Friday, March 30, 2007


No news on the CT Scan will hear something some time next week.. SO lets talk about something wonderful.. yes ladies and gentlemen.... I am a proud new parent... I will be posting pictures this evening when I get home and can take pictures... hmm I guess I have your curiousity up a bit... wellll.. here is the scoop... I am the proud new momma of a ' MATER.. that's southernspeak for a TOE MAY TOE or tomato... yes.. my little plants have sprouted.. last nite I saw my first grape ' a little green bigger than a pea size thing.. and oh so cute.. I just hope my doggies don't snatch it. both the grape and the cherry tomato plants are sprouting flowers left and right and pretty soon they will be full of wonderful little 'maters.. I am so excited.. I have not done this in years... I also have some BEAUTIFUL BASIL growing too.. used some last nite for my Italian salad.. it was sooooooooooooooooooo good. Well I will do another post either tonite or tomorrow with pictures of baby 'Mater One... Ohhh and when I left my subdivision today.. I saw a momma duckie with some brand new baby duckettes.. they were so cute.. all yellow and fluffy and cute.. I hope they all will survive..
Wish me well
Wish them well
Wish you well too
Until next time...

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buddha_girl said...

Love, love, love 'maters!

I'm jealous that you already have blossoms and a baby. Sheesh. I haven't even been able to till my damn garden!

Keep your head up on the CTscan. I have a feeling they're going to find something very simple in the end. Have they checked for an inner ear problem?