Tuesday, April 15, 2008


SOME HOW I THOUGHT THAT GOING TO ISRAEL WOULD REMOTIVATE ME WITH ALL THE WALKING.. AND WHILE I DID LOSE SEVEN POUNDS APPARENTLY I AM ON A WHIRLWIND ENGAGEMENT TO GAIN IT ALL BACK AND THEN SOME !!! You may now all throw things at me and yell and scream at me.. Okay but not too loud.. I don't like being yelled at especially when I know what I need to do.. I do know.. really.. and eating a 3/4ths a box of Cinnamon wheat thins is not going to make me feel better.. no matter what my internal message center is saying... I know that whole foods .. and fresh fruits.. and eating slowly and enjoying my food.. and not relying on food to be the drug that numbs me to anxiety... I have to be that drug.. this I know.. I have to find this all in me before it is too late..
So I have invented the ABCs of Getting it RIGHT.. Join me if you will.. create your own list if you want.. let me know if you do:
A is for APPLE .. Crunchy fiberlicious ( yes that is a word.. maybe not in any dictionary but it works for me)
B is for BREAD.. there are a multitude of healthy whole grain breads out there for light sandwichs and toast.. or making your own whole grain bread with flax seed is a good idea too.. we did that and this morning we had some wonderful toast..
C is for VITAMIN C! get my vitamin C in in Fruits and Veggies
D is for DESTINY It is my Destiny to be Healthy and in good physical condition, any other way is not Destiny but a choice.
E is for EATING Eating healthy promotes a stronger body .. no doubt about it.
F is FAITH.. Faith is believing I can when I simply feel it is not worth it and want to give up.. Faith is what I need to keep trying and trying again until I get it right.
G is for GREAT , I feel Great when I eat right and Exercise..
H is for HEALTHY, HAPPY and HEART To make my Heart Happy I have to consitently work on being Healthy.
I is for INTEREST. It takes Interest and research to find what works for myself in order to be successful at being Healthy.
J is for JOURNEY I did not wake up this morning and discover I was fat... I have been this way for a long time. This will be a different JOURNEY to getting healthy.
K is for KEEPING a journal or log to help keep me straight
L is for LOVE I have to commit to loving myself enough to make myself healthy for the long term. Fad diets are for the short term.. admiting to myself that I need long term results is a good way to Love myself
M is for MOVEMENT .. Get out and MOVE now... it helps increase metobolism and me a sense of good general health.
N is for NONSENSE , granted I may lose weight on some of these fad diets like Nutrisystem.. and that is a FAD I did it.. I know.. EATING chocolate and pizza and burgers does not teach me how to eat healthy for the long run. IT gives me a sense of false security in thinking I can eat whatever I want when that is not the reality..
O is for being OPEN to change. Sometimes things do not go as we plan so we must constantly remain open for change .
P is for POPCORN a good and easy alternative for snacking.. microwaved air popped is good and Orville smart pop KETTLE CORN is good as well
Q is for QUEST.. this is a QUEST not a QUICK STOP we are in it for the long haul.
R is for RELIEF I feel relief when my bones do not ache and my body is healthier.
T is for TIME right now I still have time to make changes but with my family history of heart disease I need to use this time wisely and I know this.
U is for .. well U ( YES I KNOW THAT IS NOT A WORD but this is my alphabet and its a word today) all of you out there that support and encourage me to be the very best that I can.. I love each of you for that and I hope I give the same back.
V is for VARIES as in weight varies .. sometimes I might be up and sometimes I might be down.. but if I eat right and exercise more .. more often than not I will be going down . Down in this case is a very good thing.
W is for that infamous word WEIGHT.. this word should not define you and me but sometimes it seems to.
X is for X RAY .. I want my Xrays to show strong and healthy bones .. not injured bones do to being overweight.
Y is for Young.. when I am healthier I feel younger..
Z is for ZERO as in ZERO stress on my joints... I can not wait for that day.


Brittany said...

I'll be making up some ABC's a little bit later.

Hanlie said...

I loved this! I'm going to do this too, but with a twist!

Scale Junkie said...

I love this list too Honi! I think its great that lost lost so much weight in Israel, great motivation to put your ABC's into practice every day!

cadbury_vw said...

when i'm about to go off the food wagon, i try to think about what i am about to eat - i ask: "is this worth it?"

is it worth eating? some things are. that wonderful meal in an ethnic restaurant, a single handmade chocolate truffle

and some things are not

- just sharing a technique i use - i learn many from you