Wednesday, April 18, 2007


AHHH so it is Tuesday night and I get inspired to clean the glass top stove... I had cleaned the sink so my left hand was wet.... knowing that the glass stove top has to be cool to the touch to use the cleaner on... I sweep my hand across the glass top only to hear my and sizzle as a cross the left front burner... SOME ONE FORGOT TO TURN THE EYE OFF.. (no it was not red at the time.. that would have warned me lol) My first thought was not OH SHIT.. it was more like.. UH OH .. this can't be good... I ran over to the freshly COMETED sink and ran cold water over my entire palm of my left hand. Pain is a silly word... for there is no word to describe BURN PAIN... I tried cold compresses.. I soaked my hand in egg white.. ( come to find out I should have let the egg white dry on my hand.. I forgot that part)... I cursed my stupidity... Finally I wrapped my hand in a cool damp towel and set it over an ice pack.. ( I had been holding ice in my hand too.. and I read on the Internet that ice can make things worse when used directly... oh wellll..) anyhow... after a while.. Steve suggested I focus on the movie on the tube... ( THE BODY SNATCHERS the newer one) ... I started to do that and he reccomened i unwrap my hand and take it off of the ice pack and focus on the movie.. THE pain LIT UP.. but after a while things calmed down.. most of the burn is now left on the pads right under my middle and ring finger... So it makes it kinda hard to type.. I have a couple of pin point blister on the pad under my thumb near my wrist as well.. my fingers are fine for the most part.. its just those padded areas that hurt... but nothing like last night... Sizzling skin.. never a good sound...
I also wanted to comment on the VA TECH event... I have a fairly hard time as most people do coming to terms with this... and the huge question of why didn't anyone do something more proactive to prevent this seems to ring in my head.. However , I guess there really was not much more they could do than what they did do.. They knew he had issues.... I guess no one thought he would go this far... who knows .. hindsight really does not matter.. what matters is that these young people and these proffessors and other individuals that lost their lives are remembered... What a mix of generations ended 2 days ago.. from young adults just getting their bearings on life... to a man, a Holocaust Survivor who witnessed horrors far beyond what took his life. So much can be said about what this man did for his students.. sacrificing himself so that they may continue on.. focusing on them .. Them that are part of our future.. Words will be said about the others who helped those in need during this horrible time.. In a great time of tragedy .. heros emerged... as heros often do.
Steve was also touched by this... He spent many days and evenings there at football games and roaming the grounds with friends......when he was in college ..... He remember it as a beautiful peaceful campus. ...
We often wonder what motivates an Indvidual to take such drastic measures.. what goes through someone's mind... He leaves a note .. pointing out women and rich kids.. and he felt picked on etc... Sometimes to me this does not fly.. I was one of those kids too.. picked on... pushed off the school bus in Junior High... made fun of.. Embarassed in class the one year I attended the local high school when a boy pretended to ask me on a date in front of his friends for a good laugh... Searing memories stay with me... and over the years .. some of these tormentors.. have actually apologized... One can forgive but never forgets... memories are like that.
I never went after any one.. I never decided the world was the problem not me.. I just thought.. that this was the way things are... maybe one day they would get better and they did.. I was lucky enough to get out of that environment and go to boarding school.. Things changed.. so maybe my anger and hurt changed.. I dont know... I really tried to relate to that mentality of THEY Caused my problems.. THEY made me do this.. etc... and obviously I can not.. The only thing I see is the damage of.. this.. of Columbine.. as well.. which almost happened to the date of this event about 8 years ago I think... To those that lost someone in this massive tradgedy.. May God be with you and yours. To those of us who have never suffered such a horrible loss.. May God be with us too.
Wish me well
Wish you well too...

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Coco said...

Okay, so either aol or blogger just ate my comment!!! AAARRGH!!!

Burns SUCK. I had 2 last summer (not paying attention kinda stuff . . . happens to me A LOT: once, the iron tipped over onto my wrist; second time, halogen lamp fell on my leg (one sec only, but that was enough). Burn pains are awful . . . the stinging! . . . and I hpoe you're well soon (keep Neosporin on it when you can). Interesting what happened when Steve got your mind off it . . . the mind is amazing, isn't it?