Thursday, April 12, 2007


I read a preview of this book.. seems interesting I might invest in it.. Will keep you posted... I got the People Mag. with Valerie Bertinelli on the cover... SIZE 14 FAT????? WHAT THE FUCK??? sorry I try to stay away from colorful language most of the time.. but this really has gotten under my skin... they dress this woman in a white moomoo and they help make her look chunky... she is not FAT.. I perused the article .. I have not read it yet.. BUT PLEEEZEEEEE>. this is ridiculous.. I just hope some young person who is a SIZE 14 .. does not see this and think.. OH MY GOD I AM FAT.. Good grief... how could this magazine be so irresponsible... sheesh .. Oh well. I guess she has to be build her career back up some how.. might as well come out as a "fatty" erp.. (excuse me I just threw up in my mouth a bit) ...'kay .. Now then... what else can I tell you.. I need to go fill out my food log at otherwise .. I am finished ranting for the day..
Wish me well.
Wish you too..

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Grumpy Chair said...

I bought the magazine also (which I rarely do) because I just love Valarie Bertinelli. I want to look like her at goal!!

She co-hosted the View on Monday and she does not look even chubby and camera adds weight.