Thursday, March 29, 2007


I am glad the weekend is almost here.. not that I wish my life away or anything.. but man.. I am tired.. the pain is wearing.. Hopefully after tomorrow's CT scan we will have an idea whats going on in my head.. I think its some type of sinus issue.. and hopfully nothing major... please.. nothing major...
Weight wise all is good.. food is good.. exercise sucks.. Hey I will get there.. I know what to do.. and yes it is just about doing it..

I also started another blog.. yeah thats crazy I know.. but check it out..
. I found this group that is for bloggers who are losing weight and I decided to join that too.. hey .. we can always use extra support .. at least thats what I think.. here is the link to it.. so u can puruse the site and my blog I will probably double post from time to time.. just to save time LOL...
OHHH yes... thanks to those of you who told me the name of those panties I appreciate it very much...

Be well
Wish me well
Wish you well too
Until next time... ( probably tomorrow after the CT scan)

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buddha_girl said...

Let us know how the CTscan goes, ok? I wonder if they're looking for an abcess from your tooth debacle. I'm thinking good thoughts for you!

Spanx: I own a pair and think they're great. HOWEVER, I didn't wear anything constricting on my wedding day. I wore an empire waist gown that hid EVERYTHING and was beautiful while being super comfy! Do what feels best...don't worry about anything else.