Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Open to everyone one that reads me.. lets see how do I ask this..???? what are those panties called that are comfortable but help you look smooth and come down a little over your thighs.. like bike shorts.. there is a name for them.. they have been on Oprah.. (not interviewed or anything I just remember hearing someone say something about them on Oprah) there are several brands and I was thinking they would be good under my wedding dress.. or a regular dress should I ever be motivated to wear a dress. I am more of pants girl.. always have been. I dont like teetering on high heels. Anyhow.. if anyone has a link or knows what I am talking about please please let me know... its not a panty girdle but something sort of like that only not as restricting.. and suppose to be comfortable..
okay enough questioning .. thanks!! oh and I saw the doc they put me on a pill that acts like a narcotic but is not... (who knew?? ) not sure if i am gonna go to the local drug pusher ( Walgreens) ( no offense meant to any pharmacists my niece will be one soon so I call her my little drug pusher...) and get the prescription .. not sure... I also have to cut down on my advil.. I was taking them 4 ever 4 hours.. not a good idea.. I can have 4 3 times a day.. and I have to take priolosec with them now... so I wont get any more acid reflux... and I am waiting to get precertified from BCBS to get a CT SCAN of my head.. The doc wants to see whats going on with all this pain.. and as of right now the pain is climbing back up.. I have a deep burning feeling in the right side of my head and mouth.. yucky feeling... the pain comes in waves of sharp jabs and consistant visits...Sometimes I close my eyes and I just ride the pain for a little bit... other times I just feel sorry for myself lol.. oh well.. seriously.. I am a bit concerned that my doc wants me to have CT but hopefully I can get some good answers.. wish me luck.
Final question... If I was going to die.. would BCBS make me get precertified to do that... ??? just a thought..
Wish me well
Wish you well too


gustavclarkston said...

Spanx. Lane Bryant has 'em.

Bethany said...

Yeah them.

Do yourself a favor- find a flattering dress and forego the girdle. You'll be so much more comfortable and enjoy yourself more. But, of course, if you are more comfortable with the girdle then wear it.

I wore one when I was in my brother's wedding and it was the most awful, uncomfortable, hard to get off when you really have to pee (and let's face it, it's hard enough to pee with a wedding dress on without having to wrestle with your under garments) piece of crap I've ever worn! When I got married I wore sexy yet comfortable undies.

The last thing the Big Guy would want to hear in response to "What are you wearing under that wedding dress?" is "Oh some really terrific fat-sucker-inner body armor." Sex-ay!

I also wore flats.

I'm all about the comfort!

If you don't like this advice, ignore it ;)

Eve said...

Spanx are what you're looking for, and they're not that bad. I've tried them, and they really do smooth you out. Granted, they're not the most comfortable things in the world, but sometimes, to quote Fernando (from SNL), it is better to look good than to feel good.