Wednesday, April 30, 2008


A display of cakes Steve uses for sampling that is downstairs and this particular display was put out the night before last to defrost it was there yesterday morning when I left for I snapped a shot on my way out.. Today on my way out.. the donuts and cupcakes where out too.. Steve and one of his assistants were loading up the truck for a meeting this morning at a local supermarket home office.. Steve said to me the other night that I really have it difficult because of all of his sweets in the house .. The way I see it.. is , is that this is his business.. its downstairs .. in freezers and occassionally on counters.. I dont see it unless I go downstairs.. our living space for the most part is upstairs.. so it really is not that difficult.. it does get a little uncomfortable when he brings samples in the house and into our kitchen that he might have tasted or that his office folks might have tasted.. so .. thats the only time it might get hard especially if it involves chocolate..
This is a bit harder than I imagined.. and not as easy as the Mayo program... but I think in time this will go away.. thats my hope.. I end up feeling draggy yucky or a little green feeling like my blood sugar is low or something.. not sure what it is.. but if i eat fruit or eat at all it goes away..
I tried this in the sugar free Dark Chocolate version.. BAD AFTER TASTE and dumped it all in the garbage ( i knew I was in trouble when I read the ingredients more carefully Maltitol, .. not a friend of mine..) I thought they were sweetened with Splenda and that was all.

So then I tried the WW Amaretto Cheesecake low fat yogurt.. You should have been sitting here with me.. I know my face said things my mouth could not.. IT WAS HORRIBLE.. might have had something to do with the chocolate aftertaste from the pudding I had just tried.... dunno but I will tell you it made me shake all over and not in a pretty way sort of shake .. IT WENT IN TO THE GARBAGE TOO.. so right now I am having WW Boston Cream Pie 1 point yogurt.. its fairly good a tad too sweet but livable.. .. I am still cringing over this:
I like my cheesecake and Amaretto can be tasty.. but not here.. yikes!!!
OHH for a treat .. Steve and I had the Chocolate brownie icecream cups (WW) 2 points.. and dolloped with a tiny bit of ready whip we had a filling and good dessert last night even my husband thought it was tasty... We will get more of them.. We have the Latte bars ( don't know what they taste like yet) but they are 1 point a piece and we have the Skinny cow mint 2 point icecream sandwiches.. we are going to get the 1 point pops by Skinny Cow soon to try.. I know its wasteful to throw stuff out.. but if I dont like it goes in the garbage or my husband will eat it.. LOL he eats anything.. even if he does not love it.. me.. not so good at that..I made a choice not to eat anything ANYTHING unless I really like it and want to spend the points on it..
Last night for dinner we had salad with Asian style ginger dressing and chopped chicken on it, gagutz , fruit.. and even had points left over for dessert too.. We took Cookie and Baz for a walk as well.. So here I am at day 3, hanging in.. Onwards.. and Downwards we go..
HUGE HG NEWS!!! Lisa Lillien (aka Hungry Girl) will be on The Today Show tomorrow (Thursday, 5/1/08) chatting with the gang about the HG cookbook! Don't forget to tune in or set your TiVo! And click HERE for book tour dates!
Wish me well
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40 by 40 said...

OHHHH- thanks for the info on the HG appearance! I went to a place where they hold ww meetings and bought some peanut butter bliss bars..they are soooooooooo good. Time to get cooking and make your own delicious treats? Kudos on the willpower..those sweets would call out to me all night. GOOD FOR YOU. Sounds like you are doing great! Good job w/ the walking.

buddha_girl said...

Oy vey! The cakes. I think I used to be like Steve. I didn't care what went into my mouth as long as it went. Tasteless shit made its way to my hips.

Now? I'm like you - if it's going into my tummy, it had better taste GREAT.

I don't eat WW yogurt, but I DO eat the Yoplait Thick and Creamy stuff. It's like 100 calories a serving. I think the taste is pretty good, and the consistency is to DIE FOR. I don't know how many points - but I'm sure you can figure it out!

Skinny Cow Mint Sammies are YUMOLA! Buddha digs 'em!