Wednesday, May 7, 2008


INTERNATIONAL NO DIET DAY I guess that is a good thing.. if it works for you.. I have always said diets do not work.. it is about long term eating habits that change to fit a new lifestyle its about ASSUMING a new you.. ASSUMING new HABITS.. and Getting yourself healthier... so .. any thoughts on International No Diet Day which was yesterday and is apparently every May 6th
...I am a little .. well not really blue.. but well maybe blue?? seems Nutri Sytem and Jenny Craig keep being tossed at me.. I am being asked why aren't I doing those programs instead.. look at Queen Latifah.. (She is being paid a ton of money too..) and look at so and so on Nutri System.. I did Nutri System.. I did lose 50 pounds in less than 6 months but I also lost my gall bladder too.. and I really wonder if eating pre packaged foods at every meal is that good good for you.. I never liked Jenny Craig and Nutri System was okay I guess.. I dunno.. it just makes me feel unsettled.. sort of like once again I took the wrong path.. truth be told those other programs are hundreds of dollars and now I am doing something Steve can sort of do with me .. and I like it like that.. I like us sort of doing this together.. I like him asking me about points.. I like walking with him .. I enjoy this.. and if I follow it I will get my weight off.. who the hell am I trying to convince here.. me? I dunno.. oh well...Even one of my sister's jumped on that band wagon.. too.. sheesh .. I just have to feel postive about my choice .. and I hate teeter tottering.. you know what I mean???
Here is an interesting Link HEALTHY WEIGHT NETWORK... Well time to go post my food for the day..****** I went back to my WW site and actually found some good message boards.. I apparently was just in the wrong area.. I am glad I went back and searched some more******
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


Ready to Shrink said...

You did not choose the wrong path I did Jenny for about 6 months and have switched to WW and am much SUPER happier because I feel human again. Eating all that prepackaged food makes you feel like a leper when it comes to social events.

Dee said...

Just my 2 cents, but I feel that Jenny Craig/Nutri System aren't good choices. Sure, you lose weight, but what do you learn? You eat pre-packaged food every day. It's expensive, and at some point you have to go back to eating regular food and you haven't learned how to cook healthy for yourself. You choice of WW was good in my opinion!

Hanlie said...

You have to decide which is more important - weight loss or health. If it's health, whole foods is the way to go. In the process you will lose weight too!

The female radio presenter on our local radio station annoyed me no end yesterday with this No Diet Day thing. She kept telling people to have a big fat slice of cake because it's No Diet Day. Surely the whole idea behind this is to encourage people to be healthier, not stuff themselves!

40 by 40 said...

hi honi!
glad you found some good stuff on the ww boards..dwlz is great for ww too!! and too...sounds like you are doing really well!!!