Friday, March 2, 2007


WOW!!! we had a bit of cloud rotation right up the street from our house... IT was really weird outside.. kind of a yellow, green brown color.. it was already fairly dark out since it was after 6 pm.. We had the tv on and put the weather on and found out that this rotation which can be a predicesor to a tornado..No Tornado thank heavens... but I tell you it was strange looking outside for a while... Right now its lovely out though.. a little chilly but reallly pretty. Got to work this morning and found my new glasses in the package bin... am pretty happy with them...
Food wise yesterday was a really low cal day .. we closed the office early because of the weather.. so by the time I ate it was around 3 when I got home.. You know it is interesting... I have really eaten healthy for over a month now... Last night we had some pre cooked hamburgers that came out of one of Steve's lines. It was pretty good.. around 252 calories... I had it on light white wheat bread with a little ketchup... It tasted pretty good... until about 20 minutes later when I realized it just was not for me.. I got a little queasy from it. I think that is because we , especially me has eaten nothing but very very lean beef or steak when I eat red meat.... and this hamburger... though it was supposedly lean, it was not what I have been used to eating... So I think I won't be indulging in those for a long time... I prefer the homemade variety. For Dinner I had some VIVE cereal.. that stuff is SOOOOOOO GOOD... I really enjoy a lot of the Kashi products... I used some Organic Fat free milk and I have to say this Organic Fat free milk is Delicious.. I could not believe how good it was.
Today I did the low sugar oatmeal thing with fresh blueberries.. and have a good lunch planned...Planning on getting some walking or swimming in this weekend too... ITs slow .. the exercise stuff but I am getting there.. so thats good. Just taking it all one day at time.
Wish me well
Wish you well too...
Until Next time..

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Anonymous said...

Slow is fine...any exercise is better than none. You obviously have the determination and that's fantastic!!