Thursday, March 1, 2007


See.. I was driving.. and I noticed that my glasses were smudged.. The traffic was a bit heavy and it was moving slow.. so I thought to myself.. hmm I will just take them off and clean them off so I can see better.. here is what I learned.. that when I take my glasses off .. especially in a moving vehicle that I am driving... I get REALLLLLLLLLY bad motion sickness because.. SUPRISEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! I can not see with out either my contacts or glasses on... I could only make out the back lights of the car in front of me.. and the head lights of the cars coming towards me... ( SO THERE IS A REASON WHY ON MY DRIVER'S LICENSE IT SAYS .. MUST WEAR CORRECTIVE LENSES ) ... hmmm

IT is going to be a stormy day here today.. So I am keeping an eye on the weather.. they have started closing schools early today... Apparently we are in line for some WHOPING STORMS. .. just heard the sirens for a tornado watch go off...... I hate that stuff... so to be safe I am going to cancel an afternoon appointment so I can go straight home after work... The sky is really strange looking too Grey and heavy I noticed earlier it looked like the sun was trying to make an appearance which supposedly is not a good thing when storms are predicted...

Food wise I am in great shape... and DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! I started exercising this week.. NO BIG THING.. I walked Monday night and I got in the pool for 30 minutes last night and did water jogging and water exercises. IT FELT GOOOD>. This morning I pulled the garbage bins to the bottom of the hill.. Normally he does that... but I did it today and it was so MUCH EASIER.. that I remember it.. which must mean .. I am getting healthier.. and better.. Lord knows I feel better.. HMM with just 12.5 pounds off.. I wonder what another 12.5 pounds will feel like...
Wish me well.
Wish you well too
Until Next time.

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Anonymous said...

HaHa!! I tried wiping my glasses while driving and almost puked in my car AND had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting what I THOUGHT was the car in front of me (said car was a ways ahead of me...I am a freak!!).

Way to go on the weight loss. Excellent!!