Sunday, March 25, 2007


Yes I am momentarily alive.. boyyyy when it rains it poors in my life.. Steve has been sick since last nite... I tend to get a little scared when he gets sick.. even if its just a chest cold.. I often wonder what if it is cancer?? to most of you that may sound absurd.. but Steve is a prostate cancer survivor.. and yes every check up is great.. and he has been cancer free since 2002. It just was such a traumatic time... 6 months prior to his diagnosis my father was killed in an accident, then on his 50th birthday he was told he had prostate cancer.. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? over the phone no less by an oncologist who we have never seen or heard from since. His doctor ( my doctor) sent him to a wonderful urologist who took great care of him. This doctor also took care of my dad too when he had prostate cancer.. yeah.. my dad had it in the mid 90s only they could not do the surgery on him. He had radiation treatment.. so I guess in some morbid way that is why I came to terms quicker with how he died.. You see.. prior to the accident.. his PSA ( BLOOD TEST FOR PROSTATE Prostate specific antigen) was climbing back up.. his numbers were getting high.. and since he had had radiation treatment.. well.. there would have been not much they could have done for him..Prostate cancer is a horrible cancer .. and it is the number 1 killer cancer in men. so FORGIVE my little flash here.. if your husband or boyfriend is over 50.. make him get his PSA test.. annually unless otherwise needed.. if there is a history of prostate problems in his family and he is under 50 he needs to be checked too.. Yes I know more about a man's prostate than i know about my own ovaries... lol... seriously.. it is a scary disease take care of those you love by having them get checked... anyhow.. as I was saying earlier.. I get scared... logically there is no reason to get scared .. but in my heart there is always that little whisper .. what if it is cancer coming back in another form.. >>> I try to NOT listen and just treat whatever ails him.. He has a bit of a fever.. and a infection ... coughing really bad.. however he might also have a secondary infection..... one of the side effects of prostate cancer surgery can be a little disease known as epididimitis.. it is a BAD infection for men... it is the inflamation of the little tube that carries the fluid for sperm... and this inflammation IS HORRIBLE for men. Steve got that after his surgery and deals with the pain from time to time.. IT is CHRONIC it never goes away .. but can be TREATED... he had corrective surgery for that however it only has as success rate of about 50 percent or so.. but for the most part.. He is usually in Tip Top shape.. and never has issues... and he is NEVER sick.. so when he gets sick.. its a big deal in our house... Not to mention I am still dealing with the tooth from hell.. IT MAY BE GONE but it sure lingers on.. the stitching area is a bitch... one of the wires keeps poking me in the cheek.. and I am keeping gauze in my mouth to try and seperate my cheek from the stitch wire.. UGHHHH this is going on until Wed.. when I get the stitches out.. UGHHH.. oh well. I am trying to be a trooper about it... wish me luck...
Well all and all things are okay here.. I hope we have a good nite .. it was rough here last nite between me not feeling well and him not feeling well..
Hopefully we are both on our way to a quick recovery..
though I am insisting he see the doctor tomorrow..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..
Tomorrow is weigh day.. so I will post stats then..

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