Thursday, March 15, 2007


The weather outside may be frightful however all is well inside though so that is what is important... IT is a yuckified day here in good old Alabama... rain rain rain..followed by more rain and cold weather..
I have had a good eating week so far... but a lousy exercise week.. I have been increasing activity though.. it is just I have not been to the pool like I should be doing.. I know I know.. I know... no excuses.. just DO IT!!!.
I guess folks are getting ready for Spring break coming up Next week... anyone have any out of town plans.. I am going to be working... so no vacation for me ... We are planning a pretty rockin' bike trip to Colorado some time early summer I think... So I really need to keep on getting in better shape so I can cope with any heat that comes my way... I am not a summer person at all... I don't like to be hot.. I think it is because most of the time I am hot not by choice... ( NOTHING LIKE THOSE LITTLE FLASHY THINGS) ... I prefer being cool... I can always warm up.. it is staying cool that has always been the issue for me.. especially after reaching 35... The hot flashes have tamed down a good bit... Now at 44 I only get them from time to time.. but they are whoopers.
I have been reading a lot about childhood obesity and thinking to myself... who is at the root of this issue .. is it the child that has learned to SUPERSIZE everything..??? or is that about a parent who just is so overwhelmed with things or perhaps too lazy even to provide healthier alternatives...Are we simply just a country that is clueless when it comes to portion control..???. I wonder what it is about... In theory if a someone has a regular size or small burger with out all the extras or SUPERSIZES... from a fast food joint and even a small fry and small drink.. doing this here and there.. once and a while.. that's not a bad thing.. but theory... has turned into daily... and convienience.. I sat in my car the other day at Sonic.. waiting to order my 2 bags of ice.. ( I LOVE SONIC ICE) and I watched as car load after car load pulled in and ordered well.. .use your imagination... These people were average size .. with mostly average size kids... I did not think much about that until I read the article... A lot of schools are removing vending machines filled with junk food.. I guess those things will help... but I also know that in our wonderful country ... with all of our technological advances we have helped create this by giving our kids computers... video games .. and items that call for a more seditary lifestyle.. So I wonder is it really the food that is creating this. ? should a parent be blamed??/ where does it start...???.... Granted in my day we really did not have a SUPERSIZED WORLD... everything was small , medium or large... then came Extra Large ...and in my world.. no one ever got a extra large......We also played outside a lot more too..Choices were more limited 3 channels on the TV to choose from as well... and board games to play... Outside was my favorite place... Catching lightening bugs... running around until it was dark out..Choices were this SUPERSIZE ME WORLD.. who watches out for the kids... ??? MOM .. DAD.. or the CHILD AT LARGE....
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

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