Wednesday, March 7, 2007


May I please Please PLEASE.. take a nap.. I am pooped... I have been up since around 2 a.m. with a toothache.. YEAH same tooth different day.. Hopefully this issue will clear up so I can have the coring done and then the crown.. OHHH BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. I was suppose to have the core put in tomorrow.. but.. last night I had to be a perfect polly and floss EXTRA GOOD.. and brush REALLLLLY GOOD.. and BOOOOOOOOM.. 1:30 am.. I was up with a monster toothache.. what in the hell did I do to myself????.. The dentist is sending me to the endodontist tomorrow to make sure the tooth is okay.. for some reason the area is VERY sensitive espeically to touch... and the tooth should be nerveless.. all the nerves are taken care of that were suppose to be root canaled.. yet apparently much to my chagrin we have a little band around the tooth.. one might call it saran wrap.. and that little band is MASSIVELY sensitive.. so .. if one brushes their teeth with too much intensity .. TOOTHACHE.. TRAUMA.. WHO KNEW!!!!... yes I am half delirious as I write this.. I just want my tooth finished so I can chew on that side... I feel lopsided .. not really.. Anyway.. all is good weight wise.. I am going to be doing Laundry most of the night so thats my activity.. I should go swim.. but I am not.. I will however do some walking tomorrow.. and will be doing a lot of that this weekend... I know I know.. I can not gripe about not losing weight faster if I dont get my ass in gear and exercise like a monkey... or a tiger.. who whatever or whoever exercises with glee... okay i am not complaining.. I just have not found the exercise zone.. half due to my own worry about injurying myself.. ( remember me.. 1 torn miniscus, 1 case of severe tendenitis right leg... 2 minor disk herniations and one sort of moderate one... and scar tissue issues from back surgery in 1996.. SOOO I am just a basket of physical road blocks..) HOWEVER I do know that there are things I can do .. that will not reinjure said injuries.. the other half is due to just finding what I know I will stick with long term.. I am finding I like a combo of walking, water aerobics and recumbent biking.. those seem to work well for me...I am cool with that.. Just got to act on it more.. All right.. enough ramblings...
Wish me well Wish you well too!!!!

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