Monday, April 14, 2008


It is blustery out for a April day.... it is supppose to be spring... HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLO!!! weather gods wake up... you boo bood here.. FIX IT.... well after a hard rain on Friday.. we decided to go to the Lebanese Food Festival Friday night.. rain , mud and all.. Ohhh it was GOOD I had the Veggie platter, spinach pie, green beans and jiccama slaw.. VERY GOOD.. and tasty.. we were missing that middle eastern food and this was a good second... Saturday morning we got up and took the pups for a walk.. (SEE I TOLD YA WE WERE GONNA DO IT AND WE DID !!!! YAY)

Yesterday .. we went to Auburn and picked Lucky up.. so far she is intigrating once again well into the pack.. She is testing both Cookie and Bazzie and is convinced that all FOOD and TOYS are hers.. She is rather different.. you see for the past 3 months or so she has been living with a cat... and well.. I think she is a little confused.. some of her mannerisms are cat like.. She stalks and pounces and swats at things and grabs things like a cat does.. LOL Cookie and Bazzie have a lot of work to do.. and we her humans have a LOT of training to do.. Her first new commands will be learning her name and to SIT and COME on command.. just the basic things our dogs do.. We do something that most folks frown on.. We keep our dogs off a leash when they are in our yard.. our back yard is fenced in so that is fine.. but we like to let them in the front yard too.. Cookie and Bazzie know the rules and abide by them most of the time.. NO chasing people or animals off our property EVER.. and they seldom do.. Lucky has not mastered that yet.. she is a car chaser .. I am afraid.. so I dont know if she ever will be off the leash... I do not like the fact that she does not listen when her name is called.. could be a breed thing.. she is part Lab and part Chow.. so we shall see how she does.

Finally coming to terms with food. Seems I enjoyed eating whatever I wanted when I was doing all that walking.. and switching back to monitoring my food habits is well. boring.. but needed. I still am not doing the logging like I should but I will. Right now I am just trying to get myself motivated.. I was really glad we went for that walk.. and I am starting to get back in the Groove FINALLY so I am hoping I can start going back to the gym... I get finished with work .. and lately it seems I am lucky if I can stay awake to drive home... I really want to go back there.. but I am so tired of being tired too. Will keep you posted on how all that goes.. .. Sometimes you know.. I wish I did not have to work.. If I did not work.. I would wake up.. go to the gym come home .. clean house.. take the dogs for a walk.. and do volunteer work all in that order.. oh and take care of my husband too.. as it is.. I work over 40 hours a week.. come home.. to a cooked meal.. ( my husband is a great cook) and am lucky if I can find the bed.. on a good night I start on laundry and he helps.. he runs his business out of the house... boy I wish I could do something like that.... I love my job.. but .. I dunno maybe one day .. I will have more free time.. seems I try and squeeze my life into the nooks and crannies of free time.. but who am I to complain look at these folks who have kids and work like I do.. boy.. they have no time to themselves.. I could have been like that .. had we been able to have.. .. truth is I like our lives as they are.. we travel for the most part when we want to travel.. We ride the motorcycle .. pretty much when we want.. we do pretty much what we want so I have no right to complain.. oh well...



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Twix said...

Spinach pie sounds good! Good for you getting out on that walk!! :D