Monday, March 19, 2007


BUT HERE IT COMES...WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OKAY I am glad that is over with.. my mouth continues its saga.... Saw Dr. Endodontist today... he unpacked the tooth.. explored a bit.. said there was nothing more he could do.. he did not see any cracks but notices some irritation around the gum line now... he thinks the root might be cracked or the tooth might have a small fracture in it causing this pain.. whoop dee doo.. all i know is that the right side of my mouth feels like an elephant is standing on my eyeball.. I got a shot in the jaw, a shot in the gum and a shot in the roof of my mouth to the side by the tooth.. OUCHHHHHHHHHH.. I also saw the oral surgeon today... So the game plan stands at.. should the tooth not be improved in 3 weeks.. or if it gets worse in the next 3 weeks.. I am to call the oral surgeon .. and he is going to extract the tooth.. NO MORE PAIN.. my dilemma is this.. should the tooth quiet down and I get a crown on it.. there is a large chance that said tooth will crack.. and have to be removed regardless.. the surgeon feels that if the tooth does not heal with in 3 weeks then chances are it will never heal right.. and since it is a back tooth chances are I can get by with no appliance replacement like a bridge or something... I just am tired of the pain especially when I have my motorcycle helmet on and my cheek is up against the tooth.. YIKES does that hurt...
I tried a frozen entree by Michael Angelo ( I THINK THATS THE NAME) it was a eggplant roll up thing.. 180 for 2 of them.. my only compliant was that it was a bit high in sodium... otherwise it was wonderful.. I will probably keep it as something to do from time to time and keep it for the winter menu as well.. Yes .. that was a recent decision of mine to start eating seasonally..The heavier foods.. in winter.. and more lighter fair in spring and summer.. Switch too more cereal in the A.M. and less oatmeal.. cooler foods in the warmer weather.. hot foods in cooler or rainy weather.. seems like it will increase the variety of foods out there to try.. HEALTHIER FOODS.. We have also decided to eat more locally.. For example when we see a fruit stand or veggie stand.. stopping checking out what they have and if it looks good buying it.. not only do we help out this guy in a truck .. but we help ourselves by eating locally grown veggies that are probably fresher.. we picked up some gorgeous redskin potatos yesterday at the Mountain Top Flea Market in Attalla Alabama I also almost got a new puppy... she was a white border collie with a brown mask and blue eyes.. I would have called her BANDIT.. he was so cute.. oh well. Steve and I Think we are going to wait until after our wedding for another new addition.. but I sure wish I would have had my camera with me to take her picture.. she was such a cutie.. a snuggley kisser too... (sigh) oh well...
That about wraps it up.. gonna go take some ibus now... and hit the shower..
Wish me well..
Wish you well too

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Honi, it sounds like you are in a lot of pain. I so do not like having dental work done. I would rather have another C-Section then go to the Dentist. I actually pay extra for nitrous oxide when I get a deep cleaning. I hope your mouth will feel better soon Honi.