Wednesday, April 16, 2008

AM I PARANOID OR SAFE and other mind wanderings..

SO I stopped at Publix to pick up some stuff .. As I was leaving I notice a man in a hooded jacket walking around my car.. and around my car.. he has one of those gripper trash picker upper things in his hand and a handled dust bin.. so on the surface it all looks kosher.. but he was looking inside my car.. not just picking up trash and I noticed he would look around the parking lot a lot too.. He finally got far enough away from my car that I felt comfortable walking to my car ( oh and for the record it was not cool enough outside for a hooded jacket) I saw a lady getting into an SUV .. and the guy was watching her.. so I stayed put until I saw other people walk into the lot..from the store.. Okay so am I paranoid.. You can tell me?? what do you think? I had recently recieved an email about a local woman who left her purse on the floor board of her car while she was at a grocery store.. she and her husband come back to the car and the purse was gone.. two guys had broken into the car. apparently they wait and watch to see if a woman is carrying a purse or not then they go check the car to see if the purse is there.. so that was buzzing in my mind a bit.. I had my bag with me.. It just seemed odd to me.. I dunno..
Recipes : Veggie Pasta
Cauliflower Mash this sounds really good I have had one similiar and loved it.
PISTACHIOS are good for you..
FOUND ON BIG FAT BLOG found this aritcle link on BFB and it really makes me sad how we demonize fat people..and being fat.
SOMETIMES YA JUST GOTTA SAY HUH??? I was perusing ITS A FAT LIFE BLOG she has some great posts, anyhow she had this link and I clicked on it and found these .. poor translations to english .. ya gotta just laugh..
I weighed today 188.2 So for a little over a year I have stayed in that same zone.. which is good.. the trip to Israel brought me back down.. No more 190s..
For right I think I am going to have one goal.. 178 .. how hard can that be to lose 10 pounds.. I am going to break my long term goal down into ten pound incriments that way it won't seem so hard.. maybe... sigh...
Well thats it for a Wednesday.. in Sunny Alabama
Wish me well
wish you well too


Lora said...

Paranoid? No way! I can't nbelieve you went to your car with him still near by! I think maybe you should've mentioned it to the store manager. Pretty creepy!

Grumpy Chair said...

I don't think you were paranoid at all. Sounds like you had something in your car that he wanted. Next time ask a nice grocery bagger to walk you out to your car.

Years ago, when Fang Jr. went to daycare, there was a man walking around a car in the parking lot (lots of moms just left purse in car and ran the kid in). I saw him on my way out and he jerked up and acted like he was going to walk into the building. I got in the car and waited (doors locked) and called the daycare. The head lady came out with a telephone to call the police and he drove off.

Michelle said...

No way! Better safe than sorry. Most people aren't paying enough attention in a situation like this so good job!

Yogi Wannabe said...

I totally would feel the same way! Do what you have to to feel safe!

Ann(ie) said...

YOU are not at all paranoid. Totally better safe than sorry.

...and I love me some cauliflower mash!!!