Friday, May 30, 2008


4 Facts about Weight Loss
1. It takes time If you don't have time, do something else instead
2. It means changing your eating habits Nothing else works
3. It does NOT mean eating less It means eating differently
4. The biggest enemy of weight loss is HUNGER Hunger leads to temptation and failure
*Borrowed from Anne Collins ~
Fast Food Facts click on links provided at this sight and prepare to get a little queasy...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fact: It is a Fact that I have THIS ....Why yes I have dealt with this all my life and went away to boarding school for this .. this will never go away .. this is PART of who I am .. don't ask me to balance your check book, you may not like the results.. (the link provided are the symptoms) I just found this website by the way had no idea anything like this existed .. I think this is mostly for parents who have kids with it and need a diagnosis. Why would I be looking for this.. well here is why.. Harvey Korman passed away yesterday.. When I was in boarding school, my senior year, I had a friend whose mom was on a comittee that promoted research for all learning differences etc.. Harvey Korman was on this comittee and was scheduled to be a guest speaker at one of their events.. I was encouraged to write him a letter and send him some of my poetry.. I did.. and shortly before graduation I recieved a 2 page hand written letter from him.. Telling me that my writing was wonderful.. to go for my dreams.. to not "bellyache" about things not being fair.. nothing ever is... and so forth.. I still have that letter from 1982 going on a search for it this weekend.. May that wonderful man rest in peace.. his humor ( I was an avid Carol Burnett show fan when I was a kid) ~Saw him in all of the Mel Brooks movies he was in.. Blazing Saddles, History of the world part 1 etc... ~His concern for one kid across the USA has stayed with me a life time.. What a good man and wonderful artist ..
Fact: I am not on this planet to clean up everyone's messes or to take responsibility when certain others decide they do not want said responsibility.

Fact: The surgery is serious, and I understand your fear but being irrational does not make this easier for anyone ( thats for mom though I know she will never read this)
FACT: Over time our bodies will start to sag, fall and change... as long as we strive to be healthy and get a grip now.. that is all okay..
I have a friend who in her early 30s had complete body liposuction sculpting Now in her early 40s soon to be mid 40s her body is changing in ways that are really bothering her. She has been a weight loss warrior all her life too. The surgery changed how her body deposits fat so recently she made the comment I am settling into my old lady body.. I thought to myself.. there is no such thing as "settling into an old lady body" I think more often than not if you treat your body the best you can and strive to have a healthier self.. stronger bones etc... then even as your body ages and things change .. its just a mature body not a negative image like that creates in one's mind.. She went through a very long and hard recovery after that surgery .. I remember it well. Sadly now , she is paying the consequences of that surgery.. She always did things different in the weight loss arena than I did.. She was the first and only person I know to take those pills from years ago.. that do not let you digest fat.. she lost a ton of weight and looked fabulous.. but it got to the point where we would go out to dinner.. she would eat something fatty and in 5 minutes she was was running to the bathroom.. never the less she lost the weight.. she also did nutri system too.. I did nutri system .. never the pills though.. that just was not my style.. I like going the WW route or similiar.. it really helps you adjust to any food circumstance out there.. I will always have issues with food.. no pill or magic potion will ever take that away. Better to learn to adjust and control so I can have long term ( FOREVER) weight loss and a healthier HONI..
SCALE FACTS : Starting ~ 190.4
Last week~ 185.6
This week ~ 183.8 YAY!!!
Weight Loss Profile
START DATE : 4/28/08
Start Weight: 190.4 lbs
10% difference: 171.4 lbs
Weight Goal: 132 lbs
Weight Lost: 6.6 lbs
Have a great weekend..

Wish me well
Wish you well too


Grumpy Chair said...

Hey Honi - Congratulations on your weight loss!

I too, was so say about Harvey Korman. I loved him on Carol Burnett and I think probably had a wee crush on him. How wonderful that he wrote you and encouraged you on your writing. Treasure that. I doubt there are many TV stars that would take the time today to help encourage our youth.

Have a great weekend.

Felicia said...

Hi ya!! Just popping in to wish you a wonderful weekend!!!

*big huggles*

Ranaesheart said...

That's some serious facts to consider for someone losing weight! great post!

Ann(ie) said...

I am so bad at not eating frequently enough. It really sabotages me. Your tips are good ones!!! Happy weekend my friend!

40 by 40 said...

I am really behind on your posts and commenting..forgive me. I never heard of dyscalcula! And I read about all that stuff too! Nice job on the weight are doing great!! YAY!