Thursday, May 29, 2008


I had my blood work done.. just a quick overall check yesterday.... Cholesterol overall number 184 Sugar 70 pretty darn good. My nutritionist was running a program for members to have blood work done.. so I wanted to see how things were going internally for a change... I sure have some pretty ruby red blood ( okay that was a wierd comment but that was my thought when she poked me and drew blood. look at that pretty shade of red LOL) . So those results were nice.. I got on the scale Wednesday morning...184.8 official weigh in is tommorow ...I like to check in and just see where I am at sometimes though.. I only scaled myself one time not my usual 3 or more lol.. you know for the same number twice goal..
My nutritionist and myself started chatting about a new program they were bringing to the club.. its the Opti fast program the same one my doctor wanted me to go on.. You fast ( milkshakes and whatnots only about 800 cals a day) then they slowly allow you food once you have reached goal.. My argument to this day is and will always be... what does this teach you about real world eating.. what does this teach you along the way how to handle yourself.????.
Sure .. anyone could lose weight on this program but what are the long term results???.. they say anyone that has a significant amount of weight to lose who loses it in a traditional way usually gains it back anyhow so whats the difference if someone shells out big bucks to go on this program and lose weight..they probably will have the same results as the traditional dieter who gains their weight back anyhow.. Waa... huh...? its a skewed view if you ask me. Sure these programs work..but it seems to me that with out the patient learning along the way how to handle themselves minus not eating..that they will not have long term success .. I guess it really depends on each patient.. Strangly enough though .. I am very pro lap band for anyone with an excess of 100 pounds or more to lose.. but for those folks who have under 100 pounds to lose I still think that traditional programs yield the most success.. The fact is.. speaking as 1 of the million of Fat people out there.. or obese people.. take your pick on wording.. It matters not what program I follow.. success comes when I learn how to handle issues with out eating them away.. success comes when my portions are controlled. Success comes when the underlying issues for over eating are resolved.. Now do all fat people have emotional eating issues??.. probably not. I would say however, that a majority fall in my catagory.. using food as a tool for self pacifying. for gratification, for rewards.. for emotion.. I am sure there are some obese people out there who got that way because they enjoy their chicken friend steak and other fixings every day. I am sure there are obese people out there who simply love to eat for whatever reason and do not care about their size or health and thats fine.. Yes, hopefully, with out offending those folks that are Fat positive or folks in the fat acceptance arena, I am old school.. I believe that if you are with in a healthy weight range you are healthier overall.. I believe that when you carry extra weight it is dangerous for your body. I also read several fat acceptance blogs.. because truthfully they make me feel good. However, I can not deny what I believe at my very core.. that the smaller I am .. the smaller we all are who battle on.. in the long run we will be healthier than not doing anything at all. Not that I am defending myself.. but if being large works for you thats great.. but I do think that for a HUGE majority it does not really work, lets go deeper, not just clothes not fitting.. what about bones aching.. what about not fitting in standard seating on airplanes or other modes of transportation. ?? there are limitations out there the bigger you are.. I have MANY friends out there who work diligently to lose weight.. they have in excess of 100 pounds to lose.. they stumble and get right back up.. their weight loss is small but growing each day.. some have lost a great deal already.. some via surgery, some via traditional programs.. they are my inspiration because in their obesity they saw their limitations.. with out obesity they see that there are no limits.. that really is an inspiration to me watching them change gives me the courage to continue changing no matter what end of the spectrum they are on.. fast losers or slow ones.. they, you inspire me along my way.
I will always believe that our lives are learning experiences from beginning to matter what our strengths or weaknesses there is always room to learn.
For myself, learning how to make these life changes and accepting them as life changes has been harder than I imagined but worth the journey.. I am not even half way there yet.. but up the hill I go.
Wish me well
Wish you well too....
Tommorow is scale day!


40 by 40 said...

Very insightful! Let's hear it for the lifestyle changes!!Bring em on! How's your mom doing? Good luck with the party!! Keep up the good work! Thanks for all the links!

buddha_girl said...

Opitfast is such horse shit.

I still cannot believe that there are medical professionals who think it's a 'heathy' choice for their patients.

What in the holy hell?

I am proud of you for fighting the good fight every day!

Big Pissy said...

Yes, it has to be lifestyle changes. That's the only thing that works longterm.

Keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. Except for 'Now do all fat people have emotional eating issues??' Yes they do. Whether they know it or not. I believe that obese people for sure have emotional eating issues in that they use food for many other reasons, than just nutrition (including myself here).
I know people on those diets you mentioned and they have gained every single pound back, and it teaches them nothing in the process.
You're doing great. great post!