Friday, May 16, 2008

Borderline Dissapointment

So I am trying not to see this as a dissapointment.. fact is we did not exercise at all this week.. this is TOM though I actually really started hunger level was high.. I used 10 of my bonus points during the week.. and I had a serious cinnamon brown sugared almond fetish this week. I am eliminating the almonds this coming week, and doing some type of exercise at least 4 times during the coming week thats my plan... My water intake is really good and my food choices other than over indulging in the almonds has not been bad at all .. so you are saying.. Honi, why are you borderline dissapointed... this week..
Remember last week I had that fight with the scale.. Got on it several time before I accepted the wanted the weight to match at least 2 I weighed 186 but it moved all around 187. whatever.. long story short I gained 3/4ths of a pounds.. I know its TOM.. and I know what I did that was wrong this week too..
Starting weight: 190.4
Last week's weight : 186
Current weight: 186.8
Goal : 132
Yes, I know it could have WORSE.. and yes I know I have never had a weight loss during a TOM week... so I guess I should feel good.. but truth be told I want more.. and I guess if I want more I have to work harder and tune up the areas where I am a little weak .. i.e. EXERCISE ...
It is rather odd though I don't feel that bloated yucky feeling today.. I don't FEEL like I am retaining water or anything.. fact is I feel pretty darn good and was hoping for a little loss .. oh well.....OKAY ALL TOGETHER NOW>>> THE POUNDS ON THE SCALE DON"T NECCESARLY SHOW ALL THE CHANGES YOUR BODY IS GOING THROUGH AS YOU GET YOURSELF TO A HEALTHIER WEIGHT !!
SO see I know these things logically..
Today was weigh in #3....
Here is looking at week 4 and maybe I will hit the 5 pound mark..
what is it that I always say... oh yeah.. SLOW AND STEADY WIN THE RACE.. and what is that that I always say...IT! is.. NOT A RACE but a LIFE TIME.and of course I know that if i lose between a pound (or so) and 2 pounds a week.. this time next year I will have lost at least 52 pounds.. so by next May I should be totally at my goal.. which well.. when I think about it.. is the Healthy thing.. and not a bad thing..


Grumpy Chair said...

You know, I understand how you feel. I think it is okay to feel disappointment with the blankety blank scales!

Hope you have a great on plan weekend Honi.

Cammy said...

Knowing we shouldn't be so dependent on the scales and doing something about it are two entirely different things. :) No, it wasn't a bad week at all, but I understand your frustration. Good plan for this week, though, and an even better attitude!

Scale Junkie said...

I'm eating everything in site over the past few days. UGH I hate it, I know why just like you do but I still hate that empty pit feeling, that anxious feeling my body gets as it tells me to EAT EAT EAT. Hang in there my friend, your results will show next week if you stay true to yourself and your plan.

Lora said...

Almonds aren't bad for you (in moderation) They are actually very good for you!

Hang in there. TOM will be over soon!

Lyn said...

Ugh, I have been struggling a bit too. Wouldn't it be nice if the pounds just dropped off like puddles all around us? Okay, so maybe nix the puddles... but we just have to hang in there til it decides to come off. Next week will be better :)

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