Friday, April 6, 2007


WHEW!!!!! I saw the ENT and no sinus surgery for me.. Starting at the top.. the "Mass" that was seen over the right brow is actually the structure of my skull.. some people have big sinus there .. some don't I don't I just have a big hard head. So that is a huge relief... I do have cysts one each side of the frontal sinus.. These are MUCH different than Polyps.. where Polyps tend to be solid.. cysts have liquid in them. They no longer operate for cysts and they remain benign and just sort of sit there.. NOW here is what happened to me.. and let it serve as a warning to EVERYONE who gets a root canal... I suffered severe nerve irritation in the main nerve along the right side of my face and head. In 2 to 4 weeks I should feel back to normal.. if not I am to call the ENT and have another XRAY... Be careful with your teeth.. be careful with root canals.. they never tell you what can go wrong.. and trust me on this.. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS LONG TERM PAIN...
Saw the movie Rocky Balboa last night.. Loved it.. yes it drags.. but it put a good ending to that movie franchise and even though this is a bit corny one of the best lines out of that movie basicallly said.. its not about winning the fight its about how many times you can get up after being hit... metophorically speaking.. I think we can all relate to that... for on this journey we are are often "HIT" with many obstacles.. and if we can "GET BACK UP" when we are hit and keep going.. well then that spells true success... Good movie.. watch it... especially if you were a fan of the other Rocky movies.. Yes I am sucker.. yes.. I like that underdog stuff.. and yes I love the theme from Rocky.. its playing in my head right now.. That should be everyone's theme song. We each have our own run up those infamous steps to that infamous museum...
Otherwise life is good... eating is good.. and I will post a food related post either later today or this weekend..
Wish me well
Wish you well too

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Bethany said...

Whew is right! Here's hoping the pain goes away sooner rather than later!