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WHEN I started this adventure January 22, 2007 this was totally about myself.. in the course of the year I got married.. lost 30 pounds.. and so far have held my own.. but now.. I need to get back to finishing up what I started... For the past few days I have been perusing the internet.. and I keep coming back to Weight Watchers online.. I love my Mayo Clinic program.. I love seeing the nutritionist.. but I am wondering if now.. would be a good time to switch things up.. I have been reading about the Flex and Core plans and want to do a combo of that. Its pretty similiar to what I am doing now.. Everything would be online and I would also purchase one of those points calculators as well.. I would be tracking and logging food and exercise in my weight watchers online journals.. the cost is 65. and some change for 3 months then 16.95 every additional month I am on the program. it is very affordable.. So you might say to me .. Honi why not go to the meetings.. I found the meetings boring and not helpful.. and I found myself either feeling good or poorly depending on what the scale would say.. and I do not like group weigh ins.. my weight is my business.. and if I choose to share it with others.. like you guys.. well thats my choice.. but to have to weigh in a group.. and others know wether I lost or gained.. well.. not my way to go.. aside from that the meeting is a lecture .. and the conversations are not usually anything I need. I get my support from you guys and my family and friends..Besides all I have to do is call my cousin who was a former WW leader and has kept all her weight off for years..if I really want some advice and help... .. but while out on my wanderings on the net I cam across some ads and ideas .. that .. are not.. shall we say cohesive to making smart choices and getting healthy... take a peek
: DIET GENIE found this one on Anne Collins ( she has a great website too )

and some plain just crazy diets and ideas:
Found this in IVILLIAGE :
Diets through the ages
I had to laugh at some of them...
here are some of the highlights
please click on the link above to browse the whole thing:
500 B.C: Fruit and vegetable diet
The Ancient Greek Mathematician Pythagoras and his followers practised one of the first recorded diets, known as vegetarianism. Although Ancient Greeks did have a penchant for the athletic look, Pythagoras’ abstinence from the heartier foods in life had little to do with becoming a perfect size ten. Vegetarianism was, in fact, the only way to ensure you were not eating your grandmother or another relative, whose soul could have transmigrated to your neighbour’s pig (remember, reincarnation was a popular belief in the Ancient world). The great mathematician was so passionate about his diet that he is said to have met his death defending a bean field.
45 B.C: Vomitorium vulgaris
Romans in the time of Caesar had special rooms in which to expel their feasts, but this was for the sake of gluttony rather than wanting to be thin. They would purge between courses to make room for every dish on offer.
1 AD-2000 AD: The Jesus Diet
One of the oldest diets in history – if you believe the Jesus diet website ( The proponents of this eating regime claim that almost all diseases and pains can be healed by prayer and fasting. You are only allowed to eat raw food (excluding meat) and, even then, dine only twice a day at the most. These two meals have to be restricted to one or two pounds (there seems to be no biblical justification for this restriction, however). To top it off, fasting completely for at least one day a week is recommended. The rationale being that if you have the energy to feel anything at all (including pain) after eating like this, then you must truly be touched by the Lord.
1910’s: The Mega-Bite Diet
San Francisco art dealer, Horace Fletcher, earned his title, ‘The Great Masticator’ – a reference to animals that ‘chew the cud’ – through his publication of a best-selling diet book. In it, he recommended chewing each mouthful at least 32 times until it became a thin, liquid paste, and that any food that couldn’t be broken down to a gruel consistency had to be spat out. Fletcher claimed to lose 65 of his 217 pounds through his remarkable method.
1980s – 2000s: The breatharian diet (also known as the air and sunlight diet)
The Bretharian Institute of America ( explains their philosophy in this statement: ‘When humans reach the purest sense of harmony with the surrounding world as well as a complete understanding of each individual’s role as a function of God to create the universe, they will have reached a vibrational frequency on this material plane, where they no longer require food, water or sleep’. Spin-offs of this interesting programme are still in practice today. Ellen Greve, an Australian who practices this particular brand of madness, has 5,000 disciples and charges more than £1000 per ticket for her seminars, where she attempts to liberate people from the ‘drudgery of food and drink’. More sinister, one Australian couple who led a similar group that advocated living on air alone were convicted of manslaughter when one of their disciples died of dehydration.
Well that wraps it up for a Wednesday...
what ever you are doing as long as it is working for you and promoting good health.. then that is your ticket!
Wish me well
Wish you well too.
UPDATE: Remember the weird guy at PUBLIX that I told you about last week.. turns out he works for the builder of the shopping complex.. so he is suppose to be there.. when I talked to the one of the store customer service reps.. he said to me.. yeah that guy creeps me out too. He gave me the number of the builder if I wanted to say something.. I dont want to cause someone their job.. but it is so weird.. this guy looks like the UNABOMBER.. he had the hooded jacket on today.. and I am telling you its HOT here.. or at least hot enough where you do not need a jacket.. and once again he was watching everyone in the lot including me.. I looked him in the face today... and with that hood on .. and sunglasses he really did remind me of the UNABOMBER .. remember that guy? not sure if I am going to call the builder or not....

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