Saturday, April 7, 2007


This Sunday we go over to his Steve's son's home to celebrate Easter, they are having an Easter Dinner as well.. Now here are the issues...Now as you know Monday was Passover and I did a great job with that. now at the end of the week and the Day before my weigh in I am facing this issue.. FOOD GALORE on SUNDAY.. serious food here.....Do you think it would be rude of me not to eat???.. and just eat before we go or when I get home.. I am working so hard... and I can handle the temptation.. I just do not want to offend anyone... Anyone that has been in a second relationship or approaching a marriage to someone that has children .. I am sure understands.. All in all the kids and they are actually adults now.. they seem to like me .. I hope... ... For now I am very focused on tomorrow I just try and roll with it .. Everyone is there.. minus the middle daughter who is in in the Peace Corp.. I think I have mentioned her before.. she is something else... It has been such a joy watching her come into her own as she see the world from a different perspective... I eat up everyone of her posts she is a good writer and fun to read.... Now as I was saying before my big concern is that ...IT has been a double holiday week for me.. and I am really proud of the way I have handled myself so far with all of the rich food that was around on Monday... now Sunday is a whole new ball game.. HOw do I do this discreetly and stay on track so Monday when I weigh in .. I have a loss.. oh and here is one more kink.. its my TOM.. or has I call it.. my MOE... ( I am on the pill 3 months then off a week.. during that one week I am horribly hormonal... or HORRIBLE MOANS hence MOE... everyone knows this I know... ) I cry if someone looks at me the wrong way... thank good it only happens 4 times a year now) so I have all of these forces around me.. and I want to conquer them to the best of my ability.. I got on the scale yesterday morning and the scale showed 191.2... the last morning weigh in last week was 193.2 and I ended up On the following Monday night being 194.2 which means when I weigh this Monday evening.. I should have a nice drop . thats what I am hoping for ... ANYONE who faces a similiar situation.. or can give ANY ANY ADVICE is much appreicated... I did think about calling the son's wife and asking what was on the menu.. but I was concerned that would be a bit rude... ... I have lost nearly 20 pounds since they last saw me at Christmas time..... I asked Steve if it is noticeable yet and he said it sure is... IT will be interesting to see if anyone notices.. I doubt it though... alrighty.. I have succeeded in making myself nervous.. going to go clean house now....\
Wish me well..
Wish you well too..


Abi said...

I dunno if this is the right thing to do but when a situation like that comes up I just eat only fruit and veggies before I go - then when I am there I let myself have whatever I want in a portion size no larger than my palm.

I do hope that they notice your weight loss. My husbands family hasn't said one word to me and I have nearly lost 30 lbs... but I am pretty overweight so it could be hard for them to tell quite yet.

Boy, do I understand how horrible hormones are! Whenever mine are getting all tangled up I just tell myself over and over that it is just my hormones... not how I really feel - and it does help to know it is going to pass.

Have fun tomorrow -- and don't worry about the food so much - I think that can ruin a lot of good times for us trying to lose weight! TTYL!

buddha_girl said...

They'll notice the weight loss! I sure have! You're taking care of yourself which is paramount. It sounds like you have a positive relationship with Steve's kids - so they should be happy that you're taking your health into your own hands.

Since you get along with them, I'd say that you talk to whoever the main host/hostess is when you get there. Be honest and tell him/her that while you'd love to freely imbibe, you're also being cognizant of your food choices and didn't want to offend them in case they thought you were choosing to not eat everything for other reasons.

Perhaps Steve could call and ask what's on the menu - citing that you and he would like to 'bring something.' They'll give him the low-down and probably say to bring nothing. Ha! Then you'll have your info!

Good luck!

Eve said...

You probably won't get a chance to read this before you go, but you don't have to eat from every dish they serve. When I am faced with a situation like this, I too concentrate on the veggies and salads and take small to very small portions of the other foods. This way I get to at least try everthing, but I fill up on the salad.

Natalie C. said...

I hope your holiday dinner went well!! You look great in your recent photos you posted. You are an inspiration for sticking to your goals so well!

Susan said...

Passover is usually a hard one for me too. I didn't pass on anything I wanted to eat and somehow I still lost 9lbs. It's probably because I can't manage more than 1/4 c of food or so at a time.

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