Thursday, April 19, 2007


From the moment we are born we are motivated.. movivated to breath and eat... motivated to roll over, sit up , crawl and walk... somewhere along the way though motivation gets skewered... Some of us lose that motivation to move forward that we were born with . I wish I still had that. Now I have to create motivation.. I recieved many wonderful emails from family and friends who who responded to my email about motivation.... From those that just love me and want to see me succeed, to those that gave me scientific information.. to those that realized they had to stop damaging their bodies so they made advice regarding planning .. That email was very important and very accurate.. In order for me or anyone to be successful.. it requires a lot of hard work and planning... I think the hardest concept is realizing that the planning can not be just temporary. You know.. once the weight is off you can eat anything you want.. thats simply not the way this new reality we are creating works.. At Least for myself I will always have to have a plan.. that does not mean I can not indulge .. it just means I plan..... simple.. but complicated.. Some of the emails said.. that they have to force themselves to exercise.. that it does not come naturally.. but when they do work out they feel better..
( right now I am watching on the Internet the PBS special.. Fat: What No one is Telling You..)

The below is from a friend of mine....

I'm done with all my required classes, but when I saw a new class offered called Genetics of Fat Metabolism, I just had to take it and see what it was all about! Next week is our last class and I have learned an immense amount, but two themes keep re-emerging, and I wanted to share them with you:

1. The people who tend to have the most success maintaining a lifestyle of health are those that work with the bodies they were given and not against them, and those who tackle their goals as part of a program, so that there's accountability. It seems like you are doing both of those things the right way by getting involved in programs, and setting goals that are incorporated into your life, instead of a temporary part of it.

2. It's not fair for you to judge yourself, or feel ashamed or hopeless because of the way you look or feel. We assume all overweight people are overweight because they have bad eating habits, poor self control, or a sedentary lifestyle, but that's a lie. What's becoming more and more obvious is that some people can have ALL of those things and be thin (and unhealthy) and some people can have NONE of those things, work very hard, and still be overweight. Much about the way our bodies are shaped and the way we handle energy storage is decided for us long before we're old enough to make choices about food or lifestyle. You may feel discouraged from time to time, but you are doing a great job taking control and overcoming physical obstacles, and you should be nothing but proud of the strides you are making!

I have a very hard time feeling # 2.. you know.. I still have a hard time.. feeling pride..... This morning.. I went closet shopping.. I found 2 pair of jeans that fit now.. and a pair of Black Jean overalls ( i have them on now) that have not fit in YEARS!!! I would say atleast 5 years.. So I guess I should feel pride... I felt dissapointment because I tried on a jean skirt I loved... IT was NOT to small.. it was TOOO BIG... I was dissapointed because I wont get to wear it again.. BUT GUESS what... I can get a new one I will love better lol.. so thats good... It was fun closet shoping this morning... The smallest sizes in my closet are regular 16s and one 14... ONE DAY WILL BE a size 12.. WOW wouldnt that rock.. I started at a size 18-20W .....
It was an interesting read.. seeing what people felt a bout motivation... so i POSE that question to each of you... WHAT MAKES YOU MOTIVATED... do you wake up that way... do your struggle with it like I do.?? What keeps you motivated???
Please let me know... I need to understand .. I want to understand it. I want to complete what I have started and I know that if I had exercise of some type as a habit..then I will have better tools as I go along with this new life... A map would be great... I know I have write the way as I go.. but I have a feeling a lot of you out there have good ideas.. be it a website... a quote or just your feelings... Please let me know...
.. My motivation lacks when it comes to exercise... the eating end I have for the most part... I was suppose to start yesterday... but I got off work late and it threw everything off for me.. So I plan to start next week. We have company in town this weekend.. so I want to wait to pick a better date. We will be doing a lot of walking this weekend so that is good too.

Wish me well
Wish you well too

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