Thursday, April 5, 2007

BETTER THIS MORNING (read post from last night)

I feel better this morning... no tears. yet.
He held my hand all night last night and I slept until around 4 a.m. which was okay.
He knows I am worried.. and he forgot about that I was horriblemonal and weepy this week.
He is very good at making amends and making me feel that everything will be fine... We will just do what we have to do....
Going to Wally world before work.. gotta get a bunny (stuffed) and some books.. for his grandson .. we have been invited over to his son's for Easter. Yes I know.. I talked about Passover recently.. thats because we are jewish.. He was married before we started dating (divorced too) 3 kids.. all adults now... his ex was not jewish , 2 of the kids do not consider themselves jewish and one does.. the one that does is the Middle daughter ( 24ish) She is in the Peace Corps in Africa right now.. a really amazing young lady. His oldest (about 25 or 26) ( son) is an smart young man with a very sweet wife and adorable son. His youngest ( 20) (daughter) is in college and never lacks in amazing me at how sensitive and understanding she is. Good kids... should be a fun weekend.. Okay time to go.. SO I can get to Wally world...
thanks for listening..
Wish me well
Wish you well too

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buddha_girl said...

Damn, I tried posting a comment, and it was lost so this will be a short one.

Glad that you made it through the night and am more positive this morning. I know that when I don't know what's happening with my health, I tend to get crazed. I hate doctors, tests, and the unknown. By the end of the day, you will have dealt with all of them and some information to use for your health! Good luck!