Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I am mildly irritated.. I absolutely dislike those studies for which diet works best... Now I am either going to find folks that agree with me .. or those that will think I am nuts... It took me 34 years to realize that a Diet is a Diet.. no matter what it claims it is.. There are no end all be alls etc... We all know the real truth.. ANYONE CAN LOSE WEIGHT BARING any medical condition that prevents them from doing so.! The fundemental key is what happens after the weight is off. Have you learned anything? Have you developed life changing habits? Do you understand that for the rest of your life you must adapt to your new way of eating until it becomes the normal , comfortable rest of our life feeling ? DO we.. Do you? Can we accept that this change .. is a forever change.. not just a temporary change... ? Are we .. strong enough to live a different way and not let Wendy's McDonalds.. KFC.. Hamburger Heaven or whatever fast food shakes your tree or whatever dingdong buddy bar.. chip etc.. seems to whisper our name...... Have we learned that these places .. these foods... are not the places where we will find substantial food for our bodies.. Think about it?? Each of us is working hard to obtain a goal.. are we ready for the responsibility that will come with obtaining this goal? Are our plans in place for lifelong lifestyle change.. thats what it is really about.. Sure you can deflate your tush by following Atkins, WW, the Zone.. whatever... Or you can do the simple thing and count calories.. intake vs output. I love what I am doing because it allows me the freedom to eat healthy.. and have fun.. and be creative... I like logging my food.. I like finding out what I have done during the day eating wise... I like knowing I am capable of change... SO when you read the garbage out there that this diet is better than that diet.. realize that there is no such thing as a diet.. that that is a fable... what matters is you.. and what you are willing to compromise for a healthier self.. for the rest of your life.. not five minutes.. when the powers that be .. decide that .. THAT DIET is better..and this DIET is worse this fable tells the biggest fib.. or that fable will tell you worse..... Find your truth.. make a commitment to yourself.. one step at a time until it becomes habit.. until it becomes a natural part of you ... no more tug of war.. 34 years of trying.. thats over.. in my 44th year I am ready for me.
Wish me well.. Wish you well too!!

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Bethany said...

Definitely wishing you well!

It is hard to realize that I have to be on guard for the rest of my life against my own bad habits.