our lives. once again is unraveled.. such is life and its never ending circle.

If I have one small piece of advice to share with you today.. I would say as the holiday season quickly arrives... even with the most annoying of folks.. try and make a little peace.. and if you can't do that .. just squint and laugh.. one day .. they won't be there anymore.. and something tells me.. there will be a piece of you that misses them... and with those you abosolutely adore.. make sure they know it.. it costs absolutely nothing to say I love you.

Eating wise.. going to log my food right now.. at Calorie-Count but here is the basic menu for today:
Breakfast was weight control oatmeal
drinking my berry propel now
lunch will be a smart ones meal the Thai Chicken and rice noodles I think thats 290..
todays snacks will be 100 cal yoplait yogurt, apple, bannana, a mix of craisins and slivered honey roasted almonds, and of course my fiber 1 bar. Dinner will be homemade chili.. with lots of veggies in it.. I am going to email my nutritionist whats in the chili so I can get an idea of calories...
Will be posting Stats every Monday..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Boca Burger Lasagna ROCKS THE HOUSE

DELICIOUS.. and boy was I surprised.. its a bit of a sweeter tomato sauce.. but it is so yummy and wonderfully filling... ENJOY!!! great lunch for 290 calories...

Wish me well
Wish you well too



HEIGHT: 4FT. 11 INCHES (this will never change)

IN JUST A MINUTE... I will log my food...I will plan for my day with the best of intentions. Today will be a long day at work.. I am trying a new Boca burger meal.. a lasagna frozen meal.. 290.. my nutritionist suggested it.. so I thought I would give it a try. I picked out a lean cuisine and a Smart Ones meal too for lunchs for the next 3 days.. to be supplimented by either a yogurt or fruit.. I packed some good snacks.. a banana, a apple, a mixture of slivered honey roasted almonds and craisins. my fiber one bar and a few triscuts with a string cheese .. I wont get home until around 7 pm.. so dinner will be light.. I started my day with total cereal. I need a nap too... totally did not sleep at all last night and I feel very foggy.. and I have a real thinking day today that has me stressed.. 5 comprehensive exams all with insurance.. 3 from the same family.. 2 from another family.. multiples can be difficult to total up .. because u have to jump from screen to screen on the pc.. and it gets confusing.. for the transaction.. so I will rely on my trusty instinct.. one step at a time.. one transaction at a time.. the patient might have to wait a little longer.. but better that than having to delete the transaction and start all over... I just have to remember to breath.. and apologize if it takes me a minute longer than normal to figure things out... Work stress today will be high...

Seems I am just typing what pops into my head today .. as I swear my mind is in a zone and I am struggling to focus.. when what I really want to do is curl up in my bed and sleep... between Cookie deciding she needed to sleep right between my legs.. and Steve deciding to sing an opera in sleep last night.. okay he was snoring .. but normally he is so quiet I have to put my hand on his chest to make sure he is breathing.. I have no idea what last night was about... it was sort of funny in a not sleep way last night..
I just want everyone to know I do love popcorn..
and I got a microwave popcorn popper ...mine is red and smaller than this.. but I think it will be neat to use:

Hope this will be tasty for lunch today :
Okay I have taken to rambling a little too much today..
Wish me well
Wish you well too

Monday, November 26, 2007


WELL it is true... alas I forgot to stop eating somewhere between last Monday and yesterday.. but the light clicked on finally and the attic got the message.. It started with a delectible huge piece of wedding cake on Monday night that Steve and I shared.. then it progressed to Thanksgiving.. and I somehow forgot my words of wisdom I shared with you all.. and apparently also forgot about that wedding cake I ate too.. so I had some turkey and mashed potatos and stuffing.. and asapargus.. and slaw.. and mashed potatos.. and .. it was good... and then I had a piece of roulage.. and it was heaven.. and then somehow I forgot I ate all of that.. and on Friday had a piece of Southern comfort cake somewhere in my day and then I followed that by a night time romp with another slice of roulage... and then Somewhere between Saturday and Sunday I managed to indulge in another slice of roulage.. and a really delicious shared chinese dinner last night topped off by a cup of Total cranberry crunch cereal... KNOCK KNOCK HONI!!!!!!!! wake up .. there was a reason the scale said 183.8 this morning.. it might have had something to do with lack of portion control.. and those sinfully delicious slices of roulage.. combined with the recent release into my mouth.. of a few cookies here and there.. and some naughty chocolate that just happened to hop into this mouth of mine... alas I bid it all fare well.. for my old buddy acid reflux has sounded the alarm.. GET THEE SOME HEALTHY FOOD AND QUICKLY ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE from your belly and thoughts... and thats where I am today..
I started this morning with Weight Control Oatmeal, and a banana for a snack... lunch will be some matzah ball soup ( homemade by my Steve) ( I made the Matzah balls 50 calories for 2) .. a light 100 cal yoplait thick and creamy yogurt and an apple.and some triscuits.. a afternoon snack of carrots with a little light blue cheese dressing.. and my fiber one bar... and if I am working late and still get hungry a handful of pistachios.. followed by soup for dinner again..
Which reminds me I need to go log my food...
Will be seeing my nutritionist tonight...
and its a very good feeling...
Hope each of you survived Thanksgiving.. and if you had those lovely relatives converge upon you.. I hope you dealt with it with grace and patience .. and did not let it affect your eating...
I also hope the Christmas rush is not to overwhelming for you.. take it a step at a time.. if any of you bake for the holidays.. get it done now.. and if you are a cookie or candy maker .. get it done now and out of the house... For those of you who are moms and Dads.. and have extra treats around the house.. don't be hard on yourself if you indulge.. just remember that you did indulge and try and include it in your program.. The holidays do not have to be wash in your weight loss journey .. I know for a lot of us its a great excuse to just let it rip.. LOOK WHAT I DID IN ONE WEEK.. boy... I am thankful that that is over... this time I listened to my body when it sent those signals.. ( reflux) ... this time.. I said STOP...... be careful and enjoy this time as stress free as possible..
Oh.. and by the way.. thought u might want to read this little link from Hungry Girl.. Look at the scams of 2007 ~ ~
Wish me well
Wish you well too...

Friday, November 23, 2007


BRRRRR.. man is it chilly out.. I am sure that it did not help that we rode the motorcycle today... we went to visit an old friend of mine.. old in the sense of just knowing her for 25 years... Shari it was great to see you.. and meet Ken... We had a super visit and then Steve and I moised on home...
Eating has been decent not super but decent.. I had scrambled eggs this a.m. with an english muffin and a few bites of cheese grits and a taste of Steve's pancakes.. Just got home a bit ago and was so cold .. I had some of Steve's coffee, a steamy hot cup of mashed potatos left over from yesterday and a half a turkey sandwich .. I am still freezing.. but not hungry at least... gotta do laundry.. why yes.. I have not done laundry for over a week and the stack.. literally is taller than me.. ( albeit 4 ft. 11 inches is not very tall... for laundry it is) ... and I have a whopping amount of thankyou notes to write.. off to launderize and write notes...

Hope no one got crushed in the shopping craze...
another reason I am so glad I don't celebrate Christmas... no excuse to over indulge and no reason to over spend.. I managed to do that at the wedding.. .. I just get to enjoy the holiday time.. seeing the pretty lights... buying a couple gifts for Steve's kids ( they do celebrate Christmas.. Steve's first wife was not jewish) ... and maybe indulging in a gift for Steve and myself for Chanukah... I do hope as the holiday time starts.. that everyone can keep stress in perspective.. and annoying relatives to a mininium...and even if you have to deal with the annoying relatives for a while.. squint and it makes them look funny... hey it works for me.. sometimes I can squint just right and make them almost disappear.. hey its better than stress eating... and is a good dose of personal humor...
Have a magnificent weekend...
Wish me well
Wish you well too

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What a whirlwind week it has been... first the wedding now Thanksgiving...
I have much to be thankful for. so here is my TOP 20 list: please share your list with me as well...

  1. I am thankful for my Steve and his enduring love.
  2. I am thankful for my good health
  3. I am thankful for Steve's continuing good health.
  4. I am thankful for the time to be with family and friends.
  5. I am thankful for Steve's children and getting to watch them shape their lives and futures and also for Steve's wonderful brothers and sister and their spouses. Each of them are a blessing to my life... for this I am most thankful.
  6. I am thankful for anything difficult that I have had to overcome.
  7. I am thankful that I can see that through difficulty comes strength and endurance.
  8. I am thankful for my mom.
  9. I am thankful for the love I had from my father when he was alive and a love that continues as is evident from this past weekend.
  10. I am thankful he gave me so much in the way of treating and caring for others.
  11. I am thankful for the continued good health of those around me.
  12. I am thankful for fall and the many magnificent colors that surround it.
  13. I am thankful for music
  14. I am thankful for warmth and shelter.
  15. I am thankful for my family and extended family
  16. I am thankful for my friends.
  17. I am thankful for my job.
  18. I am thankful for their endless support and encouragement.
  19. I am thankful for all of the love that surrounded us this past weekend.
  20. I am thankful for the ability to be able to meet so many wonderful new friends via the internet and my wonderful blog buddies

Some tips for surviving Thanksgiving per HUNGRYGIRL.COM:

check out the following links:


Tomorrow as you sit down to feast with your families... remember your commitment to yourself... be Thankful for yourself.. Pick a couple things that you only get this time of year.. have a small portion of those things.. eat them slowly and savior each bite.. Fill up on fresh veggies and fruit.. Be sure and have some turkey.. white meat , little to no skin.. and a small portion.. about the size of the palm of your hand. skip the gravey if you can or keep it in a side container and dip the tines of your fork in the gravey and then take a bite of turkey... take it easy on the potatos and stuffing.. You know what it tastes like.. so keep it light.. YOU CAN DO IT.. a Holiday does not have to be a free for all.. and it still can be yummy.... You know there are so many tricks you can do.. my favorite one is simply using a smaller plate.. fill up on salad (dressing on side) and your main meal ( 1 round of food) on a small plate.. .. So many of us opt to just let caution to the wind be the rule.. Step back for a minute.. and even if it is out of your comfort zone a bit.. try it a little different.. I am not saying deny yourself.. I am just saying .. don't hurt yourself.. no food is worth that.. You are far worth more than anything you eat... Remember my friends that while it may taste good for all of 3 seconds.. the work that goes behind cleaning up the damage of over indulging will be a hefty payment for just 3 seconds over taste.. So pick and choose be a picky eater Tommorow.. and tell yourself you are not denying yourself.. that you are loving yourself... I guess I disagree with most of the online advice that says.. Stay away from this or that.. Don't do this or that. I am simply saying be mindful.. small portions.. one trip to the food feast.. and eat slowly.. put your fork down between bites.. close your eyes and really taste whats in your mouth.. ( who cares what Aunt Fannie thinks if she sees you..sitting at the table with your eyes closed)... Be THANKFUL FOR YOURSELF..




Tuesday, November 20, 2007


All weddings have a story .. and mine is no different.. First off as you know everything was are some photos for your viewing... will be creating and posting a slide show soon on wedding website.. and I will post link.... when that is up.....

In the meantime here is our wedding story.. truthfully everything went well.. Family melded .. and introduced each other.. everyone seemed really happy.. I was so suprised at how many people came up to me and told me they cryed at our wedding.. that it was like a fairy tale.. and it was so good to see people who had been through so much in 7 years.. still be here.. still be together stronger than ever.. We have a wonderful love.. an unusal love.. an enduring love.. it really makes me feel good that we projected that to others.. I could share those stories with you.... and in short bursts through out my blogging history I have.. I am just happy we reached this point... here is a picture of us with the Rabbi signing our Ketubah.. Jewish Marriage certificate:
So I am sure you are wondering why I would title this VIRAL WEDDING.. well right after the dinner Saturday night.. between 9 30 pm and and 5 am.. the next morning.. over 10 people took horribly ill.. I found out that last night one of my nieces went to the ER... all with the same issues.. STOMACH VIRUS.. we thought it was food poisoning.. and in part it may be.. but we do believe a virus is involved because people are still getting sick.. I just prayer this passes over Steve and I .. although he is complaining of a bad sore throat.. and I don't feel too hot either.. but I think I am still just exhausted from all the excitement... .. the wedding cake was beautiful.. here is a picture of the cake..
Mom and me....
Other photos are on Flickr in the sidebar with many more to come if you want to see them..
Eating... Ha.. I hardly ate anything during this past weekend.. lol.. Steve's sister made me a fruit plate with banana bread and I barely ate that.. just to much visiting to do I
Wish me well
Wish you well too...

Monday, November 19, 2007






Friday, November 16, 2007


Thank you to each of you .. for your wonderful support.. will post again after the wedding.. and I promise I will post pictures too...
Have a great weekend
wish me well
wish you well too..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

PRE WEDDING PICTURES hope this can be seen well..

Rings on top of favors

Letter for High Boy

Notes for Center Pieces

This is the memory book I am making.. people will answer the question at the Highboys and I will put their comments in this book

Bubbles.. I made little clear labels for them.. that thank everyone for coming to the wedding.

Favors .. this is the plantable paper I was telling u about.. u tear it up and plant it...

Okay thats all for pictures for now..

Hope u can sort of see these..

Wish me well

Wish you well too..

OHHH before I forget.. I tried this great new cereal by TOTAL called Cranberry Crunch.. read about it on I Ate a Pie.. (sidebar) Yummy.. 1 and 1/4th cup is a serving.. 190 per serving with out milk.. good snack though and tasty..
Be sure and visit Hungry Girl.. (sidebar) great info on Pomagranats.. they are so good for u.. YUM.. messy but Yummy!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


SO ... sit back.. grab your favorite beverage.. and hop into the wiggly lines of my brain waves..

1~ Did I get the right dress.. should I have gotten something that was more flattering.. covered my arms... what was I thinking getting a halter..???????

2~Will my makeup make me look like a drag queen? Will my hair look silly.. or will it look like me?

3~ Is having a big wedding (240 people or so) ridiculous at my age? ( I have never been married... Steve has)

4~ I have a huge family.. in just 1/4th of this family there are 21 first cousins... so a big wedding is not really a big deal... .. well trust me this really is not that big of a wedding from my perspective...

5~ Will the kids enjoy themselves.. Steve has 3 all adults.will they enjoy it and feel a part of things...???? I so want that... I know its nothing I can control.. I just want them to have a nice time... and take with them good memories...

6~ What the hell does my wedding cake look like.. I can not for the life of me remember??

7~ The food for friday has changed a bit.. lasagna now instead of the Parmagiana ( OH MY GOD THIS ROCKED THE HOUSE>. I tasted the lasagna yesterday..... Steve brought some by the office ) we are ordering from a place that will deliver it and is closer .. Steve has to cook the Prime rib friday afternoon.. so no rehearsal for him... all he has to do .. is walk in with the Rabbi and Cantor.. we are not having a processional of groomsmen or bridesmaids and I am the only one walking down the aisle .. so I am the one who has to be cued to music... well my Mom and other uncle will be walking down.. before me but thats it...... OHHHH and I have to remember to call the guy today and order the food.... and darn it I forgot to pick up the wine again.. sssh .. I have got to do that..

8~ Steve needs to pick up his Tux tommorow.. WHY DONT MEN HAVE FITTINGS???? why do mean get away with .. go in they measure u and POOF u have a TUX.. no nip tuck here.. no expand or decrease here... No busselling (or however u spell it) .. no primping just tie that tie and smile... they make weddings way to easy on men LOL...

9~ One of Steve's daughters was worried because I dont have a wedding planner... I guess that title goes to me...

10~ my hospitality bags look really cute.. I need to take a picture of one...

11~ Will everyone show up on time?

12~ Going to the florist tomorrow and taking the about 300 favors I made.. ( hey I was not sure how many folks were actually going to be there ) I think I told you about those.. its seeded paper and attatched to the seeded paper is a little note.. and then it tells you how to tear up the paper and plant it and wild flower will grow... Bubbles are now a favor too... we are not going to have an official leaving .. we decided we are going to stay with everyone until the end... sigh...

Okay .. are you tired yet.. me too..

of a more weighty matter.. today I had to go to Walmart.. and pick up a few things.. when I was leaving I saw a van in front of the store parked in the Handicap zone.. ( WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY MIGHT BE TAKEN AS RUDE.. IT IS ENTIRELY NOT MEANT IN THAT WAY) I saw what I assume to be a gentleman ( I only saw this person from behind) .. he was putting his walker in the back of this van... This poor man could barely walk.. or this poor person could barely walk.. I physically ached as I saw this person struggle to lift one leg then the was as if they moved in slow motion.. each movement an effort more so than any of us able bodies could understand.. I would venture to guess this person weighed around 400 to 500 pounds.. the fat on this person was not solid fat.. u know.. it was as if there was a layer of skin between so it looked like this person had bags of fat attatched to them.. I know that sounds cruel but it was what I saw.. and I could not take my eyes of this individual as they struggled.. I Know.. trust me I do know there are all sorts of reasons for morbid obesity... and maybe this person was losing weight and what I saw was excess skin.. I dont know obviously... I could not help but thinking.. this person had a choice years ago to prevent this situation.. I feel that way... and perhaps that person is content at the size he or she is.. thats fine.. I am certainly not a fat basher.. but why... why let yourself get to that point that every step is truely an effort.. that your muscles have to struggle to work to just move an arm or leg less than one foot.. why put yourself in the prison... I felt so sad for this person.. and though they wanted no pity from me I am sure.. I want each of you to know what I saw.. if this person is you.. or feels like you.. change it.. if you are young and you are close to this .. STOP IT NOW.. turn back.. make the change.. save your life.. no one.. needs to be caught in a self induced prison.. set yourself free.. before.. you body decides to set your soul free... that scared me...

I had a conversation with an old friend last night... He finally made the decision to lose 50 pounds on his own.. This is a guy who can pretty much afford.. fancy assistance to help him lose weight.. this is a guy that could get his own personal trainer if he wanted... BUt instead of doing that.. he decided.. to change his own life his way... I am so proud of him.. we have both been in this battle all our lives... I have only known him about 10 or so years.. maybe a few more.. but to see him.. do that is amazing to me.. it is reafirming to me as well.. when I see him I realize that I can do this too.. He is in the food business now.. so he has similiar temptation like I do.. and he overcame it and achieved his goal.. but he learned the most important lesson of all.. that he will have to watch it for the rest of his life.. and for him.. it might be getting on the scale 2 times a day to monitor himself.. but it works for him... and he eats healthy now.. thats not to say he does not have a treat here and there.. but he does not let it get out of hand.. HE TOOK CONTROL.. he told me about someone we mutally know.. he ran into him one day while having breakfast.. the guy had done one of the fasting programs years ago.. and looked.. well almost too thin at his goal. he lost around 100 pounds . anyhow.. when my friend ran into him.. he hardly recognized him he had gained that plus more back ... my friend wanted to grab him and say hey whats going on.. what can I do to help you .. .. You see prior to running into him.. someone else that he knew.. a guy that worked for him.. had been VERY large.. he put the guy on one of those bariatric programs .. and told him that if he lost 100 pounds and could do a mile in a certain amount of time he would give him a hefty bonus at the end of the year.. this person lost 90... but he kept it off for a while.. and then life changed.. jobs changed.. I believe it was last year this person was discovered by his wife and child.. dead.. on the sofa.. a stroke.. he had gained all his weight back plus some... thats what truely motivated my friend to get healthy he could not imagine doing that to his wife and kids... and of course this other guy had no intention of doing that to his famly however.. it happened... For me seeing him the other day and talking to him yesterday just really helped to remind me that this journey I am on is for the rest of my life.. and so what if I did not get the 50 pounds off I had planned before the wedding.... has of Monday I am 31 pounds down.. with 49 to go.. and I will get this off.. WE all of us will do this... I will be right here friends.. cheering you on and encouraging u through the darker times.. This will be my gift to myself.. by my 46th birthday Next November.. :
the last 49 pounds will bid farewell pound by pound over the next year...
Not too shabby if ya ask me!
Wish me well
Wish you well too!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


ALL is well on the eating front.. I promise this blog will go back to being more healthy centric once this weekend is over.. so please bare with me as I adjust to all of this activity going on around me this weekend..
We are getting things organized for Friday night now.. for the dinner.. Lots of food.. LOTS OF FOOD.. lol to feed about 75 people or so.. give or take 10..
A lot of my cousins coming I have not seen since my Dad died so I am so happy to see them for a happy occassion you have no idea.. is there that vain side of me that would have loved to have all my weight off by this weekend.. You bet.. but.. hey this is me.. I am the smallest I have been since 2002.. after all the excitement is over.. I go back to the nutritionist.... and I will get the next 50 off... for me.. no one else.. I look forward to that.. I look forward to giving Steve the healthest me I can.. For I know that there is a lot of things out there we can not control.. but this.. this change that i seek is doable.. and I am confident in that.

Oh here are a couple links you might find handy you might have heard of this site before.. its called the Healthy Dining site.. with the holidays coming up I thought this might be a good idea...

Found this on the Hungry Girl website.. I love freebies

Well folks .. wish me well
Wish you well too..

Monday, November 12, 2007


Normally I get on the scale either Monday or Wednesday morning... my usual expectation since May has been either 182.6 or 184.6... last Wednesday I was 184... Today I was 181.. the lowest I have been since 2002.. YAY.. I was so happy I emailed my nutritionist right away.. its a good way to start this crazy week off.. I have not logged my food in the last 2 weeks.. with all the wedding stuff I have been nuts.. not to mention the PC issues.. by the way I can offically blog from my closet again.. YAY...

My Nutritionist said she does not want me to get on the scale again until next week... she said just concentrate on the wedding.. not the food.. she thought it was fabulous that I managed to lose still...
I will see her officially right after thanks giving... so Ladies after about 6 months I finally got my break.. my goal for this week is to eat reasonably.. relax and enjoy myself.. and u can bet I will enjoy myself this weekend..
I simply can not believe the wedding is almost here..
My posts this week will most probably be short.. but know I am thinking about you guys too.. and sending out hugs and healthy eating vibes too..
Thank you for your wonderful comments regarding my dad!
and your wonderful support with this up coming wedding.. whew!!!...
Can not wait to share pictures a plenty too...
COLOR ME CRAZY right now..
wish me well
wish you well too..

Friday, November 9, 2007


On September 11, 2001 our country changed.. rocked by a catasrophic attack on our very core.. our humanity in the heart of New York. Way down south in Alabama just as in all of the country and in parts of the world I am sure.. the pain was brilliant. I saw what that attack meant to my father.. on that sunshiney tuesday.. he was on his way to Atlanta .. driving as usual for his business.. I called him.. on the road.. and asked him to come home.. He did.. no questions.. no don't be silly .. nothing.. He came home.. I saw my dad become a patriot. He passed out flags stick pins to everyone.. he purchased tons from one of the distributors in the Apparel mart (Dad had a showroom in the Merchandise mart in Atlanta (furniture) ) .. Everyone he saw he gave a flag pin too.. he gave 2 to our new rabbi. From September to November of 2001 I watched my dad.... I became more attuned to the news and the world around me.. I listened to talk radio..I watched all the news channels... We started going to temple more on friday nights..
My dad and Steve got along famously... they had a lot in common and a quick respect followed by friendship and love grew. I knew my dad was crazy about Steve and that set very well in my heart and made me very content.. That Friday November 9th 2001.. I lost November I had just celebrated my 39th birthday on the first of Novmember.. I was getting healthy.. I was on WW... I had lost about 30 pounds by then.. had on a brand new outfit I was so proud of.. ...

It was a sparkling cool Friday much like today.. and much like that infamous Tuesday.. that my life would come to a screeching , exploding change.. nothing would ever be the same.. I was working at my old office.. I had just put on Richard Dixon on the radio.. the phone rang.. I anwered DMK Entertainment it was a voice I did not know.. an EMT named Lisa.. she told me my folks had been in a auto accident and I needed to come to the hospital in Anniston Alabama.. I said could I speak to my dad and she said he was not able to talk.. neither was my mom.. I called Steve, told the folks at the office.. I followed Steve to his apartment.. he was on his motorcycle... he did the driving to Anniston a 40 minute drive seemed to move as if in slow motion.. dragging.. I called the hospital.. they said they did not know where my father was.. ( I knew) .. (I simply knew) .. Steve said he hoped he never saw that look on my face again.. I called the hospital again and they said I needed to get there.. they would give me no info on my mother... as we drew closer to the hospital.. I thought both my parents were dead..
We get to the hospital.. and walk up the hill we ask for the Dr.. Dr. MCVee..he takes us into this room.. all I remember is screaming No and landing in Steve's arms.. and crying.. I was too scared to go face my mother .. she was alive.. How was I going to tell her what she already knew.. How was I going to say the words.. I called my cousins.. my dads first cousins who he was very close too.. they were in shock and on their way to Anniston.. I called my brother in laws.. and had them tell my sisters.. however my oldest sister did not hear via her husband by then My dads brother knew .. and he had called her.. my sister was alone when she heard..) my middles sister who worshipped my dad.. had a very difficult time.. I thought if i could wait until my uncles got there ( cousins) I would be able to tell mom then.. I made the required phone calls.. I remember the State trooper putting his arm around my shoulders and handing me dads things and saying how sorry he was.. ( my dads life was reduced to a Yellow Envelope.. ) I talked to the emt.. she gave me her phone number in case I wanted to know things.. she hugged me.. she was so sweet. . an angel in a sad time... Then Steve and I knew what we had to do.. we had to talk to mom.. We walked in and saw her.. she had blood on the side of her face.. and dirt.. the van had flipped 3 and half times.. apparently what happened was.. Mom and Dad were talking.. about how pretty it was outside.. mom dozed off.. I think Dad might have too.. They were on their way back from Atlanta as usual for a friday.. they were to meet us at Temple.. this would not happen....When mom woke the van was drifting toward the median.. Mom called Dads name.. he over corrected and that when it happened.. I looked at my mom.. she did not look the same anymore... her right hand had gone through the wind sheild. Dads seat belt broke.. he died by blunt force trauma to the head.. Not a mark on him.. except a red line on his head.. We told Mom.. she made a sound like nothing I had ever heard before.. but she had known.. she saw the lifelessness in his arm when the van was on its side.. she could not see him.. My dad had bled out.. blood from the ears.. Lisa the EMT later told me.. that dad was probably gone with in 8 seconds... but that blood.. it was all over my mom.. Mom did not want the nurses to clean her up.. she did not want to wash Dads blood off her.. we told her the blood came from her not him. because of her hand.. and that she had to be cleaned up.. they had to clean her abrasions.. and get the glass out of her hair.. she let them.. she went to surgery.. by then my friends were there.. family was there... I rode in the ambulance with mom to take her to the hospital in Birmingham were she would have more surgery.. mom had to have pins and plates in her right hand and a skin graft from her thigh to her hand.. to this day that right hand.. hurts her.. it is her constant reminder of her world spinning out of control.. of everything changing...

I remember so many different things.. .. flashes of things. I remember sitting at the table at the funeral home.. ( in the jewish faith the casket is a certain one a plain pine casket with a jewish star on it) no one wanted to sign Dad death certificate.. everyone had an excuse.. but me.. I signed it.. I dont know why thats so profound to me.. but it was horrible....
I bossed folks around and told them what to do when... I was on auto pilot.. and yes .. when I got home I threw out that outfit.. Steve stayed with my for a solid 5 days.. and nights.. between the hospital and planning for the funeral.. normally in our faith you are buried fairly quickly.. Dad was buried November 13th so my mom could get out of the hospital to be there... Over 600 people attended my Dads funeral.. In the jewish faith you also have a society of people called the Chevra Kaddish.. they are the people who prepare those that die for burial.. they wash them and dress them in a white shroud.. men are sometimes buried with their yarmulkes and prayer shawls.. I was asked if I wanted to see dad before they did everything.. I said no .. I could not have that be my last memory of him... Steve joined that society for that day.. so did my former boss.. they took care of my dad.. it is one of the most honorable things you can do when someone dies is help bury the dead.. either by that society or at the funeral helping shovel in the dirt...
Steve and my former boss both said how good Dad looked.. I found comfort there.. I also took comfort in knowing that had dad not died that way.. and as sad and tragic as that is.. he would have died from cancer.. which to me is worse... Dad was a prostate cancer survivor.. he never could have the surgery.. he had radiation treatments.. a few weeks before the accident.. he had had his PSA test and his numbers were back up.. the cancer was slowly coming back.. Dad would have died a cruel and horrible and painful death .. had this not happened.. I find comfort in that.. He left us fast.. but he did not suffer.. I find something good there...
Last weekend was his yartziet ( anniversary of his death via the jewish calender) .. I went to services.. and it hit me as I watched the rabbi.. the same rabbi who had buried my dad... I was not sad anymore.. Though I miss my father so much... I suddenly was not sad.. I said something to my aunt.. who years earlier had lost one of her children.. she looked at me and smiled and said its good when you can let the sadness go.. thats good.. sure you miss who you lose.. but when that saddness is lifted.. its a good feeling... My mom.. does not have that.. to her life is dark..with glimmers of light.. She married dad at 18.. dad was 26.. they would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2002.. .. Life does indeed go on.... 6 months later we survived Steve' battle with prostate cancer.. he had the surgery and is doing fine .. has some residule pain from time to time but he is fine.. we survived the deaths of many loved ones and friends.. in our 7 years together we have survived the worst and enjoyed the best... he is my heart and that is indeed my blessing... I am also blessed richly by the fact that he and my dad had such a good relationship.. and Steve will often bring Dad up in conversation.. it makes me feel good...

So on November 9th 2007 9 days before my wedding... I miss you Daddy.. You are right in my soul.... I know how proud you will be next week.. I know all I have to do is touch the top of my head and I can feel you there.. ( I got my dads curls.. he used to slick them back.. but always had this wavy hair.. and to this day whenever I try and slick my hair back in a ponytail I always have that same waves) I found November....
Wish me well..
wish you well too
Have a very sweet weekend..

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Had some suprising news when I went for my check up at the dentist.. had a broken tooth.. was having pain and issues with it but in light of what happened a few months ago with my tooth on the other side .. I was a bit hesitant to say the least.. Those of you who have been reading me for a while.. know exactly what I am talking about.. failed root canal , loss of tooth.. So needless to say I was a bit worried when I heard that news.. with in 30 minutes he fixed the tooth no problems and no cavities.. and a healthy smile.. YAY.. whew.. no more major or mini catastrophies PLEASE lol at least not until after our wedding... Today when I signed in at the dentist I realized this would be the last time I would be signing with my last name.. next time it will be his last name .. that was a bit smile worthy...

I get into the office today and our first patient presents me with a card with 100 dollars in it from she and another patient.. I was floored.. I cried.. I did not expect that at all... I love all of our patients but these 2 have always taken an extra interest in me.. so it was just so sweet ..
Eating has been good.. some Heart to Heart Kashi Dry for breakfast.. ( ate after the dentist) I had visions of stopping and getting a bagel or something but I felt this would be in my best interest to just eat the dry cereal.. I have a WW frozen meal for lunch , some fruit and crackers and cheese to snack on late in the day and of course my fiber one bar... so I am set food wise..
Keeping this short and sweet..
Still not able to blog from the closet yet... almost there though.. Got the adapter in and drivers in.. just trying to connect to the wireless.. having issues with that.. hopefully that will be up and running soon...
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Picture this.. its early morning.. all of the sudden you hear what sounds like the drone of a helicopter.. your spouse ( or spouse to be as in my case) convinces you its an airplane outside.. then it quiets and then starts again.. this time he says its a distant the cooler weather it sounds louder... then it quiets.. and then it starts again.. only this time.. he gets up goes into the great room and say.. UH OH.. and runs downstairs.. only to come right back up and say IT's the FURNACE it does not sound right.. I should say not... it sounded like we had a helicopter hovering in the house... the heating guy came out.. and wouldnt ya know it.. the darn part went out of warranty 2 months ago.. Our house is a new build not even 5 years old.. we moved in 4 years ago in January .. we built this home.. can not believe the exhaust motor that pushes the exhaust out of the house died.. so 300.00 later its fixed.. great just totally great the week before the wedding.. oh well.. its always gotta be something... and it I guess it could have been worse..
Scale news.. 184.2 just as its been for months now.. its alright.. its okay.. just maintaining.. I have a call into the nutritionist will start seeing her again right after Thanksgiving.. and then off we go... pounds that is... IT IS OFFICAL.. NOVEMBER 26th I start seeing the nutritionist again! and from there its down down baby!!!
Another Short Post for a Wednesday..

Hopefully by tonight I will be blogging from my closet!!!
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


If you scroll down to my last post you can see a picture of this wonderful product.. here is the link to the website for Bell Plantation.. its really a good substition for low fat or full fat PB.. try it YOU' LL LIKE IT!!!!!!!

PB 2 54 calories per 2 tablespoon serving 2.8 grams fat

Keeping it short and sweet today
All is well and steady on my end...
hope yours is that way too...
Wish me well
Wish you well too

Monday, November 5, 2007


You know for some reason my internal clock is still off.. here I get an hour of extra sleep and my body is still tired.. Could be nerves.. I dunno...

I tried a new combo at breakfast today had my usual oatmeal but I added some of that sugar free Hazelnut flavor too it.. IT was devinealicious ...there are many different flavors to choose from.. and also I saw on the Hungry Girl website where you can find different flavors of splenda and do the same thing... just gives that simple oatmeal a little kick which is nice...

We did a great grocery shop this weekend.. bought lots of fresh fruit, some asparagus, fresh shrimp ( had shrimp and aspargus for dinner last night and tonight we are going to finish off the shrimp by doing a pasta toss with it and adding the rest of the aspargus to it too... We picked up some fabulous apples.. (honey crisp yummy) .. so we are loaded for the week..

I have some reccomendations for you guys below..

love 8th Continent light chocolate soy milk :

I saw these but have not used them yet:
I just discovered this but I have heard its been around for a while: Tried the Hazel nut sugar free one its pretty darn good in Coffee and oatmeal..

A standard in my home is PB2 I love this stuff:

You can only find PB2 online at Bell Plantation.. google it... its easy to find... PB2 is powdered pb that can be reconstituted in with a little water.. measure out 2 tbls of pb2 a little bit of water.. mix to desired consistancy.. great for sandwiches or to add in recipes etc...
For Monday
Wish me well
Wish you well too...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

THINGS THAT MAKE ME GO ARGHH and other ramblings of my disordered mind

My new pc came in Saturday.. Vista is the devil's advocate if you believe in the devil.. no seriously.. it is... okay .. maybe not.. but it is loaded with tricks and no drivers... okay it has a few drivers but none you really need.. Ok u might need them.. but the ones you really need are out there on the internet.. and the only way you can connect through the internet is via your wireless router... but you can not get on the internet because you do not have the damn drivers.. to connect the wireless internet .. what the hell is wrong with this picture !!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHh.. so I went in Steves office and a friend emailed me the drivers I would need.. for the card.. so I copy the files onto a disk.. and for some reason my new pc is like.. HUH??? what do you want me to do with that.. ??/ You must be kidding...I AM THE DEVIL OF THE PC .. YOU MAY CALL ME VISTA.. OR MS. VISTA IF YOU PREFER.. AND I DON'T GIVE A CRAP WHAT YOU TRY AND LOAD ON ME I REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE ANYTHING THAT MIGHT MAKE YOUR DAY A LITTLE SWEETER HA!!!! heh he.. uhm.. sorry .. sometimes I tend to get a little dramatic sorry.... my pc is sitting lifeless in the closet.. ( yes.. I blog out of my closet.. I have a big closet with a table and chair and my pc.. etc.... so if you come to my house and can't find me check the closet) well its not lifeless I can do things off line and I am learning how Vista works.. Steve said he is going to get his son to come over and fix everything up... his son installed the orginal wireless on the old pc so hopeful he can help us with this one... I want to be able to put all my music back on my pc... I want to load Itunes back on the pc... I want to create a DVD presentation for the wedding.. but I need the damn internet to run all the programs I need for heavens sake.. ARRRGGGGHH!!!..

Food has been good this weekend.. but today I cracked.. I did not eat bad or anything I just was realllllllly down this afternoon.. Steve and I had worked in the yard mulching the beds.. we still have 2 more to do.. trying to make things look pretty for when everyone comes to town and comes to visit.. we created to beautiful pots with the big cabbages and colorful pansies.. for the front porch area.. Sadly I can't show u anything because guess what????? I need those F%$#%$ drivers to set up my camera with VISTA... sheesh... I miss XP but Vista is the wave of the future if you have a pc, so I am trying to suck it up and be a brave pc warrior... sheesh...
Anyhow I started thinking about things.. and you know how your mind starts going a mile a minute... and you are not sure what to handle first???... thats how I felt this afternoon.. More than any thing I just want everyone to have a great time when they come in for the wedding... I want Steve's kids to enjoy themselves.. and Steve's siblings to enjoy themselves as well.. I have met both of Steve's brothers and they are very sweet.. but I have yet to meet his sister.. our wedding will be our first meeting.. I hope I don't dissapoint anyone.. all I want from that weekend aside from being married.. is that everyone leave having had a great time with sweet memories... those are things I worry about.. I know my family will enjoy themselves... then I started thinking about other things.. one of which I will do a post on this coming Friday... This coming Friday to the day will be 6 years since my dad has been gone.. he was killed in an auto accident .. my mom was with him and she survived.. but not the old mom .. she came out of it a different person.. So in a sense I lost both of my parents.. My mom is fine.. mentally she did not have a head injury or anything... I just mean that well she lost her husband of nearly 50 years.. she grew up with my dad.. she was 18 when she got married.. and now she is still adapting and not very well to a new life.. a life that is so different for her.. that sometimes I think she is asleep and I think she sometimes thinks that one day she will wake up and Dad will be back.. its hard and its sad.. In the jewish faith we have a memorial for the deceased every year.. it is called a Yartziet.. (anniversary of the loved one's death) you can go to temple and there is a special blessing you say.. its a blessing for the living.. Saturday I went with my mom to services for the evening service that would be when they said my dad's name along with many others that have left this world.. and it dawned on me I was tired of being sad... I just was not sad anymore... I still miss him more than anything.. but I am tired of the darkness around his memory.. the mourning I am tired of mourning him... he deserves to be celebrated and thats what my post on Friday will be about.. hopefully if I am up and running I will be able to scan and post a picture of my dad.. My dad loved a good party.. ( usually one he was throwing.. he threw an annual new years day party for about 20 years.. and folks loved them) It gets a little difficult for me when I start thinking that a week later I will be getting married. It gets hard for me a little when I think about the fact that he will not be here to walk me down the aisle or dance the traditional father daughter dance.. .. or make some lovely speech.. and boy do I know we would have had one hell of party... I think thats another reason i have worked so hard on this wedding .. all the details.. the food.. ( my daddy loved good food) ... I know in my heart I will be doing my dad proud.. and myself proud as well.. .. well I will post more about that this Friday...
In other news.. How does one decide what to call themselves after they get married.. ???
Should I be .. Honi middle name his last name... should I be Honi my last name , his last name or should I be Honi middle name my last name his last name... ( I am not doing the hyphenated thing I know that) What name do I drop??.. or do I have to drop any name when signing official documents???.. how do women decide that... okay I know thats a pretty shallow question but never the less its something I have to figure out... sigh...
I was really happy today working outside with Steve it was fun.. and not near as frustrating as trying to figure out that damn pc...
the weather was perfect.. and I will sometime soon post pictures of all our hard work... Day lights savings time has thrown me off a bit.. I am beat and its only 7 37 pm.. (YAWN.. scuse me) ..I just drank a cup of coffee.. ( i put in hazelnut liquid sugarless flavoring ( it has splenda in it)and some light powdered creamer... IT WAS SOO GOOD but that is failing to keep me alert... so my friends for tonight... ( hopefully soon I will posting yet again out of the closet)

Friday, November 2, 2007


We stayed home last night.. since I had had a late lunch curtesy of my wonderful boss and friend who not only took me out to a late lunch but bought me a beautiful pair of silver earings plus a mini carmel cake (cupcake size) ( I took it home had 2 bites gave the rest to steve) ( the old me would have never told Steve about it and eaten right then and there during work hours) I had a Chopped salad with BBQ chicken for lunch yesterday .. it came with a tarty vinegarette dressing and BBQ sauce I had the sauce and dressing on the side.. this salad was loaded with bacon, cheese, pecans, grape tomatoes , sauted onions, crutons .. I ate under the salad meaning I had mostly lettuce and some chicken .. a couple of the pecans . a couple bites of bacon ( that makes me very sick because of the fat content so I usually stay away from that) I tasted a couple crutons they were HORRIBLE I mean dripping with grease and cheese. in the old days I would have snorted that.. even Steve said in the old days I would have snorted up that carmel cake cupcake with out a thought in the world.. I took home over half the salad.. and dumped it in the trash.. just can not eat like that .. any more.. it makes me ill. which I guess is a good thing.. I did indulge in two mini muffin size sweet corn and cheese warm muffins.. i can not resist those at the place.. they are yummyarific.. since I had such a late lunch I had cereal for dinner.. Here is a NONO for me again.. I can not eat WW cinnamon crunch cereal for some reason I am just too friendly with it and can not stop eating it .. with the Kashi cereals.. heart to heart, kashi go lean crunch, Kashi Vive.. I am great.. for some reason I have no self control with the WW cereal.. so thats out of the grocery basket from now on..
Tonight we are going to its my new favorite Italian place.. not upscale at all.. very family friendly and the best Italian food I have had... Steve and I order two salads.. with dressing on the side ( house vinegarette) and then we share and entree.. so even though its naughty its not bad... Now in the old days I would have my own entree eat it all by myself.. and half a loaf of garlic bread... now I have a couple bites of garlic bread.. and share an entree and have a small salad .. and I am still satisfied. I like that... I like eating eating this way because I deem it more normal than how I used to eat. Now after the wedding going to Salvatores will be a treat every so often.. We are going tonight for my Bday.. and they are also catering part of our Friday night meal for the wedding...
FOOOD.. so .. wanna hear part of the menu for the weekend of the wedding.. Trust me .. not one of our guests will leave Alabama hungry... Friday night Steve is hosting a casual dinner in the Hospitality room.. I guess about 90 people will show up.. we are having either.. lamb or prime rib... chicken wings.. both spicey and a sweeter version, 2 italian salads, pasta salad, chicken salad, potato salad, sushi, eggplant-spinach-mushroom parmiagiana , cheese tray, fruit tray, rolls and a challah bread ( traditional jewish sweet egg bread served on the jewish sabbath ( friday night) ) then lots of desserts.. Saturday there will be a luncheon in the hospitality room.. catered by my moms friends.. just deli style stuff I think... then Saturday night..we have a cocktail dinner party at a very nice private club (dress up affair) overlooking the city... then Sunday is the wedding at our synagogue with brunch and dancing to follow at a country club. Since we are older than the average newly weds we decided to have a swing , jazz big band style band. instead of the usual DJ or motown ( which we like too) stuff.. then we pass out LOL.. then that evening we all meet at my moms for a a light dinner.. ( bagels, cream cheese, lox, white fish , eggs.. fruit... stuff like that) It will be an eating and celebrating extravaganza LOL.. I still am in awe that it is just 3 weeks away.. and yes friends.. I am a smart woman .. I do have a wedding dress to fit into.. so my treats will be limited to a bite of the not so healthy stuff and sticking more with the fruit and veggies and cheese tray stuff.. ( it will not be your typical cheese tray.. it will be the hard stuff.. so u only need a little of it) if I eat.. ( those things wont upset my stomach ( I get an upset stomach when I am nervous) I am working on the plan now.. I have worked far to hard to let everything go for this one weekend.. so am starting to pick and choose what I want to try .. rather than have no plan and not have a sense of control.. honestly I think I will be too busy t0 have a chance to eat.. so i want to plan my meals accordingly that weekend.. so there wont be an oppourtunity to binge.. ... I think by planning.. each of us always has a better chance at success.. and not falling into old habits.. which is so easy to do..

Some interesting sites I just discovered.. info on obesity .. very informative did you know there is such a thing as obesity law?? never heard of this group either...

Do you think obesity advocacy groups are a good thing.. or do you think they hinder a health hazard or risks??? just curious...
For those who are large and do not care .. and consider themselves in good shape.. BRAVO.. and I guess these groups are important to them...

Hmm this is interesting.. about being body Positive...
Alrighty thats it for Friday..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..
Have a rockin' weekend...