Saturday, March 10, 2007


Here is my question for today... Why is the goal weight of 132 so important to me? I have not weighed that in about 15 years .. and even then I did not stay there for very long.. not even a year.. but for some reason.. that just seems good.. I have gotten as low as 127 in my adult life.. and that felt good.. but THAT did not last for long either.. but 132.. just seems to be a good number for me... by all the charts I should weigh between 99 and 119 lbs when I am through.. the last time I saw 114 I was 14 years old.. so it just does not seem realistic.. my doctor wants me under 140.. ANYthing under 140 and he would be happy... as of last Monday I was 198.5 ... So I am getting closer.. still a very long way to go .. but I am getting there.. I have short term goals too.. the next short term one is 189... by the end of my program I am should be around 188.. and then I keep going from there... I am hoping for that.. I am striving for that.. I am going in the right direction.. but 132.. rings in my head.. as the goal I am seeking.. What is about numbers... that we so need to be a certain weight.. not just what feels good to us.. ..I guess it really is a combination of numbers and how I physically feel as well... Only time will tell.
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Natalie C. said...

Just catching up on your blog- wow-eventful- almost tornados and eye issues and funny stories about your dogs. :) And mostly, thanks for being so positive. I can just see you losing all this weight and becoming a motivational speaker. Great job on your commitment to healthy food. I know that's definitely the key to weight loss that I'm just not using. (yet... I have the desire at least.)