Thursday, January 24, 2008


A while back, I joined a website called EAT BETTER AMERICA , and occasionally I get really informative emails from this site.. I LOVE IT. I LOVE for many reason...
I love the recipes here.. and I found a HEALTHIFIED LASAGNA that I alter too I like to add a lot of veggies namely Zuchini to it... and I like to take out the meat.. so it kind of changes the nutritionals on it.. but I figure its a swap that actually lessens the calories.. not sure though as I have yet to find a recipe I really like for zucchini lasagna ... except this one.. so head on over there sign up it is :
FREE <<< ( CLICK there) CLICK ON FREE and sign up and get that FREE SAMPLE of ORIGINAL FIBER ONE CEREAL.. if you go to HUNGRYGIRL.COM you can find some rockin' FIBER ONE RECIPES..

Moving on:
There are many tools we have out there there are free to us.. not just those tools we can find online to create records of our success but tools that are around us daily. For example look down at your feet. There are 2 tools right there... you can wander over to your closet grab a pair of sneakers.. put them on and go for a walk.. Now I know its cold outside for a lot us.. So go walk at Walmart.. yeah .. thats right Walk around your local Super Walmart or go walk around your local indoor Mall. You might be concerned about the goodies that are in abundance there but the reality is this.. No matter where you go there will always be temptation.. so why not roar in temptations face.. and go for walk.. in any public indoor place during the cooler weather. Walking is free.. granted you might have to spend money on gas to get to somewhere you can walk.. but WALKING IS FREE...
EXERCISE CAN BE FREE.. you don't have to belong to some fancy gym to exercise.. as I said before Walking is free and it is a basic easy and healthy exercise. Breathing is free.. Sure you breath all the time.. but I mean really breath. INHALE DEEPLY THROUGH YOUR NOSE .. hold it for a couple seconds then exhale slowly through your mouth... do this a few times.. the oxygen pouring in.. will feel good .. Stand up straight.. that is free too.. Improving your posture not only makes you look better but is good for you general well being and bone health.. no slumping shoulders .. stand or sit straight ... shoulders down and head up.. feel that deep stretch in your neck.. ..Stretch.. Stretch your body... reach out .. reach up .. reach down... .. Living.. that is free too.. no .. I mean really living and appreciating each day...Appreciating that you have eyes that see and hands that can function and type.. Legs that can move....It is time to stop living with regret.. Regretting the failed diets.. Regreting that feeling of failure... So you think you fail.. and you think its a good idea to give up... Well then that really is failure.. for the second you give up.. then you have given in to failure.. and the only way not to fail is to try and try and try and try and try .. working your way towards better health and sucess.. So part of any exercise has to involve simply living and appreciating what you have... instead of saying what you have lost or do not have.
Focus.. thats free too.. FOCUS on what is good and postive.. so you ate a twinkie or ding dong.. or a buddy bar.. or whatever.. it is done .. its over.. its the past.. FOCUS on the now.. that is a huge exercise and a hard exercise.. SMILE.. that is wonderful exercise giving you peace and joy in your heart...well it is Friday .. and you have been given another free day to LIVE.. LIVE IT WELL!!!
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


Lynn said...

Honi you're always so positive and have great links :) I love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Honi. Thanks for reminding us of all the free tools available! I'm big on walking. It's my preferred form of exercise (closely followed by swimming). Your attitude rocks, as always.

Hanlie said...

I love your "free" list. It's so true! If we really want to do something, we can.

Someone also taught me that you can even do resistance training for free, by using your own body, a wall and the floor.

Scale Junkie said...

Thanks Honi for this list of "free's" You know I love to walk and even when I'm walking outside I can still smell people BBQing or cooking dinner. Those smells and temptations are everywhere. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lora said...

Once again you've hit the mark! You are so right - there is so much to be thankful for and so many opportunities to use these wonderful bodies God has given us. Thanks for the reminder!

A Lighter Life... said...

Yet another positive post as always :-)

You have such a great outlook on life and one that I really need to adopt myself. Instead of looking on the downside for much of the time!

You are soooo inspirational, Honi.

Huge hugs to you...

LL x

justoofat said...

Ooooh! I got my free FiberOne! :) I *love* that stuff. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.