Monday, March 5, 2007


AH Cookie the Wonder Dog.. you can see her picture if you scroll down and look to the right of the screen... she is something else.. Ever since she was a puppy she has believed that anything that falls to the floor or that is on the edge of the counter in the kitchen absolutely belongs to her.. This would include a bag of cinnamon and raisin bread that weighed as much as she did at the time.. it would also include a raw chicken wing that she gleefully paraded around the house with... and it would also include part of Steve's dinner from the other night... You see I made the unfortunent error of leaving his bowl of pasta at the edge of the kitchen counter and walking into the other room.. I walked back in the kitchen and a huge chunk of his dinner was missing.. I have no idea how she does it.. standing on her hind legs her head just reaches the counter.. so with out toppling the bowl to the floor I have no idea how she managed to do that.. she knew she was guility especially when she rounded the corner licking her chops and looking at me with her UH OH face. lol I could not punish her because I did not see her do it... It made me remember when she was just a puppy how she pulled a bag of Cinnamon bread that weighed about as much as she did at the time to the floor .. took it into the dining room.. and in the dark.. undid the package so that it rolled back and exposed the bread that this pup so gleefully indulged in.. She and our other Dog Baz ( he stayed with her for moral support) spent the night outside that nite... I was so scared the raisins were going to kill her... but alas.. she tossed her "cookies " the next day in the front yard and she was her usual self again... and the chicken wing fiasco was pretty funny too.. she was so proud of that chicken wing she tossed it up in the air and ran around with it like it was a huge reward.. we eventually obtained said raw chicken wing ... I think she is a bit of a compulsive eater and an amazingly neat eater as well.. she always makes me smile..... when I found that wrapping rolled back from that cinnamon bread on the floor that evening I thought it was the newspaper plastic and was shocked when I realized what that little missy had done... We know better than to let things rest on the end of the counter.. Last week Cookie reminded me .. always to push the food back.. lest I want to give her a
As for me... I weigh tonite and will post that a little later..
Hope all is well in your world..
Wish me well
Wish you well too
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Anonymous said...

I have a chocolate Lab and he, too, seems to think if it hits the floor or is anywhere accessible, it should be his.

The bagel story is SO funny!!

Both your dogs are adorable...