Saturday, April 28, 2007


GEE ,everyone thanks so much for those great and helpful and encouraging comments to my last post... I am so glad to be home.. the alarm clock did not go off at 230 am this morning we ended up leaving for Nashville at 5:00 am.. which actually turned out to be a good thing... Right before we left Steve made Egg sandwiches .. normally I love them... I could not eat that early so I ate one piece of toast... we hit the road.. with a cooler packed with Fat Free baloney and cheese sandwiches.. fresh fruit and 2 fiber 1 bars and rice cakes... so we had plenty to nosh on... We got to Nashville around 830 or so. It was a good ride there.. we drove in the car... here is a pic of the morning sunrise...IT was so nice out early in the morning..

. Then next picture is a shot of the race and the last picture is a shot of Me, Sara you can click on the FLICKR link in the sidebar to see more pictures .. As fate would have it at first we were at the FULL MARATHON finish line..that is what this picture is... Turns out we needed to be at the HALF MARATHON finish line.. OOOPS.. we never found that but found a place in the Half Marathon shoot.. to wait for Sara to finish the race.. and wait we did.. for about an hour or so... it was getting pretty humid there.. so hence the fluffy Honi hair..
I like her warming blanket is covering part of me.. so it actually makes me look better than I do lol.. and dont ya just love the PORT -o-LET back drop .. lol... It was a fun day.. We left Sara and her friends .. found the car and ate our lunch we brought from home... that was a good idea... We got back to Alabama ohhh.. around 330 in the afternoon.. around 5 I decided to wash My car.. and with Steve's help got it nice and clean... Then.. we hoped on the motorcycle and had dinner at WHOLE FOODs... I had a little Thai Tofu .. Crunchy green beans, a little orzo.. a little slaw... Steamed Squash and Carrots.... Steve got some Fried Chicken , Baked Beans, Crunchy Green beans and helped finished my dinner too... I LOVE THAT PLACE.. I love to go pick up a few specialty items and I love having dinner there. It is so easy .. and yummy.. If you choose not to eat healthy .. and even this is healthier than others I have seen.. U can get BBQ.. Mac and Cheese.. and all kinds of other Comfort food... or u can opt for a Salad of your own creation.. Great fun choices there..I am so glad I did not have to go through the Italian Dining experience yet.. I know me.. and that just would have been too hard right now.. ... All and all it was a fun Saturday.. tommorow we are getting up and making real oatmeal and then going to Attala to the MTN TOP flea market to puppy hunt and plant hunt.. probably will just bring some plants home.. . Again thanks for all of your sweet comments.. Tommorow after Mtn. Top Flea.. I am going to do laundry ( WHOOOPDEEDOO) then treat myself to a manicure.... and go pick up that Darn book I ordered... Secrets of the LEAN PLATE CLUB>.. Will post a review of the book as soon as I read it.. Coco ( already got it so I can not wait to hear what she has to say about it... .. ohh and if you really want a great read in blogging.. PLEASE check out Steve's Daughter's blog.. this is his Daughter Stephanie who is in Burkina Faso West Africa... She is in the peace corp and just is doing some amazing things there... both of these blogs are in my side bar as well...
Well thats about it for tonite..
Wish me well..
Wish you well too.
Weigh day is Monday!!!


Vickie said...

Gustavaclarkston - has something odd up at her site - ???

Also, I don't know if you read the Shrinking Knitter - but I think you might have been at the same race - it was her first 1/2 marathon:

Glad you had a good trip.

Vickie said...

On the Eating out thing - ideas for you to consider:

I have gone in about 10:30am when restaurants are setting up for lunch - to talk to the manager about food choices. I kid you not. They are not busy. There is no one with me to know I am doing this.

I find out what they CAN prepare that perhaps is not listed on the menu - AND how I communicate that to whatever waitperson I happen to get.

I also get a copy of the menu if I can - or I take notes.

SO, when I go the restaurant - I can order WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING at the menu (and the tempting things on it).

I did this last week - and my husband (who often splits meals with me) was amazed that I ordered a really good spinach salad that was not on the menu. He said - how do you know HOW to ask for the GOOD stuff??? Not - why are you asking for different things - but more of a "how exactly do you always have an IN" every where that we go.

I know what is not on the menu - how it is made - and I ASK.

I blogged about restaurant eating earlier this week - but you now have the inside scoop here. . .