Monday, April 30, 2007


If someone were to give me one wish right now.. I would love to know what it means to be beautiful... now I know that that is pretty shallow.. but just for a minute I would love to know what that feels like.. would I still feel like me.. or would feel differently... would I be more confident? Would the world be more forgiving of my inadequecies.. ? How would people treat me? How would the world see me? If my outside were flawless.. If my weight was perfect.. If my clothes were high end??? If I wore jewelry... and carried myself with the knowledge that I am beautiful.. how different would my world be? Would I be married already... would I have children??? Would I be more socially acceptable.. if G-d or Genes had dealt me the beauty card? now I know what you are thinking??? we are all beautiful.. but you also know exactly what I mean... Beauty.. that is not worked for... Beauty that turns heads... Beauty that is not store bought... Beauty that I would have been born with .. Beauty not taught... How different would my life be? I am not being mean to myself when I ask this question.. It is simply a question... Sometimes.. I wonder.. what a perfect body ... my concept of a perfect body... what would that feel like... but the reality is .. is that I am just uniquely me... all four feet 11 inches.. me... We all possess beauty... maybe not typical beauty... but each of us.. holds that ... I just wonder sometimes... if everything had been lined up in my life and led by being beautiful..... would I be anymore happier than I am now...?? I do not think.. that beauty holds all the answers.. I do think it can make inroads in certain facets of life... We the visual.. We the perfectionists.. We the ones always trying to change... yet never changing the right things...
I do not look for eternal youth... I just want better health... a better me... The best me... that I can create.. and recreate and create again... For the truth seems to be.. that wrapped up in all of these changes.. is the reality that change means movement.. Maybe that is beauty.. the freedom you can allow yourself to change... as life moves on...
Wish me well..
Wish you well too
Posting Stats tonite..

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TooFatToFly said...

Great post! Many questions there that I think most of us can identify with.

If you ever find the answer to "What is beauty"? - please let me know :-)

Hope your week will be a great one...


Lins x