Monday, March 12, 2007


Just wanted to share some things.. one funny thing and then some fun news... The other night we were at Whole Foods.. shopping.. and I picked something up and was reading the nutritional info... one of Steves favorite things to say is.. thats nothing but gratuitous calories... I looked at him with a straight face and said.. I keep you around and you are nothing but gratuitous calories too.. We both laughed.. now for the FUN/EXCITING NEWS..... On February 14th after seven wonderful years together ... Steve and I are officially engaged with a wedding coming up hopefully sometime in the fall. Wehave not set the big date yet. I am so excited... Steve and I have lived a lifetime in these past 7 years.. losing my dad, losing several loved ones.. battling his cancer.. traveling the country... finding goodness around us in simple things.. we have done a lot in 7 years and seen a lot in that time. He totally surprised me Valentines day. We had promised each other since I had been making all of these changes that we were not going out to dinner and not going to do anything major... I came home from work to be greeted by a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses with red tips... they were in a beautiful tourquoise tin container. I gave Steve a letter and a small tin of candy.. I was a little upset because the flowers were so pretty and all I had for him was a tin of candy... he kept asking me to look at the flowers carefully .. did I see something.. ?? much to my chagrin I did not... Finally with his hand over mine we pulled out a stem of babys breath and much to my amazement was a beautiful ring.. ( a past present future setting) .. I was shocked.. I had kinda given up on the idea of us going farther than we were.. though I still had hope.. It was wonderful.. everything that moment was the way it was suppose to be. Later that evening what sealed things for me... was when I was sitting on the sofa with Steve and suddenly over my right shoulder I felt a cool breeze.. it was really unusual.. then I smelled a cologne smell which turned into the sweetest smell I had ever known.. I asked Steve if he smelled that.. and he said no... but he looked at me.. and said.. thats Sid ( my dad) I know it is.. and I knew too... My dad was there... and it was such a good feeling.. even though it lasted less than 10 seconds.. it was so nice... He loved Steve.. they were good friends... So.. over the course of the life changes I am making I have this to look forward to .. A lifetime with the person I love. I am pretty lucky... Now.. I need advice.. because I am older.. and a first time bride.. I am tryng to have some of the bride fun but keep it realistic for a person my age... you know.. no fru fru.. but a little fru... I have tried on a couple dresses.. and should I opt for wedding dress... I know the style that will work for me.. I won't make that purchase until shortly before the wedding.. I figured on a guest list of just under 200 ( over half of that are folks that are related to me or him..) I have already designed our invitation... and I have a printer friend helping me with that. I know where the wedding will be and where the reception will be.. I just have to work on decorations.. (25 tables) , Steve is handling the cake.., so all in all We have things fairly figured out.. its just a matter of deciding on a date.. and putting it all together... I am concerned about the decorations for the tables.. and being cost effective yet pretty.. any ideas.. from you wonderfully creative folks would be much appreciated.. ... I am hoping to have off atleast another 30 pounds before the wedding.. I weigh tonite and I hope I have reached my 15 pound mark.. not sure though... the scale this morning read 194.2 last monday morning it read 196.8 and when weighed that evening I was 198.5 ... so I really am hoping I will have that 15 pound goal reached this week.. If I could have a total of 45 pounds off by the time of the wedding I would be pretty happy.. of course I would be really excited if I had more than that.. but I am trying to be realistic ..I am guessing the wedding would be late October... which is okay with me. I am not going to do anything fadish .. or crazy to lose weight faster.. just going to stay with what I am doing since it seems to be working so well.. besides if I hit the 15 pound mark tonite... that would be since jan 22.. and thats pretty good in my book... okay enough rambling... I will post tonite with stats..
Wish me well
Wish you well too


Critter said...

OMG Honi!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you.

Bethany said...


I don't know what kind of wedding you want but I threw mine together in 2 months at a cost of less than $2000. We had 130 people. We cut a ton of corners but maybe I could give you some ideas.

Natalie C. said...

Wow! That's awesome! I'm happy for you, too. Even happier for you than I would be if you posted a big weight loss. :) Although I'm sure that will ensue because you will have this great motivation. Anyway, you seem like such a great person. I'm so glad to hear this good news.