Monday, March 5, 2007


A half a pound... thats all I lost this week... A half a pound.. what is a half a pound.???.. hmm a half a pound is something when you add it to 12.5 pounds.. it makes the nice round number of 13 pounds lost since January 22 , 2007... and this is good.. It makes me reflect on my food log and see where I can tweak things... It makes me realize that yes I do indeed need to consume more liquids when I noticed today at work .. I only tinkled one time.. thats not good ... It makes me realize that a half a pound in the right direction.. is good. Tonite in class we discussed the pros vs the cons in losing weight... the cons were basically having to plan ahead, having to keep a food log.. etc... in my mind those are not real cons.. lets face it.. we gotta do those things in order to bring about change.. for with out change you just spin in the same circle.. the same circle of self doubt, eating wrong.. feeling bad.. etc.. its better to break that circle readjust it... create a healthy environment for yourself.. and create what you or I need to be successful... I am not going to do this again.. I simply can not.. this is show time.. My chance to star in my life... each of our chances to star in our own lives... we matter.. each of us.. but first we have to matter to ourselves by turning every perceived negative or real negative into some type of positive.. by redeveloping our thought processes until we GET IT RIGHT... and Get'er done as Larry the Cable guy would say...
Wish me well

Wish you well too
Current: 198.5
Goal : 132
Start: 211.5


Critter said...

Hey Honi! A 1/2 pound loss is great!!! There are some weeks I am happy to see a 10th of a pound gone. At least the scale is moving in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

1/2 pound lost is better than 1/2 pound GAINED!! You sound like you're doing really well... be proud of that!!