Sunday, April 22, 2007


Dear Chocolate Creme Cake and Lemon cake with lemony icing...

I see you there on the counter... You have been downstairs in the freezer and were brought upstairs for company... Friday you winked at me.. you know.. I saw it.. you said to me.. just run your finger along the plastic dome of my shell and taste my sugary sweetness.. both of you .. but I did not give in... I saw you last night.. sitting there.. your moisture gleaming in the kitchen light.. saying EAT ME!!!.. me .. me.. I however looked at you and wondered if you would taste as good as I was thinking about.. after all.. you are not homemade.. after all you are nothing but transfat and Fat filled lard induced molecules that would cling to my fat cells just screaming I GOT YOU.. HA HA HA!!!.. I saw that in my head .. what you would really do to me.. and well then the taste for you sort of left.. I saw you this morning.. saying C'mon just one slice.. just a chunk of each of us.. no one is here.. IT is just you and us.. C'mon.. but I opted for a mixture of True friends: KASHI Good Friends, Vive and Lean Crunch.. cereal.. in fat free milk.. and now my body is full.. you still sit there on the counter.. saying look at me.. look at me when I walk by... I do not look... I might think about you... but there is no way you could possibly taste as good as I think.. with your oily after taste and your fakeness. You are just like the kids in grammar school faking me out .. pretending to be my friends.. in the long run.. killing me with your lies... clogging my ateries with your momentary temptation that does nothing for me.. My True friends.. give me fiber and vitamins.. and fill me up and make my bones stronger.. They tell me I can.. You tell me I can't.. I don't love you anymore.. I might admire you from a far.. and when you are home made with real ingredients.. I might taste you.. and indulge in your sweetness.. but only if you are real.. and only now and then.. Good bye.. buddy bars, honey buns, candy bars.. you are just the vipers that hang out with these others who said they were my friends.. Now I am left repairing the damage I allowed you to cause me.. All of you .. no more...

Hi .. You might wonder why I wrote the above... This weekend we have had friends in town... and we went to the motorcyle races.. and I used this time to watch people.. watch what other ate... From Funnel cakes.. to Corn dogs... and everything else in between.. and they did not care... All size folks.. all types of people.. all walks of life... I turned my head and watched another enjoy a container of yogurt.. and some fresh fruit... I smelled Italian food.. and watched another inhale some type of something I could not really see... I turned again and saw curly fries.. all early in the morning .. people eating these... I was prepared.. I had fresh fruit and a sandwich and all the things I enjoy... I particularly watched the large people... and the food consumed and consumed.. as the heat of the day wore on... I enjoyed the races.. mind you .. but I also thought about .. what we as a whole eat... As far as the obesity epedemic goes.. I do not think there is any changing it... We are just going to supersize ourselves into oblivon.. I think it all is about the individual... and what we want to do for ourselves. .. Thats the only way this works . I still think.. all things in moderation can work.. thats my plan once I reach my goal...
I survived the weekend.. my eating was pretty good... with the company around and going out to dinner.. but each time I planned.. last night was Chinese and I had brown rice and some tofu... tonite is Bahama Breeze.. and I am going to have a plain salad with dressing on the side... and eat some of whatever Steve gets... Next weekend we are going to be out of town.. I am nervous .. its the first time I have traveled since I started this change.. If we travel by car.. I am packing a cooler of things I can eat... Our friends.. well. they don't eat my way... so I am going to be prepared... For I am learning that the only way to succeed at this.. is PREPERATION... and PLANNING.. its like those emails that were sent to me said.. PLAN PLAN PLAN and surround yourself with a good support system... I will let you know how this progresses during the week... so far its all worked well... this is good..
Weigh in tomorrow night..
Wish me well.
Wish you well too..


Coco said...

Soooooooo proud of you . . . I am NOWHERE near there yet (watching others eat food I want, saying "NO" to food that literally calls to me, etc.) I hope to be. I know I need to plan ahed, and I'm starting to . . . but then sticking to that & not getting distracted? Not sure how to . . . yet. But, Yay,you!!!

Coco said...

BTW, THREE migraines this week . . . stress? yeah. . . hormones? sure . . . not taking care of myself? That's the big one.