Friday, April 11, 2008


Ahh the weekend is slowly making her rainy approach here. UHMMM I guess I can retract that.. hours later it still has not stormed as promised... Ohh and the Israel blog is up and running..
My good friend Scale Junkie asked me if I was ready to put the pedal to the metal so to speak. In other words get my assets in gear and start on the road back to good health. The trip to Israel was a great exercise motivator.. hard at first but by the end of the the trip.. much easier so that should trigger the bell.. DING DING>.. my eating is finally getting quieter again.. better choices.. I decided the nilla wafers would be fun on occassion... We actually had airpopped microwave popcorn last night we used a microwave airpopper.. and if you used some spray butter and some salt it was not tooo I am backing off the little snack packs so that is good.. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ we interupt this blog because the author is about to have a massive fit because:
HERE IS A SOUND I ABSOLUTELY HATE!!! that ridiculous bass sound coming from a ridiculous car.. from some dumbass kid who thinks he is a badass.. well.. F U MR. BADASS.. I am sitting in my F### ing office and I can hear your F#####ing music or lack there of and it makes me mad as HELL turn that shit off before I come out with an ax and break your stupid speakers and destroy your ridiculous car.. ASSHAT! obviously I am not that mad or I would have said ALERT!!!!! OFFENSIVE MATERIAL AHEAD!!!!!
FUCK YOU! spelled out.. oops .. which reminds me.. there was a hysterical tee shirt.. in Israel I saw.. It looks like hebrew letters on the shirt but if you read the shirt from the bottom up.. it says GO FUCK YOURSELF LOL.. I thought that was pretty funny.. I had seen those when I was a teen and had forgotten about them.. lol.. I need one of those now!
Okay back to the blog... So I am working towards getting to the petal to the metal spot.. we are getting up early tomorrow barring any storms and taking the dogs for a walk.. thats the exercise goal for tomorrow .. I plan on doing a lot of walking too.. Oh and here is a new thing I have started .. several times a day when I am at work I stand now.. and do my computer work.. I know that sounds goofy but it has to be better than sitting... I read this article about this guy that wants to see treadmill work stations in every office as opposed to cubicles.. that would be interesting.. here is another article about it.. Going to keep this post short and sweet today..
Will be back to full tilt blogging on Monday ..
Have a rockin weekend and if ya get a chance be sure and check out the Israel blog link above.
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


Anonymous said...

your Israel blog is amazing... I just paged through some of the photos, but will definitely go back and read it all when I have some time this weekend.

I'm also going through a period where I have to re-inspire myself and re-dedicate myself to my weight loss. I'm getting too comfortable having lost what I have, and am a bit complacent.

Here in ABQ we have very strict noise ordinances... so we don't get those idiots driving around with glass shaking bass blaring.

I think having a treadmill at work (or having apartment complexes ALL have fitness centers) or some such would be great... Sounds like a great idea.

Big Pissy said...

GAH! I HATE those loud speakers! :(

treadmills at work! what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I am really working on not eating prepackaged food too. It isn't that hard, I just have to plan my meals and snacks for work in advanced.

Scale Junkie said...

I hate those loud booms, stop invading my airwaves!!

I love that you are ready to jump back into things, exercise can make you feel FABULOUS!!

Love love love the Israel photos, of course I'm not done reading yet, its hard for me to read the reverse type (white or colored text on the black background) for any length of time so I'm taking it slow and easy.