Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yesterday Morning I walked into the kitchen .. Steve and one of his employees are busy downstairs loading up the truck for a sampling at a store.. I noticed in the sink a cake which obviously someone had sampled CAKE some chocolate something or other.. and I thought to myself.. it is not even 8 am.. and someone hopefully NOT my husband is having a slice of cake.. or maybe this is a plate from the day before.. .. hmmm I have a feeling its a plate from early yesterday morning.. when they were packing up .. I just shook my head.. NO CAKE BEFORE 8 a.m LOL..
Speaking of Steve... 6 years ago today he was diagnosed with Prostate cancer on his 50th birthday.. in June of that year he had the surgery ... 6 years later he is for the most part healthy and celebrating his 56th birthday today..

Happy Birthday Sweetheart I love you always and forever..!!
I am not going through any arbitrary motions.. I know what I am doing.. I know I am eating well and have been OP since Monday.. I have a had a few days of feeling less than myself but that is starting too drizzle off. When will I feel the change.. I do feel things in small ways like drinking 48 0z of water a day the last 3 days , aside from visiting the bathroom frequently.. I feel more hydrated and less dry. NO I am not at the 64oz mark yet with water.. and not sure If I will get there or not.. righ now just drinking 48 oz is a big thing for a non water drinker. I want to feel a difference in my clothes.. I want to see a difference on the scale.. why on earth am I so impatient with myself right now? I have not a clue.. I know a life time of being overweight is not going to correct itself in 3 days.. Logically I know this. I know this will take the rest of my life to work with.. I know that I will never be able to stop this.. for when I stop, old habits return with avengence. It is as if I never worked hard to obsolve myself of these old habits.. they return like roots of kudzu in my life.. winding wickedly back in with a cookie here or there.. wiping out all my hard work.. Yet here I am again plowing my way through the vines.. dig out the roots and hoping these new seedlings will emerge with stronger vines and wind their way through out my life.. Drinking water for most is a simple task.. Drinking water for me is a thought out process .. I eat a few almonds to make myself thirsty.. so I can start drinking.. thats what I did this morning.. so far in the last 5 minutes I drank.. 2 ounces of water LOL.. whoop dee do lol... before lunch 24 ozs will be gone.. then I have my diet sunkist with lunch.. then after lunch its back to water.. ( Tuesday I only had a few sips of my diet sunkist.. and went back to water) .. I have walked .. last night presented a bit of challenge because Steve had a dinner meeting.. I was going to take Baz for a walk but he was limping so Cookie and I went on a short walk..
In my last post I talked about Fiber one Bars and a few of you said you would no longer eat them.. I was not advocating that at all.. and I am questioning myself on this.. no they are not the most healthiest thing... but lets face it.. a great deal of the food we eat has additives and chemicals.. its not a cop out .. to eat something you enjoy.. just dont have a ton of it.. thats what I started thinking about .. I like having one of those in the afternoon.. when my sweet tooth starts waking up...
I have also mentioned Hungry Girl a lot lately .. Hope you got to see the interview on the Today show this morning.. Guess what????? I GOT MY COOKBOOK ... WILL REVIEW IT ON FRIDAY .. UHMM THATS TOMORROW YAY!! it looks really fun..
Pictures from Dinner and Dessert.. last night
Featuring Tomato Sammys for 4 points total thats 2 tomato sammys ,(LIGHT BREAD, 2 SLICES 1PT, A COUPLE SPRINKLES OF ROMANO CHEESE, SPRAY BUTTER FOR BOTH SIDES OF BREAD SLICES, SLICED TOMATOS ) 1 pt skinny cow dippers bar and 1/3 of the other flavor and had a WW latte giant bar.. BUY THESE THEY ARE WONDERFUL.. eat either 1~ 80 cal Skinny Dipper for 1 point or 2 for 3.. ( thats what the points work out too) thats why I only had a taste of the second flavor which is better than the original its vanilla dipped in choc. the second flavor is carmel dipped in choc.. yum.. have not had or seen the mint flavored one... and then I had my planned dessert a 1pt giant WW Latte bar.. SOOOO YUM and I am not a big coffee drinker .. but these rock the house!! NORMALLY I WOULD NOT DO A DOUBLE DESSERT but curiousity got the best of me.. In the real world its one or the other.. but the good news is I did it all in 2.5 points ~ oh and there is also a picture of one of those honey tangelos.. hmm yummmy..

Thats it for a Thursday
Wish me well
Wish you well
Hungry Girl was on the today show.. in case you missed it.. click here and scroll to the video titled : STRATEGIES FOR GUILT FREE SNACKING **** click on that title and watch the video


40 by 40 said...

Happy Birthday to Steve and what a nice happy outcome to the Cancer story. I am sorry you all had to experience that. Thanks for the tip..WIll try the skinny dippers ASAP. You are doing great Honi!! JUST great!! Good job w/ the OP and walking!!Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!
Patience.. patience is what we need. I know precisely how you feel and can totally relate to the roots of our obesity going waaaaay back. It's hard, but you're doing wonderful! One step at a time.