Thursday, January 3, 2008


Hmmm not sure if it is all the excitement of the new puppy or hormones ( horrible moans should be coming for a visit today sometime) or dinner last night... but I have been having some horrible tummy pain and visiting the bathroom quiet a bit.. at least I am not nauseaus I hate that... but I never get tummy aches unless its right before that lovely time before my period visits.. sometimes I will get regular cramps and sometimes I get an upset tummy but I usually do not get stomach pain.. this really hurts.. it has quieted down a bit.. I was going to have to lean cuisine for lunch.. but I think I am going to go over to Mcallisters and get a plain baked potato for lunch instead... and I think I might just lay off the fiber a little today... I had oatmeal for breakfast and that did not even stay with me for an hour.. so something is going on just not sure what... I hope that was not too much info HA! .. I was going to run to the store and maybe get some gingerale and pick up some imodium just in case I keep going like this... not really sure what to do.. I don't feel like its a stomach bug or anything.. I dunno... well anyhow..
Lucky.. ( yeah we changed her name again) did great last night and she was perky this morning.. she ran outside did her business after watching Cookie do her business.. came in and ate her breakfast and followed the other dogs back outside did her business again.. She is a cutie and a lucky cutie at that...
Well folks thats it for a VERY COLD THURSDAY in ALABAMA
Wish me well
Wish you well too


Twix said...

Hope it isn't a stomach bug. And you get to feeling better fast!!

What a cute Lucky puppy! :D

Scale Junkie said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! Lucky Lucy... I can't help but call her one Lucky Puppy!!

Lauren said...

I love the new name. My niece named her first hamster lucky, then it died, and she named the second hamster lucky too. lol

Anonymous said...

Awww Lucky is a really good name and very appropriate for her, and it’s so good to see she is copying the other dogs, I don’t think it will take long to train her up since she’s at such a young age!

I also hope you will be feeling better soon!