Thursday, March 8, 2007


What a day... had to go back to the endodontist today... am on antibiotics.. if the pain does not go away in 2 weeks .. he goes back in the tooth.. if the tooth has a cracked root as he suspects... bye bye tooth.. its a back tooth.. so its not really that major.. but it is.. I have had that tooth well you know.. since I had teeth.. this thing is going to drag out for the next 4 weeks.. if the pain goes away .. then i can procede for the prep for the crown.. but now I am in tooth pergatory.. and to top that off my eye started itching again.. Good thing about working for an optometrist.. they can take care of that pretty swiftly.. I am back on eye drops.. and then she is sending me to another doctor to look at this little irritation under my eye lid.. she said he might remove it..WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! do what to my eye lid.. rather under my eyelid.. someone is going to remove something from the inside of my eyelid.. yikes.. I hope that does not come to pass.. when I use the eyedrops.. it stops itching.. which is good.. but I know my boss and she is not going to be satisfied with that.. she wants it to go away but .. well.. ewww.. okay I am putting it out of my head.. blech... I just watched OPRAH.. and now I am more depressed.. it was about women who have lost a great deal of weight via gastric by pass or other means.. most of these women lost their marriages.. had relationship issues.. all kinds of things.. geez.. I just want to lose my weight I dont want the world around me to change.. you know?? I want a smaller ass but not at the price of love. okay I am exagerating I know.. I called him up and said is " he just going to be regular to me.. you know.. proud.. happy that I have done this.. but well. I wanted to make sure he was not going to pull away.. I think he is more concerned that I will change... I won't .. not on the inside.. I just want to be more mobile able to do things with more ease.. I just want to feel better.. You know??? I have never thought weight loss is a cure all. Weight loss just makes your body better.. and your insides healthier .. thats all I want.. I want my world to be the same.. as I become better.. He said.. turn the TV off .. and dont watch that stuff.. I think he is right.. BYE BYE OPRAH.. those ladies are not me. I guess I am sensitive to people who are on the same journey as me..or who have been on the same journey...
Wish me well.
Wish you well too.

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